Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 14: Peanut

I try to take pics of Peanut with different expresssions to give this blog more variety. You won't see a photo of her and me in this blog though cos I look a mess. And i"m still fat.

Hello Helllo!!

Um, if you're wondering why she's dressed in blue, I'm not trying to turn her into a boy okie. She's wearing my nephew's hand-me-downs. I've got tons of it from my sis, so why waste it rite? hehe

Finally, a blur pic of her smiling!

Caught by surprise.

To make her look more girly, *ahem* I threw the pink blanket on her.

You see the pink mattress protector she's lying on? That thing is a life saviour. She poops so much in a go that sometimes some of it leaks out of her diaper. Thank God her poop doesn't smells like adult shit. It just smells, different. And it's yellow in color.

On another note, i'm really tired but I can't seems to fall asleep. I only fell asleep at 4am last nite. Do I have insomnia or what? And i'm not even taking care of Peanut at night. Yet.


Pei Chyi said...

eeeks! why u pull her pants up so high till over the belly button??
she's getting bigger by the day i see, so adorable still! and her eyes supa big.

Peanut said...

er..Tilam dressed her (*shifts blame*) hahahaa

Leona Lim said...

u have to wear the pants liddat wan. baby pants r so long, plus have to cover belly button ma