Friday, December 23, 2011

Snake Grass

I have always been interested in natural healing, or rather I have this constant urge to eat healthily. It's quite a battle though, because if you know me, I love to eat and I love to eat fried stuff, junk food, nasi lemaks,mcreamy pastas, and I LOVE my coffee I think my "passion" started when I first saw Kris Carr on Oprah a few years ago. She was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in 2003, and managed to fight it since then with lots of healthy eating, and a lifestyle change. In my free time, I love to surf the net and read up on wellness methods and healthy recipes. And it is from there, that I started juicing and even bought a Breville juicer to fuel this "passion" of mine lol. I have also started on green smoothies to up my vege intake and replace certain things in my kitchen. For example, I buy sea salt instead of normal salt. Normal salt has been completely bleached and leached of all its minerals, so it's quite unhealthy. When i make salads or pastas, instead of using parmesan cheese, I use nutritional yeast instead. It has a cheesy taste and it's yellow in color, so it does look like cheese. And it's yummy!! I also drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily and make lemongrass drinks and I try not to eat stuff that has lots of preservatives in it. So I try to avoid canned food / biscuits at all that has lots of scientific names on their packaging as its source. it's hard sometimes because I love my baked beans! I'm not a total health nut though. I still indulge in unhealthy food, but I do try to limit it.  Basically, what I'm trying to achieve is to eat healthier; replace certain things in my kitchen for more healthier stuff, and be more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. After all, it doesn't cost a lot to make this little changes. And I feel good about it!

Which brings me to this.. Have you ever heard of snake grass? No? Neither have I until recently when i was in one of my "surfing for healthy stuff" mode... i believe its origins came from Sabah, hence lots of people call it Sabah Snake Grass. Basically, it's a type of plant that's supposedly has cancer healing properties. If you google this name, you will see lots of mentions on this type of plant with many people wanting to buy it..apparently you can't get it that easily. Well, in KL anyway.

Called my dad up a few weeks ago because my dad has vast knowledge in agriculture as it was his career before he retired, and what do you know..he plants this in his "mini farm" behind their house at home! Told him I would like to add these leaves in my daily green smoothies so today he arrived from Kuching bearing me lots of this plants goodies.

He has thoughtfully dried up the leaves at home and bagged it,  so I do not have to plant it. I just need to take the leaves from the bag and add it into my smoothies. Just like tea leaves but bigger hehe.

Looks like this up close.

 After I've blend it with an apple and some ice. Very refreshing!!

                                                    A live one to plant..Wish me luck!!!

My dad told me there are some people who are willing to buy it for a couple of hundred ringgit (not from him..this are strangers he has met) I was like "sure boh???" Because according to him, anybody can plant this at home. So to pay for a few hundred bucks for it is a bit too much?

Well i don't think i can plant it cos I dont have green fingers, hence I was grateful when he gave me dried ones. And I'm glad I can finally have a taste of it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's coming to an end

My maternity leave, that is.

I have been on a 3 months maternity leave and I have a taste of how a SAHM's is like lol. At first I thought I'm gonna get cabin fever because I'm someone that doesn't like to be confined at home. I like to be out and about doing things but yes, I surprised myself. I actually enjoyed my 3 months stay at home. Maybe because i'm too busy at home to feel bored, as I have stuff to do everyday!

Not counting the month of confinement, this is what a typical day for me is like.

10am to 11am - Wake up with the two kids. Shiok, sometimes i feel like lepaking in bed further but Peanut gotta eat lunch and I have to cook!  have been waking at this time because I can only sleep at around 2am to 3am each night. If i'm lucky, 1am. So I don't know how i'm going to cope when I go back to work. Now the reason I've been sleeping late is because of Peanut. Peanut is STILL a night owl who hates to sleep. She doesn't nap in the day, and she fights sleep every night, and it's a struggle for us to put her to bed. And as for BabyD, well he's still a baby. I'll be lucky if I can catch some sleep when he sleeps.

11am to 1230pm - This is when i quickly do all my chores. My chores are bathing BabyD, cook lunch, wash all the bottles, and prepares stuff for dinner. And seriously i hate thinking of what to cook everyday!! I don't know how the other housewives do it, especially those who can cook lots of different, yummy dishes everyday. For me, sometimes  I have to go online and google what to cook  based on the ingredients i have on hand. My maid does all the cleaning and helps me look after Peanut on and off. I'm really thankful for all her help because without her, my house will always be in a constant, giant mess.

1230pm to 5pm -  Peanut takes her lunch, while i'll be feeding BabyD on and off throughout the day and making sure he naps. Sometimes I surf the net for a bit, do spring cleaning, read some books, watch tv, cook dinner etc. I'm now an avid fan of TVB and Astro on Demand. I'm hooked!! Before this (my maternity leave that is) I've never really watched any TVB dramas because it doesn't interest me and I don't understand cantonese.  But beggars can't be choosers and since the dramas look interesting and i've nothing better to watch,  I've been watching them everyday with the help of malay subtitles. Auntie or what??! hahah. Let's see whether I will still be into it once I go back to work.

6pm to 9pm - Peanut takes her dinner, and i bathe her after that. And i wait for DH to come back from work to have dinner together.

9pm to bedtime - Lepak with DH and the two kiddos and getting ready all the bottles and stuff for bedtime and sometimes DH catches up on the dramas on Astro on Demand lol. He's hooked just like me. Only difference is he doesn't need subtitles wtf.

So that's how my day goes by everyday with the exception of weekends and the 2 to 3 days where I managed to escape from the kids go out shopping by myself, and suffice to say, it's been a blast.

First happy meal

Peanut eating her first happy meal ever at 2 years plus lol. Don't know why but i was excited for her to get her first happy meal wtf. Feels like it's something off my checklist that she has to experience as a  kid. Not a healthy one but it's a happy one.

The free gift is a scary looking Puss in Boots female cat. Don't know what character it is cos I haven't watched it yet.

Peanut loves eating fries, just like me. Ada kawan already when I order fries. Lately, she has stopped calling me mummy but instead calls me Mom, and then a few days later, Momma. It feels odd when she first calls me Momma but now i am liking it. It just feels more manja when she calls me that.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Instant roti canai

On days when I feel like eating roti canai, and damn lazy to go to the nearest mamak because it's inconvenient when you gotta bring a baby and a toddler to the mamak where the tables are all so sticky...

I take this instant roti canai out of my freezer out to satisfy my cravings i.e. Kart's Roti Paratha!!

And it's so easy to reheat! Just put a bit of oil on your frying pan and take out a piece of the frozen roti and pan fry both sides for a few minutes. It'll then puff up slowly, taking on a color that you'll see at the mamak's. It's very soft and crispy too. And if you want it to be really authentic, you can "clap" the roti together so that it's even flakier. I usually "cook" this when I make chicken curry so can eat it together hehe. It's really tasty as it has a buttery taste. Better than some of the roti that I ate at the mamak's.

Selling for RM4.50 to RM4.80 (I think) at the local supermarket. There are 6 pieces inside, that makes it only roughly only RM0.80 per piece. Ooo hua!!! (Got value!!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peanut "praying"

I have been teaching Peanut how to pray since she got baptised in 2010.Just taught her the basics for now. She now bugs me every night to pray before we sleep, so I guess the effort is somewhat successful...haha

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas tree...(and a free tree)

Wah am I on a roll or what? suddenly got so many posts haha. Found my mojo back for now.

Advice: You don't have to read the below if you are not a Christmas tree enthusiast.

I've been setting up Christmas trees almost my whole life when i was still living with my parents cos nobody else bothered to do it at home wtf and now I'm still doing it. I love this whole Christmas feeling..makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love Christmas songs too :)

Anyway..I've been searching high and low for a perfect fake Christmas tree. I have a 5ft tree at home, but I'm not so satisfied with it because it's quite bare and not bushy enough. And I want its fir to be a certain way (yes i'm very particular with how my Christmas tree looks) And I need a bigger tree too. So i've been searching high and low for the perfect Christmas tree in major shopping malls and I finally found it at Living Quarters. YES!! It's 6ft and has the type of fir that I want.

 This is what I meant on the type of fir that I like. It's fat and "bushy". Actually are you supposed to call it fir or leaves?? *shrugs* It's actually mixed with the fir you normally find on most fake Christmas trees. The skinny version. At first I don't know why they mix it, but after i fixed my tree up..then i realised..i can't hang anything on the fat fir cos it's too slippery. Hence i can only hang stuff on the thin fir.

Anybody wants a 5ft Christmas tree??? (without the decor hor) If you're not particular with how bushy your tree is, you can have it for free, but deal is you gotta pick it up yourself.  Drop a comment if you want! First come first serve.

The 5ft tree looks like this..the only picture i can find (last year's pic). Sorry got a Peanut blocking it. Thank you.

The many faces

Babies' face sure do change very fast. They seems to look different week by week.

Taken at 2 weeks

Taken at 3 weeks

At full moon. poor little botak fella. Kena pressured to shave his hair off. I miss his hair so much...and its not true when they say shaving baby's hair off will make it thicker. It's almost 3 months now and Baby D's hair is still so little and it's not even!!!!

Not so happy face. He's a pretty serious baby. I've yet to capture any picture of him smiling.

Told ya he's serious looking. And he's got a funny belly button. It's an outie, not an innie.

Hair!! Please grow faster!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting your kid to like the baby

Gotta confess, I have fears that Peanut would not like no.2 and that she'll be very jealous and throw tantrums and I'm gonna have a hard time and I will never get enough rest! Peanut is the first grandchild on DH's side, so she's literally the apple of everyone's eyes. Whatever she wants, she gets. She is always showered with tons of attention. When she say jump, everyone else ask how high wtf! Except me of course. I was scared she's not able to adjust herself to a new arrival because attention to her will be halved. Thankfully SO FAR all these fears are unfounded, because she's liking no.2. I said "so far" because i do not like to confirm anything ever because things can change in a hearbeat!

Months before No.2's arrival, I started "psycho-ing" her that there's a baby growing inside my tummy. She didn't receive this news with much happiness though. I remember she was extra clingy at that time, and was crying for no reason. I'm not sure whether it's because she's aware that a new baby is arriving or is it so ngam she was going through one of her terrible twos phase. Whatever it is, she was different lah. Most books suggested that I get ready a present for Peanut when baby arrives so that's what I did. I got her a baby doll (from the BabyAlive series), one of those dolls that comes with disposable diapers, cute toy toothbrush, toothpaste etc. I thought she could change the doll's diaper WHEN i changed No.2's diaper so she won't feel left out haha. Knowing that I bought a BabyAlive doll, Peichyi has very kindly bought an extra set of BabyAlive pyjamas and diapers as a gift for Peanut too .

I gave the presents to Peanut the day I arrived home from the hospital. She was very happy! But she was afraid of him wtf. She refused to go near BabyD, and i had to push her to BabyD so that she can touch him. She kept hiding behind me.

See, she refused to sit near him. That's the nearest she'll go. That's her "gifts" from BabyD behind her.

It took nearly two weeks for her to go and touch him willingly. She takes a while to warm up to strangers, and have i mentioned that she hardly spoke to the confinement lady the whole month she was there?..... Donno whether to laugh or cry T T Maybe because the confinement lady spoke to her in mandarin the whole time, and Peanut catches no ball because she's yellow as a banana.

Personally, i feel the gifts work because up till today, she still refers the doll as the "present from Didi", and she always tells me that Didi loves her because he bought her a present. Yahoo. Plan works!! There are other factors though which i feel plays a part in her not being jealous of BabyD. For now..

1. She's a girl, and he's a boy. Simple as that. I think there will be more sibling rivalry if they're both girls, because then she'll feel the need to be better or be different. To reinforce that I've not forgotten about her, I always tell her that she's my no.1 girl and BabyD is my no.1 boy. Both can be no.1s lah. If both your kids are of the same gender, then i donno wat you can say.

2. She's old enough to understand. This helps when i need to feed BabyD, and Peanut is pestering me for something. When i explained to her I need to feed her little bro first because he's super hungry and that she needs to wait, usually she'll do just that. She'll wait without much fuss. I do try to be fair to her sometimes. There are times when BabyD is crying, but I still attend to her needs first. No harm in letting BabyD crying a bit longer.

There are things that I don't say to her. For example, i don't threaten her when she's naughty and say "if you don't do this and that, mummy won't love you, mummy will only love Didi". Saying this will only make her aware that we're comparing the two of them, and this might spark some jealousies.

I gotta tell a little bit of white lie to her sometimes though. Some days, i will tell her "oh, Didi told me that he loves you very very much. Aren't you happy??" And she'll get all excited and respond happily "YES!!" Also, on and off throughout the day, when i have succeeded in putting BabyD to nap, I'll give her big kisses and hugs, and tell her it's her turn for me to sayang. And I get her involved in everything. And i mean everything including bathing time, and baby pooping sessions. Her job is to scoop water into the bathtub when i bath BabyD, and to open the diaper and hand me wet tissues when i wiped Baby's poop.

Now if only i can split myself into two or three.. I don't have time for anything at all!

Baby no.2's confinement

My confinement lady is very fond of cooking. She's so passionate in her cooking that she can spend hours in the kitchen..thinking of ways to tickle my taste buds.


As I joked to the parents, i felt like I'm dining at a restaurant everyday haha.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BabyD update: The birth's been 2 months since I last came here.. To be honest, I'm just too lazy to keep up with this blog, and there's too much stuff for me to do than sit down in front of the laptop to jot down anything.

BabyD is now 2 months plus and how time flies. It seems like a long time though because i've been home almost everyday taking care of him and Peanut. I guess i need to start from the very beginning..the day he was born.

As it's an elective c-sect, we've picked a date a while ago. We didn't go to any sifu to choose the dates though, rather we picked a date that was most convenient for us. Our Doc gave us a few dates to choose in my 38 weeks, so we picked a date that fell on a Saturday. Saturday is good, cos DH can be with me, and he didn't need to take any leave. And as he's given 3 days paternity leave, he could accompany us the following Mon-Wed.

The days leading up to the operation was very nerve wrecking for me. I was extremely nervous, worried, basically i had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Things that can go wrong etc etc. You would think i'll be more seasoned and relaxed seeing that this is my second c-sect, but nah, it's the total opposite. I guess knowing what's going to happen at each stage culminating with the operation had me very nervous. I know the pain that i had to go through (multiple injections, drips), the embarrassment that I'm going to feel when the nurses give me the enema, the fear i will have when they wheeled me into the operation room. I also had fears that baby will not be okay (will he have jaundice, problems etc).. I'm a worrier, so yeah, i didn't have it easy the months leading up to it haha.

The night before the operation, I had a big dinner at Carl's Junior with DH. That was probably gonna be my last, fatty meal before confinement begins and dieting starts. I had eaten whatever i want during my pregnancy, not caring how i'm gonna lose weight after, because..obviously i never learn my lesson. Now two months post pregnancy, i'm now trying to lose weight again fml.

The morning of the operation, DH and me trooped to SDMC with all the essentials. We were finger-crossing that we'll be able to get a single room, but NO, according to the nurse, there were 11 patients ahead of us waiting for a single room. 11!!! Oh man...they put us in a double room while waiting for the operation and this was where it all began. One nurse came one after another; to sign forms, to give me the hospital outfit, to ask me which PD i prefer for our baby, to shave my *ahem* down there, to give me the enema wtf wtf and lastly the Anesthetist came as well to tell me the risks and for me to sign more forms. So many procedures! I don't remember going through that many procedures during my first c-sect, maybe because that time it was 2am in the morning..

When they wheeled me into the operating room, my heart was going beep bop beep bop loudly. Damn scared!! They wheeled me into open area to wait for my turn. There were a few other patients with all waiting for their operations. It was a common waiting area for operations, so there were patients with other ailments there as well, including a child who had appendicitis. So poor thing. All of us were lying on our respective beds that can be wheeled into individual operation theaters. It was here while i was waiting for my turn that I decided not to have a third kid ever. hahaha

I waited for about half hour before I was wheeled inside the theatre. I wanted to run away at this point but the baby gotta come out no matter what. i was asked to lean forward while sitting down, so they can administer the jabs on my spine. THey gave me 3 jabs all in all, and slowly i can feel the numbness going down my legs. Not long later my Dr came in his scrubs and he started...

I couldn't see a thing of course, as there was a huge cloth screen covering my tummy. The Dr was pretty vigorous during the operation, i can feel him struggling, and pulling baby out. I didn't know it was that tough to get a baby out of your tummy but apparently it's pretty tough, and he needed to use forceps! Whatever it is, it took a while, and i kept asking the Anesthetist who was with me the whole time whether the baby is out cos I can't wait to see him! Finally i could hear the baby cry, and i was pretty relieved. But actually, i only felt truly relieved when they brought BabyD to see me, and the nurse told me he's OK. he's Fine. Then only i breathed a sigh of relief. Phews!!

In the meantime, DH managed to get us a single room, which is really great because this means that he could spend the nights with us. BabyD was only wheeled back to us after a few hours so that they can monitor him. I started breastfeeding once they wheeled him in. A bit different this time round..I remember with Peanut i was really struggling with her latching on, but it was much easier with BabyD. The rest of the hospital stay was smooth and i checked out on Monday itself. I stayed for a total of 2 nights.

The pretty nurse getting BabyD ready so that we can leave the hospital

All bundled up like a worm

Ready to go! Sekian.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gas leak

A friend told me recently that there was a mini gas explosion at her home because she didn't realise that the gas tank was leaking. Really scary..

Her gas tank was in the kitchen cabinet below the stove, so she couldn't smell anything. I guess if your gas tank is placed in the kitchen instead of in the cabinet, you might be able to smell any gas leakage more easily. Luckily the blast wasn't big, but it was loud enough for her neighbors to hear. She had some minor injuries on her legs, but otherwise she's fine and thank God her kids were in another room.

So lesson for me here is (since my gas tank is also placed in the kitchen cabinet), is to always open the cabinet door and smell smell first before turning on the stove!


Super long overdue post but here it is finally !! Presenting BabyD :)

DOB: 10 Sept 2011

Time: 2:31pm

Weight: 3.03kg

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singapore 2011 part 1

In May 2011, both Peanut and me went to Singapore to join DH who was there for a week for work. The only -ve point was that I had to bring Peanut alone to Singapore.. I was a bit worried, as I don't know whether i could cope. Even though the flight is just around 1 hour, I was kinda stressed as I am pregnant, had to bring a toddler who can't sit still, and a stroller, plus a handbag on the plane. Boleh kah??

Okay lah, actually can. Thanks to Firefly. hahaha I'm glad we used Firefly, because checking in at Subang airport is such a breeze, there's no crowd to fight with, the airport is pretty much empty, and everything is so clean and orderly. I can't imagine the horror of the crowd if we were to take AirAsia. Actually I didn't really plan much for our Singapore trip this time round. Lately, i don't really like to plan for things. Planning is a bit difficult especially when you have kids. What if Peanut gets sick at the last minute *touch wood*?? So it's just "go to Singapore and we'll see what to do there lah!"

Eating raisins while waiting to board the plane. Plane is half hour late!! The last time we went to SG via Firefly it was half an hour late too! But it's okay lah..the waiting area was comfy.

Before the trip, we were flip flopping on whether we should bring a stroller. We have 2 strollers. One is a big Peg Perego can-load-tons-of-shopping-bag-with-Peanut-still-inside-and-it-won't-fall-apart, and another is a Mothercare, super-basic stroller. Peg Perego is a no no because it's actually quite heavy and I dun think i can handle Peanut and a heavy stroller and a handbag by myself to the plane. Granted we can leave the stroller at the stairs at the foot of the plane but since it's Firefly, we definitely need to do a bit of walking in the outdoors to the plane. And Peanut is unpredictable lately. She either will sit or refuse to get on imagine if she refuse to sit on hand need to push stroller, another need to hold Peanut's hands and she has the tendency to run here and there...brrr...scary thought..

So yeah, ended up we decided to just wing it and just bring the smaller stroller and hopefully i won't struggle when i push it to the plane. Good news is, some kind hearted Firefly dude saw me, and probably kesian me cos he promptly took the stroller away from me and helped me push it right to the door of the plane. Score! Plane ride was uneventful..Peanut was really excited that the stewardesses was giving out apple juices and scones. From the way she was would think she was deprived of apple juices..hahah ok ok seriously, actually she is deprived lah :P

We stayed at the Swissotel at Clark Quay. Great location..actually everything is so near in Singapore, so to me, nowhere's too far so long there's cabs and MRTs nearby. We arrived on a Friday lunchtime. DH met up with us at the hotel for lunch before he headed back to work. Peanut and me just spent the whole day in the hotel room just chillaxing..

As if. Chillaxing is difficult when your toddler loves to touch everything!! I ate quite a bit of crabs when i was carrying her..and old wives tales claims that if you eat crabs while you're pregnant, your kid will have busy hands i.e. wanna touch and hold everything. Don't know where there's any truth to it, but in my case, seems to be quite accurate lol.

One thing that she likes to do when we stay in hotels. Play with the phones. This drives me bonkers. I gotta unplug it each time we're in the room. And here she is, pretending to call everyone she knows in the world.

Like real

We scratched our heads on where to bring Peanut for "sight seeing". We've gotta do everything through our child's eyes lol. We didn't really wanna bring Peanut to shopping malls since we do that every weekend in KL, sp we decided to bring her to the zoo!! Now, if it weren't for Peanut, there's no way i will step into a zoo. That's the last place I wanna i'm not really an outdoorsy kind of person..and looking at animals is just not my thang. But yes, when you're a mum, you gotta sacrifice, and that's where we were headed the next day.

In my opinion, Singapore Zoo was really really nice. I love it. Everything is so clean and well maintained, everyone from the Zoo is so friendly and helpful, i can see why Singaporeans go there every weekend. Well DH told me his friends will go there every fortnight with their kids. Siao boh? I dun think I can do that every 2 weeks lor no matter how nice it is! haha

Can't really remember how much was the entrance fees but it wasn't that expensive. And one smart thing that we did, or ahem, DH did, was to also buy tram tickets. There's tram stops around the zoo, so if you're too lazy to walk, like us, you can just hop onto the trams and reach various stops.

Peanut on tram

Tram prices. You can buy it at the entrance or at the tram stops

Believe it or not..this is only one of the few pics i took at the zoo. A lion wtf. We were on the tram and we were whizzing past.

Honestly, i don't think i make a good blogger. I hardly whip out my camera when we're out and about, because there's too many things to look after. Hence, that's why there's very little pics.. Actually i did take a pic of this orang utan. But it was in a cage, and it looks so sad and forlorn, that i didn't have the heart to put it on my blog. And opposite the cage was this zoo lady displaying a few orang utan skulls wtf. Wonder how the live orang utan feel...seeing his friends' skull on display...eee...maybe that's why he looked so depressed :(

We had our lunch Ah Meng Restaurant. Food was yummy..or maybe i was starving. But i'll definitely eat there again if i have the chance.. haha

forced smile

We also caught a couple of shows. I think the above is the Seals show and there were sooo many people! and it was pretty hot as well. I can see Peanut wasn't that comfy in the we had to supply her with ice-cream to cool her down hehe. She didn't really pay much attention or wasn't too excited about the seals either..maybe she's still too young to appreciate those animals or the heat was really getting to her.

Just waiting for it to be over..

Overall, the Zoo visit was good, we spent half a day there and was really pooped by the time we were done. There was this part of the Zoo where there was a huge waterpark. We didn't know about it, but there were tons of kids just playing there with water slides, things that spout out water and stuff. Kids were in swim suits running around. Peanut was definitely fascinated as she was rooted at the spot watching all this going on..poor thing. She didn't get to enjoy it cos Mama didn't know this existed. We had to drag her away screaming lol.

Peanut konked out in her stroller on our way to the cab. Oh..rite, I forgot to mentioned that she puked on the way to the Zoo. We just had a heavy breakfast at the hotel, and she mostly had yoghurt. In the cab..she was pretty quiet, very unlike her and wasn't talking much. 10 minutes before reaching the zoo..out spewed her breakfast and got it all over the cab. Before she could puked a second time, our cab driver, an elderly uncle, quickly passed a plastic bag and we managed to contain most of it inside. But alas..the cab now smells of vomit. We were so paisehhhhh and kept apologizing. The cab driver kept saying never mind never mind, kids are like that, and passed us this wet cloth. And we quickly wiped the seats with it. When we reached the zoo, I offered to run to the toilet to rinse the towel before passing it back to him..but he said no need. Aiya..the uncle is really nice and he wasn't angry at all. We were probably his first fare of the day and this had to happened to him..he probably had to go do another round of wiping after dropping us off.

And that was that...our day at the Zoo!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pregnancy update: 26 weeks

Went to the Doctor's over the weekend. Smooth sailing even though we were there at 12pm. We no longer wake up early on Saturdays just to be the first in line to visit the Doctor. We have boycotted this kiasu-sm of ours and we've decided to take it easy and just stroll in when we want to lah! Woke up late, and reached the hospital just slightly before 12pm. Great timing. Short waiting time; no long queues at the counter, Doctor's, or when we submit our urine test for analysis.

Did the usual, pregnancy weigh in: 62kg. I managed to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight right before I got pregnant, so now it's slowly climbing back up. Doctor asked me whether I want any of the milk samples that he got cos nobody seems to want it as they all feared putting on weight. Actually I'm also afraid of putting on lots of weight. In fact, I vowed that I will not eat as much as my first pregnancy becos trying to lose the excess weight after that was hell! But when I got pregnant with number two, all my resolve went out the window. Don't care anymore lah, i'll just worry about it later. I mean, when again can you have the license to eat as much as you want without feeling guilty? There's no better time than now! hehe And if i feel even a tad guilty, i'll just tell myself "the baby needs to grow!!"

But truthfully, this time round, my appetite isn't as good, and I feel nauseous if i ate too much. So even now that i'm in my 2nd trimester and nearing the end of it, i still get bouts of nausea when i eat too much..and I hate it, cos it makes me really uncomfortable. And just to compare my weight, I asked the Doctor to do a comparison of my weight with my first and second pregnancy. Let me see, in my first pregnancy i was 68kg at 28 weeks, as compared to the current 62kg at 26 weeks. Oh and I also gained a total of 18kg in the first one. Crazy.. I remembered the Doctor telling me to eat less then haha. Baby currently is of average size, but DH reckoned I should eat more, and I seconded that. i guess I didn't put on weight as fast as the first time round because I have to run after Peanut. I tell you, being pregnant and having to run after the little one is super duper tiring.. but it's a blessing, but still, very tiring. Like for example, just when I've given a drink of water to Peanut, and just when I thought she can finally settle down and wouldn't ask me for anything anymore and I l FINALLY have the chance to lay my big butt down the chair, in comes a flurry of demands from the lil fella. It's either to help her find her bolster, or to change the dvd, or that she needs me by her side when she does her big business. I tell you, i need to be ON 24/7 all the time!

I now delegate most of the tasks to DH when it comes to layaning Peanut but there's still instances where she only wants ME to do it. arghhh..Daddy cannot, only MUMMY!! Tiring anot! And just yesterday, when I was cleaning up something off the floor, the effort for just getting up from the floor to a standing up position is damn difficult and I'm not even that big yet!

And have i mentioned my breathing is really shallow now? I find myself breathing so heavily nowadays i sound like a killer on the run from cops. Very very un-sexy. Feet and hands are still of normal size, no swelling and i hope it stays that way. Updates will be in the next 3 weeks when i see the Doctor again at 29 weeks. :)

Peanut's birthday

2 years 3 months old!!

Super backdated..

We celebrated Peanut's birthday amongst family in March. Got her a Minnie Mouse cake, since she's the biggest fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She even requests for me to download it on YouTube so she can watch the same episode over and over again. Thank God for the Playhouse Disney Channel; I don't think I can live without it now! It acts as my babysitter when i got things to do around the house :) .

yes yes, i'm aware she still has little hair but it's growing!! *defensive

Celebrated her birthday over the weekend as her birthday falls on a Wednesday. Ordered and cooked some stuff..

Star of the evening

The cake was delish by the way..Though the food coloring made her lips a bit black. Blame it on Minnie's skin color.

Her Gong Gong and Po Po got her a Chuggington train set, complete with train tracks lol! For a period of time, she was Chuggington's biggest fan. I can't keep track who she likes now. One minute it's Special Agent Oso, then Handy Manny.. Luckily she's not into Thomas & Friends. They look a bit creepy..

On her birthday itself, both DH and me took the day off from work so we can celebrate together, just the three of us. Great day, i love it we should do this more often! We woke up late, and went for an early lunch at Bangsar Village. Then off we went off to Kidz Sport, where she can create havoc and play all she wants inside. Best thing about this gym is that it only cost RM10 per entrance, there's no one around except for maybe another kid or two, very clean and there's a toddler area which means older kids won't be bumping into your teeny kid at all. She loves the slides and the mini see saw..And oh, you need to make sure both you and your kid has a pair of socks. Good idea, i hate the smell of smelly feet!

After we were done, went off to a cafe for some tea time. Ordered some cakes and a babycino for her, which she loves. It's essentially just steamed milk with chocolate powder on top but she enjoyed it thoroughly. I guess it made her feel like a grown up haha I don't allow her to hold the cup though. Her hands are still not steady enough. Confirm will spill!

We finished off the day with a buffet dinner at a hotel. Splendid day..just the way we liked it. Easy, simple, and we get to spend lots of time with one another.