Saturday, May 30, 2009

Online shopping

My life has been reduced to having to do my shopping online, cos shopping during the weekends are next to impossible. I have to sacrifice leaving Peanut at home if I were to go out, and between going out and staying home withPeanut, it's not a difficult choice to see which I would rather do.

Anyways...yeah, back to online shopping. *bows down to the internet* So far, touch wood, shopping online has been so simple and easy, and no items have been lost in transit to me, and all the e-shops that ive bought from are very reliable i.e. fast in responding, and packages are received in usually less than 3 days. And my packages come in all sizes. From a normal postal envelope to a big as a tv box.

Let's see what i've bought so far.

a) Nameplate Necklace

I love Ah Pui so much until I need to buy a necklace with her name on it for me to wear. So i can keep her close to my heart while I go to work *gloom*. I bought it from this website. It looks a bit dodgy when I first went there. It's not really a professional looking website isn't it? And it seems to cater to international markets hence the prices in pounds. But it's based in Penang, so I wrote to the email add on the website, and within a few hours someone responded to me. I just need to tell her the design code that I want, the name I want the necklace to be, and the length of the chain. She was very professional, and quick, and I received my necklace in just a few days. Wooho!


b) Baby Carrier

I'm crazy enough to purchase a baby carrier online without first testing it out. But I was doing my confinement when i bought this, and confinement makes you do crazy things. And I was itching to go shopping.


I bought it from here. Delivery was free for purchases above RM200 and it looks good enough online and it wasn't expensive (for a baby carrier). And we need it so it was a no-brainer. This one lagi best. It took only a day for it to reach me. Cool bananas or what?

c) Bag inserts

I bought it here .

I did not buy any diaper bag cos I have lots of big bags which i can use as one. And who needs a diaper bag when you have this?!! All you have to do is to just insert the above into any big bags that you have and ta-dahhh! You have a diaper bag!

Peanut's stuff

This bag insert is pretty nifty. There are many compartments where you can put your diapers, pacifiers bla bla bla and at the sides, there are two compartments where you can put your milk bottles and thermos! And if you wanna use a different bag, you just lift the whole thing up and just transfer the whole thing! Easy peasy. I also use it for work, cos my work bag is pretty soft i.e can't stand up by itself so when i put this inside, my bag can be upright without flopping down. And i can find my stuff easily without having to dig through the whole bag.

d) Cloth diapers

Ah Pui / Peanut modelling it here

I was quite fascinated with cloth diapers because of its cute designs and practicality. They're not cheap leh, a good one will cost around RM75 to RM90 a piece and you probably need around 12 to fully cloth diapered your kiddo 24/7 . Not really sure whether I should invest in a whole range of cloth diapers for Peanut, I decided to test test the water and buy 2 from this website. The coolababy range is cheap and for someone who's not sure whether to go into this whole cloth diaper thingy, I think this is a good start. And so far, I like it. Pretty good quality stuff. And Peanut is comfy in it too.

e) Babywearing Pouch

That's not me and Peanut by the way. It's a pic i took off its website.

Again, I'm easily influenced by blogs, and I saw this lady praising it and she bought it from here. This shop is based in Singapore but since most of the online shops in KL don't have the designs I like, no choice lor have to buy it from there. I had it delivered to my really nice colleague in our Singapore office, and she passed it to my boss who then brought it back for me. Quite troublesome, but when you gotta have it, you gotta have it! But i doubt i'll do it again because of its impracticality. Though this shop does deliver to KL, I don't really think my package will arrive safely using normal post, and having it couriered to me is quite expensive. Not worth it.

I was so happy when i received it keke but at the same time a bit worried whether Peanut will like it or not, so I tried it on just now.

You think she likes it?

I think she does!! :)

Very easy to wear and can wear it in 3 ways. And i have my hands free once Peanut is in it which means i can do other stuff too!

I just realised all the things I've bought are for Peanut. I've yet to buy clothes for myself online yet. It's a bit risky isn't it? It might not fit me cos you know how some of these clothes are really small even though it doesn' look like it is online. So um...not yet.

But ALL HAIL THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for making life a tad easier for me!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Pei Chyi!!!!!!!! It's been 2 months and 3 weeks and it's still floating!!

Amazing or what!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh hi!!

Everyday when i reach home at my in-laws, I'll always greet Peanut first and get a full report on what she did the whole day from my MIL ie. how many times did she poop, how long did she sleep, when was her last meal yadda yadda so I know what to expect at night . Then i'll quickly take a shower before I give Peanut a rub down and change her into her pyjamas for the night.

Today I dressed her up in this cute baby gro outfit that Josie gave her almost two months ago. It was quite big then but now she's grown big enough to wear it. All pink and flowery, at least she looks like a girl when she sleeps cos normally she'll wear my nephew's hand me downs. . But she still looks like a boy sometimes. The other day, she was mistaken for a boy by the nurse...*smacks head*

Anyway I plonked her onto her "photoshoot bouncer" and took some photos cos i felt like it. Luckily she was in a good mood.

Hi Josie Jie Jie!!!!!!!!!!!! Howza doing??

Full body shot

I hate my camera. Stupid sony *grumbles grumbles* I need to get a new one but I dunno what to get yet *ponders* I need something that can take a clear picture when Peanut moves around and maybe take better shots at night. I probably need to troll some forums to see what's good out there...haih..or should I just get the one Xiaxue has?!! I'm so easily influenced by what i see on blogs i tell you, I need a restraining order.


Lately, i feel i am turning into an auntie. An Ah Sam. Seriously, you know you're turning into an auntie when you compare diaper and milk prices in supermarkets. Do you know that Jusco sells cheaper Mamy Poko diapers by a few dollars as compared by Tesco?? Nope, I don't think you guys care anyway haha but if you buy in bulk like we do, it matters! And that formula milk sold in those Chinese medicine halls are cheaper than those sold in supermarkets?? Why all these different pricing seriously? Can't they make life easier for mothers already and just stick to one price rather than have them running around like aunties comparing prices??! And what's the deal seriously with all these formula milk manufacturers who lilkes to increase their prices every few months as they like?? Very song meh?


why so serioouuusss

Two weeks ago I attended a wedding, and this little cutie pie was the pageboy at the church wedding. He was wearing the full regalia, bow tie and all. He's too cute for words. And he had this serious, solemn look the whole time. 20 minutes later, he still had this look when the bridal march starts and the bride and her dad started walking in and he refuses to budge. Just stand only with that look on his face. He had to be gently pushed by his mother alongside the flower girl to the altar.


Ah Pui looking like a boxer before a tournament

Practicing her left hook *jab*jab*jab*

Night everybody!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm having sleep deprivation wey..

Lately, Peanut has been waking up twice in a night instead of the usual once. Maybe she gets hungrier faster now. She's also a very light sleeper and can wake up at the slightest sounds.

This not-enough-sleep is making me hazy. I can't think straight when I drive, my eyes feel drier making it hard for me to wear contact lenses for long, I'm easily irritable *oops..sorry BigB!* hehe, and I can now sleep at a drop of a hat. I used to not be able to fall asleep easily.

I now try to wake up by 6:20am at the latest, so i can get out of the house by 7am. Everything needs to be done at a military precision. Besides getting ready for work, i also need to wash Peanut's bottle from the night before, change her if she's wet, bring her down to my MIL so she can take over, play and talk to Peanut for a few minutes, clean up whatever mishaps that has happened the night before i.e. milk stains & pee on the bedsheet. Usually i'll just wipe the stains off with wet wipes. No time okay!! And grab a quick cup off coffee before I zoom out of the door. Wah...tired even before i start the day!

Things will get better right? *hopeful*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

One fine Sunday

On this Sunday morning, i decided to take more photos of Peanut since it's been quite a while. Well, since I started work anyway. Babies really grow up fast cos I was looking through her photos last night and she seems to look different each time *sigh* I might not even recognise her if I didn't see her for a month!


So I decided to dress her up in various outfits, sorta like a mini fashion show. I felt like a kid again when i used to dress up my dolls.

Anyway, luckily she was pretty cooperative, and managed to give me some smiles when i pointed the camera at her and kept on going "Smileeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeevaaaaa, Smileeeeeeeee!!!!" repeatedly. I think she was quite beh song with me by the end of the day.

Peanut's many faces (click to enlarge)

Taurus gave Peanut this really cute tutu dress she bought from HK (click to enlarge)

Different hairbands (click to enlarge)

And for the first time in Peanut's life, we decided to give her a manicure! Her fingernails are pretty long at this point as it's never been cut since she was born. Doctor said her fingernails are pretty soft and will break off by itself so we didn't have to cut, but we cannot stand looking at it as it's getting longer especially her pinky finger.. like those ah bengs with their long pinky fingers kind, And she always managed to scratch her face when her mittens are off leaving tiny scratch marks on her face.

BigB decided to do the job since i'm such a scaredy cat.. I'm scared I'll cut her flesh ok!

long nails

Stoning while her fingernails are being cut

2nd outfit

Took a break halfway through

3rd outfit

She was pretty tired out after her 3rd outfit, smiling lesser and zoning out. But nothing her favorite pillow couldn't cure!

beh song already


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work it's day 2 of work already and can you scream sleepy with a capital S!! It takes me 1 hour 10 minutes to go to work both yesterday and today. And it took me 1 1/2 hours to reach home aijor *faints* And this is on a good day i.e. Not that bad traffic jam.

The good news is, Peanut can sleep through the night * touch wood touch wood I hope i don't jinx it by saying it* . The bad news is, she sleeps at around 1am usually, and wakes up around 5 something to 6am. Which means, i get an approximate 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night. But this is how it is yeah ? Hehe It's quite an experience being a new mother (how come i feel so old everytime i call myself a mother ah?) Anyway, coffee definitely helps la, or so i choose to believe.

And is it me or my shoes, but my feet are kinda painful after wearing high heels for a day and i didn't even walk much. Perhaps the feet are not used to it after wearing flats for almost 11 months. Or maybe my feet has become fat sideways and so can't really fit into my old pair of heels...

So yeah, that's day 2 of work!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Month-Day!

Peanut is now 2 months old. Phew, time flies really fast. Before you know it, she's off to college!

She now weighs around 5.6kg, and loves using her hands to swat at her face. Or mine. She seems to be putting on weight quite rapidly as she can't seems to fit most of her clothes already. She's also sleeping for longer periods now, thankfully, usually only waking up once in the night. I still get super groggy at night when i'm feeding her but all grogginess are swept away when she lights up and smiles at you suddenly. Ah, how it warms my heart. Yes, she's smiling very frequently now, often in response when we're talking to her or making funny faces.

Currently she's sleeping with us on the bed. She sleeps between me and BigB. Not a very good idea, i know, but I pity her la, sleeping all alone in the crib, with Moo Moo Cow only for company. She must be lonely, no? Well i think she is cause she cries every time she's in it. Or the "sarong" in the room. But i really love having her sleeping next to me. It's a feeling that I can't describe. It must be love. :)


Of course we have to be extra careful with her in the bed, so both me and BigB have been sleeping on edges of the bed so we won't roll over her at night. And she has an army of small, very low and firm pillows around her built like a fortress. Small and firm enough for it not to tumble onto her, but big enough for us to know that we can't cross over. But we probably have to put her back in the crib when she can start rolling over.

And bathing her has been easy so far. No screaming fest, touch wood. I think she enjoys being in the water. Bathing her for the first time was nerve wrecking, but as a friend taught me, i have to have a firm hand when dealing with her and cannot show her my nervousness as she can sense it. And i need to talk to her in a calm, confident tone. Sort of like how you'll have to be when you go for interviews hehe

Ah well. Peace out!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am....

still fat la haijorr!!!!!!!!!

Remember the "slimming pants" tat i bought? the super tight one?? Anyway....*deep breath* but i predicted correctly!! I couldn't even bring it up pass my thighs!!! Yes, you can call me thunder thighs now! *sniff* ANd i have fat arms too.

I weighed myself the other day at the hospital when i went for my post-partum check up. Good news is, I've lost 3kg. Bad news is...i still have 5kg to go. 5kg is a lot when you can't fit a lot of your working clothes. And the problem is i dun have the time go shopping at all. I mean, I do have a bit of time, just that most of the few times that i'm out, it's to get stuff for Peanut. We'll see whether i can sneak out this weekend to do last minute shopping or not. that i'm going back to work, perhaps I can start a diet regime. Like....cut OUT rice totally and just eat protein& vegies during lunch . Okay, maybe a bit of rice can la. And no more McDonalds!! (*looks at Taurus*). snacking in between. Just drink water only. And as for dinner, cut out rice totally!

Wah...Can ah can ah?? You think it'll work?? The only thing that I die die also won't cut out is my coffee. And I dun have time to do exercises okie!! Like really! * i swear* Taurus, you must slap me okay if I eat too much!

OMG...4 more days, and back to spending long hours on the road!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Random bits

Sigh...1 more week and I'm back to work! Waking up at an inhuman hour, driving the long commute to work, suffering in the jam, God help me.

So that's why i've not been blogging much. I need to make full use of the remaining week. I've been trying to finish that book which is taking wayyyy too long, finish up all the dvds, taking more pics of Peanut since I doubt i can do so much when i'm back at work, and generally been spending more quality time with her. Phew!


Anyways.......i did my hair last week. And i'm never going back to that hair salon anymore!! Cos in the 2 hours plus i was there, the gal has been forcing me to do lots of stuff !! All i want was a dye job but the moment i sat down she said my scalp a bit sensitive and need to do treatment. So yeah, okay whatever, since my hair and scalp also need a bit of pampering so I said fine, and hope she'll shaddap after tat. But no lor!!! She did the treatment but while dyeing my hair, she kept saying how sensitive my scalp is, what the hell! I already do your treatment lor wat else you want!

So...actually got udang di sebalik batu. She then showed me this shampoo which cost RM128 (siaw!) and say it's good for me yadda yadda but hor, it smelt like ginseng. Gross!!! Later BigB say my hair smell like chinese soup how? So i just smiled politely and say no.

Then, she kept saying my hair super dry and say I need to do another treatment, bloody hell. Aiyo nothing will help my dry hair except me shaving the whole damn thing off okay so I said no. Okay fine, still didn't give up. Then she brought this huge calculator and this big chart and ask me to take up their "package". A RM1888 package where you can do your hair i dunno how many times for a small price. I'm super low maintenance with my hair lor and I dun like to spend long hours at the salon unless necessary and it's RM1888 leh!! But must give credit to her la, she's seriously dem persistent and has the "never give up attitude" so i think she should get a sales job at my office there! She kept selling from the time I sat down on the chair, to while dyeing my hair, all the way while washing my hair to when i reach the cashier to pay for it. I think she's very ngam for the job since she die die also must make sales. But I was one step away from shrieking "shadddappppp!"


PC!! Your balloon dem semangat wey! Almost two months and it's still floating!


I went to my Doc on Saturday for the 6 weeks post-partum check up.

And he kept pushing me to take birth control pills lor as my family planning method!

I told him I don't want any since i'm not very keen on eating foreign substance when it's not neccessary. Then he kept saying " it's good for you!". Many benefits!! Better complexion!! "Less heavier menstrual flow!" "More regular period!"

What's with this heavy selling of contraceptive pills?? They get commission issit? I dun have any pimples at the moment (*touch wood*), my period has never been heavy (*touch wood!*) and it's always super regular (*touch wood touch wood touchwooooood!*) So why should I take the pill? And there are other methods of family planning rite??? Strange.

I also asked him when can I start going for mammograms. And he said I'm paranoid wtf.

Paranoid meh?? i thought breast cancer is ocurring in women at a younger age nowadays. I mean i've heard of women getting breast cancer in their twenties! And i told him that. Then he asked me to do self-checks at home and just go for mammograms at the age of 40. Wat if my self-examinations missed out something??


Been taking lots of pics of Peanut lately.

Favorite past time: Sleeping on my lap

Sleeping with Mr Moo Moo Cow

What do you mean I have double chin??!



Sucking on the juicy couture pacifier that Taurus jie jie gave me. Yums!!

More action on the lap

*good mood*

Yeah yeah yeah i know i have fat cheeks. Whatever. Bye.