Saturday, November 17, 2012

Preloved Baby Cot Mosquito Netting & Stand (SOLD!!)

Preloved Baby Love Embroidery Mosquito Netting (L Size). Excellent condition. Used twice only because BabyD ended up sleeping on the same bed as us.  Brand new selling at RM49.90.
Selling this for RM28 + RM8 for delivery.

Size: for cot size 28" x 48"

Bumble Bee Mosquito Netting Stand. Good Condition. (cot mobile with pink ribbon not included)

Brand new selling at RM45.90 to RM55.90.
Selling this for RM25. Prefer COD because a bit too bulky for me to package and send by post.

Email me if interested:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad coughing

All my life, i have bad coughs on and off. And each coughs will last for a few weeks. I hate it when I get coughs because my coughs are damn loud as it comes from deep inside my chest,  and if i try to supress it, it will get worse as my throat will be damn itchy, which caused me to cough even more.

When I was 17-18  years old, I had this ongoing SERIOUS cough that went on continuously for a few months, my goodness. It will come for 2 to 3 weeks, then it'll stop for another 2 weeks. Then it'll start again for another 2 weeks, before stopping for another 2 weeks. It went on for a few months. Every month, my mum will bring me to this general practitioner who will let me breathe in the nebuliser, and they will give me tons of medications. And I was still coughing like mad. It got so bad that I had to stop going for classes each time because it was so disruptive. I will cough till my face went red, and I was sweating all over from the sheer exhasution of it.

Until one day, my mum enough is enough and decided to switch to another doctor. (i wonder why my mum didn't bring me for an xray or to the hospital, but it's probably good that she didn't..). Anyway, she brought me to this new doctor, and explained to him that I've been on lots of medications but it's still not helping. So, instead of giving me more cough mixture, this old doctor injected me with this miracle drug. And just like that, the next day, my coughs stopped!! Walao eh..i was so happy.  I have no idea what drug did he inject me with but it's truly a miracle drug for me because it managed to stop those horrid coughs, and the subsequent months after, NO MORE COUGHS. miracle anot. Till today, my mum still remember that injection and we always laugh about it, wondering what it was that he injected me with.

Today, I still have coughs on and off, maybe once or twice a year but it was no longer bad as it was during those months. At most it will last a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-loved Baby Bjorn Carrier

Looks like this. Man and baby  not included.

I don't like clutter... So to clear off some stuff that's no longer in used, I will be selling off pre-loved baby stuff in the next few months.

Pre-loved Baby Bjorn Original in City Blue for sale. Slight fading but in good condition. Brand new ones are selling at RM300 plus in shops. Selling this off for RM190 + RM8 for postage.

  • easy on/off, all adjustments made in the front
  • grows with your child
  • baby can face inwards or forwards
  • wide, padded shoulder straps
  • awards: Design of the Decade Award 1999, Prima Baby & Pregnancy Best Buy 2006, Mother &, Baby Gold Award Best Sling / Carrier 2004-5, Mother & Baby Gold Award Best Sling / Carrier 2003-4, Prima Baby Best Buy 2005, Practical Parenting Best Buy 2004
  • front Facing You - Age Suitability: Newborn (3.5kg, 8lbs)
  • front Facing Out - Age Suitability: When baby's neck is strong enough to support the head - max 11kg (25lbs)
 Email me if interested. Thank you! :)

Not to be left alone

I can't let BabyD out of my sight. He'll be up to some mischief if he's left alone for even a few minutes. He opens drawers and pulls out all my clothes, scavenges through the trash can wtf, climbs onto tables and chairs, laundry baskets, drawers, puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. Not easy i tell ya. I find myself watching him like a hawk but don't all parents? haha

Caught climbing in the drawer. Gave me muka kesian.
But can switch expression in a nano second.
And lesson learned, never leave an almost empty milo box or yakult in the trash can (clean one ok) .
So engrossed is he sucking and squeezing the life out of what's left over from the empty containers that he did not notice me clicking my camera in glee.  And probably never noticed the milo spraying all over him AND the floor. Peanut took one look at him, gave a shrieking laugh and called him an ah neh neh.


Our extended family shares a lot of similar numbers.

For example, both MIL and me shares the same birthday.

Peanut, my sister and my mum are born in the month of March.

My FIL's death anniversary and my Mum's birthday falls on the same date.

My sister, my dad, DH's brother & sister are all born on the 14th.

My brother and DH are in born the month of December.

DH and his late father are born on the 15th.

BabyD shares the same birthday month as his uncle and his wife.

BabyD and my brother are born on the 10th.

Lots of common numbers. Boleh beli nombor hor.