Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for 2011

Tons have happened this one month. Sad stuff, thus have not been in a blogging mood for quite some time. But 2010 is coming to an end, and i want to write up a list of resolutions for 2011 so that i can have some goals for the new year and so here goes:

  1. Eat more healthily - No more junk. Frankly this is quite hard to do because i love food! I love fatty fried stuff, junk food, breads, fizzy drinks, ice creams, you name it, I should like it! As I'm getting older and older (dammit!!), it's time to watch what i put inside my body. I should take care of it. Though i don't think i can stop completely, but I will try to limit myself as often as possible. especially:
    • Fizzy drinks - Less coke, coffee and more fresh juice and water
    • Food filled with preservatives nonsense i.e. canned food, sausages, bacons, chips etc.
    • Meat - For health reasons, i shall eat less meat
  2. Send Peanut to a weekend playgroup / class where she'll get to socialise with other kids. When i was back in Kch, i went out with a couple of friends who had kids already and I could see Peanut was really enjoying herself. She was running around, screaming happily. It was really nice to see her having fun. And when my nephew was here recently, she had so much fun playing with him.......and his toy trains.
  3. Shopping - I am frankly, an impulse buyer. If I like it, and the price is within my budget, I'll buy it immediately, without any second thoughts. And if i feel guilty for buying something, i will usually tell myself that life is too short wtf. I need to pamper myself too! It comes with some perils though, buying on impulse means sometimes i tend to have similar stuff at home already. So for 2011, I will try not to be so impulsive and will only buy stuff only if i do not have something similar at home. Which means, for eg. I've gotta stop buying black / white/ grey clothes cos i have too many of those at home. And that goes the same for groceries too. I like to buy things way in advance even when the stuff at home is not finished yet. So yes, time to be a more careful shopper!
  4. Learn how to bake a cake successfully!
  5. Exercise more regularly - Bet this is on most people's 2011 resolutions too..Easy to say, but most difficult to do. For me anyway. I hate exercising. I can be huffing and puffing after doing a 30 minutes walk around the park, but i can walk for hours and hours in a shopping mall. Talk about priorities.. So here's to more hours walking in the park for 2011.
  6. Spend more time taking care of my skin. I do not have a routine for skincare. If i remember, I'll slap on some moisturizer and eye cream on before i sleep, but most of the time, I'll forget about it. Bad..very bad!! I will be very gung ho when i come home with new skincare products, and will religiously put it on for a week.. after that i'll get lazy..Hence i have loads of unfinished bottles of skincare at home.
  7. Go to church more regularly too.
  8. Do something exciting every month. Donno what yet, but i think it's time for us (as a family) to be more adventurous! I need to stop living life in a blur. My days are spend working and working except (for the weekends thank God), and very little on living "life" itself. Well, i still need to work for sure, but I will need to spend my off days more fruitfully.
I guess that's my "resolutions" or goals, whatever you'll like to call it, for 2011. There's something else I would like to add to this list but i'm a bit hesitant to put it on as i do not want to jinx it. I'll keep it in my heart for now. *wink*

xoxo Happy 2011!!