Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goldfish crackers: Local vs Imported

One of BabyD and Peanut's favorite snacks are goldfish crackers. I bring these when we dine outside as they'll sit down quietly and munch them. 

On the left is the imported version (around RM11) and on the right is the local version (RM3 / packet). Both are shaped like little fishes. The kids love both but I prefer the local version because it's more savory in taste while the left one taste like artificial cheese. And check out the difference in prices for around the same amount! haha I put them both in the fridge so they will stay fresher longer. 

This is how it looks like. Cute eh?? You can get the local ones in those mom and pop kind of grocery shops (kedai runcit). I got mine from the chinese medicine shop, of all places haha, while I was buying milk powder. 

Other kind of snacks that I will give the kids when we're out are raisins (another favorite!), koko crunch, and honey stars cereal. Hm..what else can I give them?? 


Starting from Term 2 onwards, Peanut has been given homework to do at home. Nothing taxing, just some worksheets where they can trace, write and color alphabets and numbers.

It's good that she's given some homework though. It keeps her occupied during the day, giving her some form of structure and not just watch cartoons and play all day long. Most importantly, it gives her a chance to prepare her (and me!!)  mentally and emotionally when she gets into standard 1 where there'll be lots of homeworks!:P

It's not easy to get her to sit still and to complete a worksheet. She'll be wriggling here and there, and lots of "I need to drink water! I want to talk to dadddy! I'm hungry!!!" types of excuses. Oh my. Lord, help me when she begins real school and start doing homework for real!! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Clothes woes

Having worked in various office jobs for the past 13 years, I have accumulated quite a fair number of clothes that I will termed loosely as semi-formal. Formal enough to wear them to work, but not casual enough for me to wear at home / go out.

So I have been finding it tough on deciding what to wear on Peanut's school runs. I mean, I do have those baggy t-shirts and shorts that I wear at home but I certainly can't wear them when I go and pick the kid up from kindy can I ? Too many parents and teachers about  and I don't want to look as if I don't give a damn about myself ( I still do. For now). When I'm at home, my t-shirts are usually covered with whatever stains I get from cooking / cleaning / kids  while trying to get my work done at home. And I find it draggy when I have to put on a pair of jeans (the weather is so hot to even consider jeans) and a clean enough shirt just to look half decent. So what do I end up wearing? Shorts tend to look very "pyjamas" on me so I have been going out  in leggings and long enough t-shirts to cover my ass and to avoid any camel toe incidents. So I guess that's on my shopping list now. Get more long t-shirts!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kelam kabut

Em..so I have officially begun my freelancing work at the beginning of April. Initially I had 2 freelance jobs, one is what i've been doing for the past few years and another one which is something totally different. In the mid of March, I suddenly had cold feet. WHAT IF I CANNOT COPE WITH TWO??? and on top of that I still need to do housework (no maid), fetch kids here and there (become driver) cook dinner alternate days etc and learn how to do a new job altogether on top of doing another one. Wah seh..i think i might have taken too much onto my plate. Hence the very cold feet. So after a discussion with a good friend, I decided to let one go.

And i think that was a good decision because a few days into the job, I still feel a bit kelam kabut. As in, I donno what to do first!!! Like "should I do the laundry before I start on my job,   or should I feed the kids first and I do a bit of work first before even contemplating what to cook for dinner?  And do I have time to watch tv?? Where to start, and do what first? " These are the thoughts that are running through my mind.

I'm getting a bit panicky. And on top of that, Peanut will be constantly hovering around me whining"Mammeeeeeeeeee, it's so boring without you. When can you finish work??" T T I so need to calm the f*** down and take a deep breathe and start to prioritize. Usual la, I always feel a bit blur and feel like I'm walking in a haze when there's a new routine or something has changed. Ohmmm.....