Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's in a chinese name

So me and BigBoss had a hard time choosing the right chinese name for Peanut. We're both chinese illiterate, and his parents don't know what to name the baby either so we did the next best thing. Look for a chinese sifu lor!! Since it's not often we have babies right, we might as well go all the way and seek consultation for this sort of thing.

Which brought us to Kok Chong Ming Fate Analysis. Got website also wey. This Kok Chong Ming was recommended to us by a family friend. Apparently you need to make an appointment because he's super busy. Luckily neither BigBoss or me need to go. We probably won't know what he's talking about either. His Parents went for us instead. But before the dad went, he took down my sis's, my mum's, BigBoss's mum's and sister's chinese characters (basically all the women's chinese characters in the family la) as he needed to show to this sifu in order for him to calculate.

They went yesterday and then came back with this:

The chinese characters are written in the box. Each chinese character has a number of strokes. You then totaled up the number of strokes which is 29 in this case. Under each number is the english version of pronunciation.

This one adds up to 35

You look up what the number means on this piece of paper and choose which ones you like most

This makes it so much easier for us. The sifu gave us 4 options altogether. So we're gonna get Peanut's great-grandfather to make the final decision for us. RM50 well spent!


Pei Chyi said...

wah seh! pls remember to remind me about this sifu when my time comes!

Pei Chyi said...

remember to tell us what's Peanut's full name k?

Peanut said...

PC, I will, I will!! hehehe