Monday, March 16, 2009



I'm seriously, seriously exhausted.

My hair's a mess, I have eyebags, and i'm tired most of the time.

I checked my weight this morning at the hospital during my post natal visit. I have lost an approximate weight of 8kg so far. 10 freaking more kgs to go *sobs* The doc also took out my stitches this morning. Wah, i was quite scared actually (if you know me, you will know by now i'm scared of most things), but luckily he distracted me with some questions about the baby and stuff which got me talking and and ta dahhhhhh...he suddenly waves the string in front of me. It was blue in color if you want to know. I was like "hey, that was good! You were distracting me, weren't you?"

"I told you it wouldn't hurt rite??" he said, quite smugly la. Yeah, it's true. I couldn't even feel a thing. It hurts more when he took out the plaster the other day when i was discharged.

Now that Peanut is out, i had a proper look at my body. A still potruding belly? Check. I still look as if i'm 2 months preggers. The linea nigra line? Yup, check. Still there. Belly button still protruding out? Nope, it has sunk back in, but it still looks ugly la. Discolored skin? Check. My belly skin is darker than the rest of my body. And i have something new. A 10cm scar below my bikini line, which can't be seen when you're wearing underwear.

Does my wound still hurt? Nope, but it's a bit sore at the upper part. It hurts the most on the first day, but by day 2, i was up and able to walk without any aid.

I seriously need to do something to my hair.


Pei Chyi said...

hey, it'll go away before u know it, peanut will keep you bz !!

Josie said...

You are still making pregnancy sound easy...