Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "look"

Nowadays BigBoss is very fond of giving me the "look".

The "shhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " with the finger on the lip type.

Especially when I say "eh look! Peanut's legs so chubby de hor"
Or "wahh, Peanut can sleep really long lei"
Or "she can really drink her milk!!"

Basically, i cannot say nice things about Peanut in front of Peanut. Might as well stuff my mouth with a piece of cloth and put a masking tape over it la.

Yes, BigBoss is as pantang as Tilam.


BigBoss said...

Where got???

Josie said...

Sigh...BigBoss is being VERY Chinese. Wait till you met my ultimately super pantang aunt who has a rule to everything.

tAuRuS said...

eh yalor i heard bout that also like my cousin scolded me for calling her baby 'cute' in front of the baby wtf. actually can someone pls tell me what happens if u praise the baby in front of him/her?

Peanut said...

BigBoss: Got la!!
Josie: Ya, can fight with Tilam for sure.
Meili: Er.. i think the opposite will happen lor. Like if you say "wah so smart" then she won't be so smart already hahahahh

Pei Chyi said...

ey take out the CINA in Mr Chong pls!!!

Blur Angel said...

But how will you feel if people comment that your baby is UGLY in front of you? i'm sure you'll feel "sakit hati" rite??

Peanut said...

PC: hhahaha
Min: yalor!! Very weird hoh this rule. But i think only the conservative chinese practice this. Tilam has given me and BigBoss the look so many times that i think BigBoss is influenced by her