Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's good to bring baby out

Well, besides the obvious bonding that you'll do with your baby when you're out, there are quite a few benefits that i've received when i'm out wif Peanut:

  • You get to park at the 'family parking' designated spot so you don't have to lug all your baby stuff from one end of the parking to the entrace
  • You get to go into those so-called uppity, a bit higher class boutiques and you don't have to worry about them staring at you up and down cos they'll focus on your baby. I've seen stone faced-nose-in-air salespersons instantly smile and making googly eyes at Peanut while i look through the clothes or whatever is in the store quickly before getting out of the store. And salespersons are generally friendlier and nicer when you have a baby with you. I swear.
  • You get to enter the plane first, need i say more? and stewardesses are nicer to you too.
  • Our kitchen contractor gave us a box of cake cos we had Peanut with us when we went to their store. I know she can't eat it but who cares?? WE get to eat it! lol
  • People in general, and I mean strangers that you meet outside, are naturally friendlier, and smile at you more often than when you're alone.
  • I am not good at making small talks, and neither do i like doing it but having a baby helps u to make "small talking" much easier. You can discuss about your baby's sleeping hours, their milestones, type of solids you're giving to your baby, basically anything and everything la, just to kill that awkward silence. And even if they're single, it still helps IF they're the one asking you questions, and you can just answer without even having to think.
  • But please do not bore your single friends with talks about your baby cos no one needs to know how many times ur baby poos in a day. I generally do not talk about Peanut with my single friends unless they asked me first.

That's all for now. Brain cells can't think. I'm getting more and more forgetful. The other day, I looked for a container to put an opened packet of sausages that is suppoesd to be refrigerated. And i kept it in the fridge. Or so I thought. A few days later, i wanted to cook fried rice, so i went to look for it in the fridge. And i couldn't find it. And guess where i found it? In a storage cupboard, together with other empty containers *_*

Friday, January 22, 2010

10 facts

10 facts. Go ahead and read if you've nothing to do lol. Anyway here goes!!

  • I think ghosts exist? I once witnessed this in my school. A girl had apparently killed herself. She was really pretty, and extremely talented and smart. But stil she chose to die becos she quarreled with her bf. The bf also killed himself unfortunately :(. Anyway, the day after she died, we had an impromptu school assembly where the headmaster told us about the news. And suddenly, the light above her classmates (it's those long fluoroscent lights that were being held by two long chains at each end) started to swing vigorously. Like really swing wildly type lor. Like someone is pushing it. And I remembered looking out the hall just to see whether the trees were swaying or not, and whether the wind was that strong that it could moved that light. Well it was a hot day outside, and everything was very still. The hall had like 10 other lights, but only the one above her classmates was moving. And it moved during the whole duration of the assembly. Close to half an hour and it only stopped when the assembly finished. It's something that i will never, ever forget.

  • My mum forced me and my siblings to learn how to play the piano when we were young, just in case we failed our studies in the future and cannot find a job and so we can become piano teachers instead. *_*. I also learned how to play the organ, violin & clarinet.

  • I'm deathly afraid of any animals with feathers. Chickens la, birds, turkeys la, i think ostrichs are the worst. So much feathers!!!! Gross. They scared the shit out of me and I refuse to hold or be near any feathery animals.

  • The only 'celebrities' i ever met in my life are all Malaysians FML. Ella, Elaine Daly, Sheila Majid. I'm surprised I even know their names or that I could recognise them *_*

  • My first dog was a mongrel and my mum named it Terror cos he terrorised the whole family.

  • When i was around 9, i once watched this chinese drama where the Japanese invaded China and they killed and tortured everyone. And i was so worried it'll happen to me so I asked my mum whether the Japanese will invade us again or not. Instead of pacifying me, my mum fuelled my worries by saying "yeah, who knows. Maybe they will again". So I worried myself silly for like almost a month and then one day the worry just disappeared. Just liddat. Buang masa.

  • I was also worried that the ozone layer will deplete and kill us all and i was quite sure the world was gonna end cos that time ozone layer depletion was a very "heng" topic. So you can see, my "worry penyakit" started from young.

  • I have 3 front tooth. To put it simply: My left front tooh, well I had three of them. Two of them were baby teeth. When I had my second baby tooth, my dad took me to the dentist cos i had a mini accident. The doc took an xray for me and said i had a third tooth, still in my gums, which is gonna come out. So he pulled the second tooth out. Thank God the third tooth really came out, if not...well, i cannot imagine.

  • i've eaten snakes and bats before. Cos my mum said it's very "pu". She made the soups for my sis actually cos she had lots of sickness when she was young. So we were forced to drink with her. All for one, and one for all.

  • I really, really believe in the power of prayers because I've experienced it personally. Amen.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On a roll

Ooooo check out this pics that Pei Chyi snapped of Peanut while we were in Penang. Again, what a difference a DSLR makes compared to the point and shoot camera. I think all new parents out there should get one instead of hiring a photographer to take portrait pics of their babies. Cos the money spent on hiring photographer can be used on getting a DSLR camera instead. But of course it costs quite a bit of money to get one and I dun have $$ to spare de. I’m broke !! *sob sob. pulls out empty pockets to show everyone*

Btw, thanks Peichyi for giving me the pics!!!

I have finally switched from Maxis to Digi cos they have this awesome package for blackberry phones. I have to say, with this package, twittering, msn and surfing the web on the phone is really quite affordable. Only RM58 per month for unlimited email, IM, web browsing, everything lah! (compared to Maxis’s RM120 for unlimited plan). No need to calculate you already know there’s a big difference in the numbers lor. One has two digits and another has three. And the best part is, you only pay for SMS and calls that you’ve used. No commitment fee, no nothing! And with most of my friends, (in KL anyway) on twitter, SMS has become almost obsolete for me de. Save even more money! *suddenly on a saving money crusade*

Also I had to get a new phone cos my previous phone really cannot make it de. I mean, really, reaally cannot make it. Even my mum asked me to change my phone cos it’s embarrassing to carry around. The paint on the phone was coming off, lots of scratch marks, one part of the keypad is missing; I don’t even know how I lasted with that phone. But peanut loves it then though, cos she can bang it all she wants and i won’t even flinch lol.

And..CNY is around da corner and guess wot, we’re going back to Kuching. I mean, yes, we definitely have to go back cos it’s CNY yo and we’ll do that every year, but the thing is, my MIL has kindly asked us to go back on the first day of CNY instead of the second day; as is the “custom” for most Chinese folks. Where daughters usually have to spend their first day of CNY with the in-laws, and can only go back to their own family home on the second day.

Her reasoning being, that my parents don’t see Peanut often enough while they get to spend everyday with her, so why not go back on the first day so can spend as much time as possible with them. I was quite terharu lah.

Talking about MILs, I was at this Tau Sar Pneah shop at Macalister Road in Penang and when i entered this shop, this auntie who’s one of the salesperson there immediately zoomed in on Peanut and started talking to her. This auntie is probably in her 50s or 60s, and within a space of a few minutes, this auntie sort of started giving me “advices”, through Peanut. You know talk to Peanut, but actually trying to get the message to me instead?

First she told me that I carried Peanut the wrong way. I was carrying Peanut at my side, where each of her legs are sort of like hugging my body. Cos she said she’ll walk terkangkang in future *_*. Ohkayyy....whatever. And then she went on and say “babyyyyy are you hot or not??? Why your mummy let you wear headband in this hot weather? Ask your mummy to take it off. Later you sweat okayyy”.

Lol, first of all, it’s quite obvious that Peanut has no hair lor, so I don’t think she’s even sweating at all, or feeling hot and I don’t think wearing that headband will even cause her to be any warmer. The auntie also said something else to me, but having mummy brains, i also forgot already. But I walked out of the shop, thanking God that she’s not my MIL. Can you imagine her lecturing you and giving you unsolicited advice through your baby every day? Hahhahaha i think i will faint trying to keep my face straight lor.

Damn, my eyes are a bit watery at the moment. I get this when I’m generally not feeling a bit well, but i feel fine, so i guess it’s my contacts again?

Till then. Toodles!

Monday, January 18, 2010


It's January 18, 2010 already and i haven't even blogged since the new year. I've been quite busy with a lot of things but if you ask me what i'm busy with, I don't really have a specific answer. Not as if I'm saving the world or anything also. But let me put things into perspective.

Since the start of 2010, we're still busy with the house renovations. It's quite daunting really. Two greenhorns who don't know anything about 1st grade and 2nd grade tiles, to piping and plumbing and wiring have to speak to our contractor, plumber, electrician who only converse in cantonese and try to make sense of what they're trying to tell us and us trying to act not so suaku in order not to be ripped off. Yes, it's a challenge, but I guess BigB has it harder cos he's the man and he has to make all the decisions *smug*. But it's coming along and they better not screw anything up if not i'm gonna be a pissy dragon lady.

Also, this month, i had to take about a week's leave from work since last Monday because my parents-in-law went to the UK for my SIL's graduation. Someone has to take care of Peanut and tat person is me :) :) !!! I'ts really a great time for a bonding session with Peanut and I get to experience what a SAHM's life is. BigB has kindly taken a few days leave also to accompany us and so that we can go out *secret revealed: BigB doesn't allow me to go out alone with Peanut cos he's afraid I can't handle it ie. Peanut, stroller, baby bag, shopping mall, toilet breaks all at one go* . He's right, I don't think I can cos i tend to be a bit of a kan cheong mama when i'm out. I might leave something behind in the shopping mall if i'm not careful *_*.

n the days when BigB went to work, and leaves only me and Peanut at home, this is what we did.

8am - wakes up and drink kohfeh while Peanut drinks her milk
10am - Hang the laundry in the garden while Peanut is stuck in the playpen watching me hang clothes
1030am - We shower together gether
11am - Peanut eats her porridge and takes a nap while i quickly prepare stuff for dinner and wash up some things
11:30 till 6pm - LOST marathon, with peanut taking a nap at around 3pm and i go and cook dinner.
6pm - Peanut has her dinner and then onto shower
7pm - Kill mosquitoes while waiting for BigB to come back so I can have dinner
11pm - Everyone sleeps!!!!!!

So you can, see, nothing interesting happened; i managed to finish LOST season 5 in a period of a few days, don't have the chance to read newspaper or blogs and i sorta lost touch with the world. So i think i can understand what they mean when they say some housewives tend to "lose" themselves in the process of taking care of the home. They have no one to talk to except to their children, doesn't dress up anymore ( my hair was in a mess and i was in "house clothes" the whole day that smelled of pee and splattered with food) and have nothing to talk about when their husbands reach home. All I asked BigB each day he comes home was "is my cooking good or not??" lol cos i'm too tired to have a decent conversation and i need somebody to praise me lor haha *earnest need to feel validated and appreciated*

SAHM is not an easy job. It's a 24 hour thing, no breaks in between, no leaves. This is really true, not something that is made up by disgruntled SAHMs. I guess only when u're a mom would anyone know the feeling. And i really salute what they do everyday, and especially if they have 2 to 3 kids of around the same age. Not to say those working mums have it easy also la. I'm just saying SAHM is under-appreciated sometimes by many people.

Oo and during the weekend, we finally managed to go to Penang for a short break with the Wangs, Josie, Taurus and Keattie. I've always wanted to go to Penang for a long long time but never had the chance to. I think the last time i was there was when i was like 10? Well, i can't remember anything about it, but my mum said i've been there..so there you have it. To me, Penang was truly beautiful, except for the jams and the drivers la. Penang feels very holiday-ish to me cos of the beaches around it. I love it, and the food, was a major plus point. We had a great time there, and the company was great. didn't take any pictures tho. :P Definitely will go back there again. We (without the rest of the gang), went on to Ipoh after that to visit BigB's friends and only got back today. Peanut was great throughout the travel, no tantrums despite us having to walk in the sun to eat at hawker food stalls and cafes.

And i have to go back to work tomorrow. Major sigh. *_* I'm really gonna miss Peanut.

Pictures i took of Peanut one day when both of us are bored at home. Her 'many expresssions' series:

Series ends here. Good nite everybody!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh hi Spikey!!

Oops...can't help it. I bought another baby bag.. :) The little dino was beckoning to me. I had to make it mine...

Spike joins the babybag family