Saturday, November 17, 2012

Preloved Baby Cot Mosquito Netting & Stand (SOLD!!)

Preloved Baby Love Embroidery Mosquito Netting (L Size). Excellent condition. Used twice only because BabyD ended up sleeping on the same bed as us.  Brand new selling at RM49.90.
Selling this for RM28 + RM8 for delivery.

Size: for cot size 28" x 48"

Bumble Bee Mosquito Netting Stand. Good Condition. (cot mobile with pink ribbon not included)

Brand new selling at RM45.90 to RM55.90.
Selling this for RM25. Prefer COD because a bit too bulky for me to package and send by post.

Email me if interested:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad coughing

All my life, i have bad coughs on and off. And each coughs will last for a few weeks. I hate it when I get coughs because my coughs are damn loud as it comes from deep inside my chest,  and if i try to supress it, it will get worse as my throat will be damn itchy, which caused me to cough even more.

When I was 17-18  years old, I had this ongoing SERIOUS cough that went on continuously for a few months, my goodness. It will come for 2 to 3 weeks, then it'll stop for another 2 weeks. Then it'll start again for another 2 weeks, before stopping for another 2 weeks. It went on for a few months. Every month, my mum will bring me to this general practitioner who will let me breathe in the nebuliser, and they will give me tons of medications. And I was still coughing like mad. It got so bad that I had to stop going for classes each time because it was so disruptive. I will cough till my face went red, and I was sweating all over from the sheer exhasution of it.

Until one day, my mum enough is enough and decided to switch to another doctor. (i wonder why my mum didn't bring me for an xray or to the hospital, but it's probably good that she didn't..). Anyway, she brought me to this new doctor, and explained to him that I've been on lots of medications but it's still not helping. So, instead of giving me more cough mixture, this old doctor injected me with this miracle drug. And just like that, the next day, my coughs stopped!! Walao eh..i was so happy.  I have no idea what drug did he inject me with but it's truly a miracle drug for me because it managed to stop those horrid coughs, and the subsequent months after, NO MORE COUGHS. miracle anot. Till today, my mum still remember that injection and we always laugh about it, wondering what it was that he injected me with.

Today, I still have coughs on and off, maybe once or twice a year but it was no longer bad as it was during those months. At most it will last a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-loved Baby Bjorn Carrier

Looks like this. Man and baby  not included.

I don't like clutter... So to clear off some stuff that's no longer in used, I will be selling off pre-loved baby stuff in the next few months.

Pre-loved Baby Bjorn Original in City Blue for sale. Slight fading but in good condition. Brand new ones are selling at RM300 plus in shops. Selling this off for RM190 + RM8 for postage.

  • easy on/off, all adjustments made in the front
  • grows with your child
  • baby can face inwards or forwards
  • wide, padded shoulder straps
  • awards: Design of the Decade Award 1999, Prima Baby & Pregnancy Best Buy 2006, Mother &, Baby Gold Award Best Sling / Carrier 2004-5, Mother & Baby Gold Award Best Sling / Carrier 2003-4, Prima Baby Best Buy 2005, Practical Parenting Best Buy 2004
  • front Facing You - Age Suitability: Newborn (3.5kg, 8lbs)
  • front Facing Out - Age Suitability: When baby's neck is strong enough to support the head - max 11kg (25lbs)
 Email me if interested. Thank you! :)

Not to be left alone

I can't let BabyD out of my sight. He'll be up to some mischief if he's left alone for even a few minutes. He opens drawers and pulls out all my clothes, scavenges through the trash can wtf, climbs onto tables and chairs, laundry baskets, drawers, puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. Not easy i tell ya. I find myself watching him like a hawk but don't all parents? haha

Caught climbing in the drawer. Gave me muka kesian.
But can switch expression in a nano second.
And lesson learned, never leave an almost empty milo box or yakult in the trash can (clean one ok) .
So engrossed is he sucking and squeezing the life out of what's left over from the empty containers that he did not notice me clicking my camera in glee.  And probably never noticed the milo spraying all over him AND the floor. Peanut took one look at him, gave a shrieking laugh and called him an ah neh neh.


Our extended family shares a lot of similar numbers.

For example, both MIL and me shares the same birthday.

Peanut, my sister and my mum are born in the month of March.

My FIL's death anniversary and my Mum's birthday falls on the same date.

My sister, my dad, DH's brother & sister are all born on the 14th.

My brother and DH are in born the month of December.

DH and his late father are born on the 15th.

BabyD shares the same birthday month as his uncle and his wife.

BabyD and my brother are born on the 10th.

Lots of common numbers. Boleh beli nombor hor.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have set the wheels in motion and it's now turning.. a bit faster than I thought.

 I'm VERY nervous about it as I'm not prepared at all *shaky smile* . Let's see how it goes. But it'll be great to see them again after so long.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Helicopter mum

The other day, we brought Peanut & BabyD to Kizsports as Peanut has been begging for me to bring her. After days and days of relentless nagging from her, we raised the white flag and brought her.

You know what, i realised i'm a helicopter parent. Yes, there's a term for this kind of parent. Parents who are always hovering above the kids watching their every move!! As she went through the tunnels, and slides, and into the ball pits, i had a hard time catching up with her. When she disappeared into the tunnels (which are not see through in most parts), my heart always stopped for a few seconds as I tried to locate her. Scared she disappear mah wtf. She's always chasing me away, telling me that she'll always find a way out of there. Yalar i know, i know, but still!!!  Other parents are relaxing elsewhere, chatting and looking at their ipads etc while i'm the crazy mom following her child's every move, not letting her out of my sight just in case.

She made a few girl friends who are around 5 to 6 years there, which is pretty funny to see. Funny because while these girls kept talking to her,  she never spoke any words at all and instead use hand gestures and head nodding to get her messages across. What lah. So bising at home, but quiet like a rabbit when out in public. The girls  kept bringing her around, asknig her to go here and there, and Peanut obligingly scampers after them.

She also met a boy around her age, who kept following her around. When we said it's time to go home, the boy kept persuading her to stay "don't go lah, stay here. please, don't go home first, play here please please", while Peanut kept smiling shyly and looking at us to see what she should do. Walao..flirting and kena kao by a boy at such a young age. Donno what's gonna happened in a 12 years time. Or earlier wtf. I dread to imagine. When i told the boy we are going and we should say bye bye, he gave me a pissed off look and ran to his parents. HMPF!!

Told Peanut we'll bring her there once a month only. Need to set limits, it's stressful bringing her there!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet peeve: Public Toilets

Know what I hate the most now that Peanut no longer needs the diaper during the day?? Bringing her to public toilets!!!!

Most of the public toilets in KL (i said most cos there's still some clean ones) are always wet and dirty! If i'm alone, I will probably grit my teeth while using the toilets but when you are bringing a toddler whose hands are everywhere, touching everything, it's really really gross.

I always make it a point to ensure Peanut empties her bladder when we stepped out of the house, or if we happened to be in a place where I know the toilets are super clean, i will make sure she pees it all out before we move on to the next destination.

Yesterday, we were at the mall and she went to the toilet 3 freaking times in a span of 2 hours (she loves to drink water, and i can't stop her from drinking..) and each time is a horrible experience. It's a very new mall but the soap dispeners are mostly not working, there are PUDDLES of water on the floor and the worst: toilet seats are wet. Wet toilet seats are the worst thing ever because I always lay tissue paper on the seats before Peanut sits on it, so if it's wet, there's no freaking way I'm gonna wipe the toilet seats dry first. I will just give up and look for alternative toilets but it's hard because almost all of it are always wet. yucks!

If I'm the architect of shopping malls, I will build toilets where there are are some toilets with bidets, and some without!! A girl can dream right? haha

Monday, September 3, 2012

Enfagrow or Anmum

Have you ever smell your baby's bottle after they are done with their milk?? I  always sniff BabyD's bottle after he's done.  Perhaps  out of habit haha

Anyway, i noticed that there's a vast difference of smell with Enfagrow's range of milk and Anmum's. I recently switched milk for BabyD. He's been drinking Enfalac, then to Enfapro all this while but because of Anmum's claims of lesser sugar in their milk, I then decided to switch it to Anmum for him as well. Peanut has long ago switched to Anmum.

Frankly..Enfagrow's milk smells really doesn't smell "milky" at all. I don't know how to describe the smell but it just smells funky. To the point i feel nauseous. And it's worse if you leave the bottle out for at least an hour after they're done with it. Anmum, on the other hand,  smells like milk. Like how they're supposed to smell like. And even after one hour, it still smells okay. Why is it like that huh?

I'm not advertising for Anmum hoh, and neither am I saying Enfagrow's milk is not good. Both Peanut and BabyD drank Enfalace and Enfapro in their first years and it served them well. :) I just find the  difference in smell strange.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


BabyD is a biter. Hungry? *Ngaaaap*

Didnt get his way? *Nggaaaaap*

Want to get your attention but your eyes are too busy watching tvb drama? THIS is what happened.

One deep tooth mark on my thigh which result in a little bit of bleeding. The area is still sore after two days. Hebatnye his gigi.

Monday, July 30, 2012

BabyD updates

Aiyo..poor BabyD. I hardly update his progress at all. How to remember in future?? Ok trying to dig into my memory now.
  • Smiling - 10 weeks. Wtf why take so long one. Made me so worried, everyday i had to make funny faces just to see him smile. And finally, one day, he just did it.
  • Sitting down - Approximately 6 to 7 months
  • First few teeth - Around 6 to 7 months
  • Stand up while holding furniture - 9 months
  • Babbling with more definitions ie. baba mamas gugu gaga - 10 months
  • Can clap hands upon request - 10 months
And..i have not been taking as much pictures. Lazy mummy. Ugh.. tonight must charge the camera!


Yesterday after a full day of outing..we arrived home, and as we were about to park the car, we saw that our front door was slightly ajar! SHITS!!!!! and the lights were on!! DOUBLE SHIT!! Who the hell is in our home?? Okay, our iron grill  door is still locked, but the wooden door is open..

Immediately, DH went on alert mode, and asked me to stay in the car. My heart was thumping wildly and i asked him to be careful. Images of robbers with parangs came into my mind. I couln't think straight some more, cos BabyD was screaming so loud in his car seat.  Saw DH stepping gingerly into the house, carrying a shoe horn  in case he needs it to smash ppl's heads. hahah..and I also press the doorbell just to scare whoever is inside to leave so we won't encounter them.

DH took a while to check the whole house. Seems like..everything is still intact.
So does this mean that I did not close the front door properly before we left the house? *SLAPS FOREHEAD* BLUR SOTONG OR WHAT. We always leave some lights on before we leave the house, and this time i must have forgotten to lock the wooden door in my haste to leave..alamak..

Sometimes i scare the shit outta myself.

Preparing for kindy

Now that Peanut is going to Kindy next year, I've started prepping and mentally reminding her that she's going to school next year. So far, she's taking it all in her stride, always give me a cool "okay!!!!". Ceh..act cool only but i feel a storm is brewing cos knowing her, i think she's gonnna freak out.My worst fears: She will bawl her eyes out and will refuse to let me go out of her sight. How??

She doesn't attend pre-schools, and has been staying at home  during the day with her Popo. She knows her ABCs and numbers, do easy number additions, loves to paint and dance, and can speak clearly in long sentences, but throw her in any social situation, she turns from a tiger at home into a ...rabbit. Alamak. She's very VERY quiet among strangers, or people that she hardly sees, and she needs time to get used to her surroundings before she can "open up". I wanna refrain from using the word "shy" but that's what she is. And that's how I was when i was really young that I will turn bright red everytime a stranger approach me. Same genes lah haiyor. Lol.

So to prep her, and to get her to be more sociable before she goes into Kindy, I have been bringing her to Musikhaus and Kizsports during the weekends. Musikhaus sessions are 45 minutes each, and each class is RM38 and she's put in an age appropriate group. The first two lessons were pure torture for us. (us meaning me and DH). She refused to do anything, or touch anything, and the whole time she was  just sitting in my lap (A parent can accompany the child in the class). She just wanted to lie down and kept saying she's sleepy, and at the end of the class, when the teacher wanted to give her a ink chop on her hand, she held her arms back tightly.*face palm*

Other kids in the class were answering questions and doing whathever the teacher wanted, and i was getting sympathy glances from other parents lol, and everyone kept saying "oh..she's so shy". We did not attend Musikhaus the 3rd week, but instead we went to Kizsports, hoping a different environment will make her react differently. Kizsports has a lot of obstacles courses, with slides, tunnels, ball pits..the works! At first she was really hesitant, she didn't even wanna go into the ball pit and kept saying "interesting". Need to ponder one kah?? Asked her to go into the  tunnel, again she said "hmm..interesting". With the hand on her chin some more. Macam a professor deciphering a difficult code. After what seems like hours, she finally gained the courage to step gingerly into the ball pit...and then into the tunnels...and then finally, she was playing happily!! Hallelujah! She was climbing up and down, disappearing into tunnels, going down slides! Phews. At the end of the session, i was praising her non-stop to encourage her. Telling her because she tried, she managed to have fun. So all the way back home, i kept telling her "You must try everything. And if you fail you need to try again, see you had so much fun because you tried". So she's been repeating that ever since lol. That's our Motto for now. Though i need to change my tune when she turn into a teenager..later she really go and try everything how??

Then came the fourth week. Frankly, we were wondering whether we should bring her back to Musikhaus since she refused to do anything. But when we asked  her whether she still wanted to go , she always said yes and always seems very eager to go to class. So okay lor, bo pian cannot give up. Gave her a pep talk before going into the class. And finally, she participated! I will consider this a breakthrough la wtf. She danced, played games when the teacher asked her, wrote on the whiteboard, and she was attentive throughout the class and I didn't have to stick close to her. What a relief.. baby steps. Baby steps!! The real test waswhen we brought her to Marmalade in Bangsar yesterday. Marmalade has a small kids section in an enclosed room. There are lots of toys inside. Told her to go in and play by herself with other kids while we drank our coffees outside. Before, she would have refused (because she will say she's scared) or even if she goes, she'll want me to be very very close to her. But now, she can go in herself and play without much pushing from me.

DH and I both high-fived. Gotta keep this up. Hopefully, there will be less tears on her first day of Kindy..

Friday, July 20, 2012

All down!!

Crap! I've been down with a serious bout of sore throat and coughing for close to two weeks!! I really really hate it when I cough because my coughs are usually really loud, and it lasts for a long, long time. And i've tried ALL sorts of medications. From antibiotics, to various types of lozenges, to two different kind of western cough syrups and two differnt kind of chinese cough syurps..And i'm onto my last resort now! Chinese herbs which has been pounded into powder, and i need to take these three times a day. Please let my coughs be gone, because i can't speak 4 to 5 sentences before i start my coughing fits again.

As for the kiddos, they were sick too. In fact all these started when spots started appearing on BabyD's body. At first I thought he was allergic to something..but then more spots start appearing, and he doesn't seems to be in discomfort..and it's not itchy. Brought him to his Paed, and the Doctor said it's a viral infection (what else) and there's no medication that can get rid of the spots. And she also mentioned that it's very infectious..which means we might get it too! But perhaps in other various forms..such as fever and such. True enough!! the next day Peanut woke up with a fever, which lasted for a week. And that's when i started my sore throat too. And DH is also coughing. Argh..

For now i hope both of them don't get my coughs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcycle: Creating a play kitchen out of cardboards & furniture

Recently, Peanut was gifted with some toy food / kitchen sets. She has a toy sushi set, vegetable set, etc which you can "slice" through with a knife as these items are stuck together with velcro. When I was a kid, I used to love playing 'masak-masak' with my sister. My mum bought us toy doughnuts, vegetables, fruits and we can play for HOURS.

I think it's a girl thing, because Peanut loves playing masak masak now. She loves serving us "drinks" in her toy cups and saucers, and forcing us to eat the fake oranges and watermelon. If we don't pretend to eat it, she'll scream bloody murder! Seeing that she loves the kitchen, i went sourcing for a toy kitchen set. Ikea used to sell wooden toy kitchen sets but sadly they have discontinued it. There's still one more kitchen set on display in the toy section in Ikea. I love it cos it's wooden, and it's all pink and yellow..

Toys'r'us sells toy kitchens as well but it's plastic and very small.. Peanut will tower over her kitchen if i buy those for her. I don't really fancy buying those cos it looks so fragile. One kick of a leg and it'll fall apart  T T.  ELC sells wooden kitchens but it cost around RM800 plus and above? I don't  wannna spend so much on something that it's probably gonna get played for a little while..and i have to think of ways to dispose it in future.

And have you seen those play kitchens on Pinterest?? omg..those people are seriously talented..they actually build toy kitchens from scratch, or from a discarded cabinets etc. i'm neither a carpenter, and neither do i have the necessary skills with all the power i did the next best thing. I create play kitchen from boxes + and a stool! And here's the result. Haha. Nowhere near as good as what you can see on Pinterest but it will do la. And Peanut loves it. And i can recycle them after she's done with it for good!!

That's a 'television' on the left, which was requested by Peanut lol. I used two bendable straws as the antenna so you can actually adjust it for 'reception' haha.

  It took one giant Mamypoko diaper box, one half of a LCD tv box, and a square wooden stool with a cushion on top to create the base for this kitchen (you don't have to use a stool of course. This can be easily replaced with a box, but because i have it..i might as well use it) I removed the cushion obviously, and put a cardboard on it. Just a note, the boxes that i used are pretty solid. It doesn't bend easily, and I have to use a box cutter to cut for size. You can't use the boxes which they packed those canned drinks or instant noodles  in because those will be too soft.

I also used a stainless steel bowl that has a rim as a 'sink'. I cut a hole in the cardboard (which i have wrapped with colored paper) and then put the bowl on top. And a Biore facial wash pump as the water tap. I also hung an ikea basket at the side so Peanut can store some of her stuff in it.

This is my oven + stove on top. I covered the boxes in brown paper, and then a black colored strip of paper at the top. Plastic bottles caps are used as oven dials.. i also cut a hole in the box for the oven and  with the cardboard that I cut out, I created the oven door. I poke two holes at the bottom of the door, and another two on the boxes. I tied a string through the holes to act as hinges.

To close the oven, I used a velcro sticker (which i happened to have lying around the house) . Basically i used whatever i have  around the house to make this kitchen.

This is the inside of the oven. I create a shelf inside the oven by using those polystrene stuff (the stuff that is used to protect your goods in boxes) as the shelf holder and I cut a cardboard to use as the shelf. I used my glue gun to stick it. I love the glue gun. You can use it for anything!!!

If you open the curtain (which i sewed from leftover fabric from another project), there's another shelf inside so that there's more storage space for Peanut's  food stuff. You can get similar ready made curtain at Daiso.

 This is the back part of the kitchen, which is held by a hard piece of cardboard. I then build 2 more shelves, by using the same polystrene thing as the base to hold the shelves.

 And i painted the polystrene in brown color so that it looks like wood. I also added screws in (saja only) to make it look more authentic. I secured it using the glue gun so Peanut can't take the screws out and leave it on the floor for BabyD to put it in his mouth.

 My shelf. Created a flower pot from a toilet paper roll haha.

Some hooks to hang Peanut's knives and chopping board. Again, I secure the hooks by using glue gun so it can't be taken out. And that's it!!

 Stuff that were used to assist the creation:
a) tape
b) scissors
c) brown paper string (from Daiso)
d) glue
e) long and thin screwdriver to poke holes into the boxes.
f) large sized box cutter knife
g) glue gun (from tesco)

Peanut posing wif her kitchen.

Little brother watching the construction from afar. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hands and feet sculpture

When BabyD turned 6 months, we brought him to the Baby Loft in Publika to do his hands and feet sculpture. We did one for Peanut when she was around 6 months old too, so we thought we better do one for him as well just in case in future he asks us how come we never had one done for him?? hahaha

Anyway, a baby's little hands and feet are SO CUTE and what better way to preserve this right? :) Preserve it and I can 'admire' it forever!~