Monday, July 26, 2010

One of those days

i get very down, emotional, bordering on depression almost once a month, and it can last for a few days. Just as it comes suddenly, it goes away easily too. I had a bout of the "attack" a couple of days ago. I called it "attack" because there's no other words to describe it. I feel really down, sad, for no apparent reason, and i feel really negative as if the world is closing on me. That nothing seems right. These are the times when i need people around me physically. Just to be there so i don't feel so alone.

Strange eh? I'm usually a very happy person so I hate it when this happens and I feel like shit. And i can only blame it on one thing. PMS! Just two nights ago, I told DH while we were lying in bed I think I'm gonna get my period soon cos i feel down. And my guess is right when my period came today. PMS is real and I'm glad it only happens once a month. Once it's over, i feel like singing again and screaming I love life! wtf

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Short weekend in Singapore

Over the weekend, we went to Singapore for a short working holiday. The work part belongs to DH of course :) me and Peanut just tagged along. We sat in Firefly for the first time and my goodness, the plane is really tiny! Since the plane is tiny, the trip took longer than usual. 1 hour 10 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes if you use MAS or SIA. Flight was good. Stewardesses were very friendly. But there was a marked difference this time with Peanut as compared to the flight we took back to my hometown in February this year.

She just refused to sit still! Thank God she didn't throw any tantrum or was cranky but I had a hard time entertaining her in that short flight. I had to bring out all my 'special weapons' to placate her lol. This includes raisins, tissue paper, magazines, and her "tiger" soft toy. She wants to stand up, she wants to drink our drink, she wants to look out the window, she wants to climb all over us! She's so freaking fidgety!! I wonder how parents take care of their toddlers during long haul flights. Can't be easy.

That Saturday morning, DH had to meet his colleagues for a workgroup meeting so...I braved myself and took Peanut shopping by myself. This is the first time I brought Peanut out by myself since she was born lol, and using public transport no less. I didn't want to be stuck in the hotel for the whole day since DH can only be done by 5pm. So since our hotel was on Clark Quay and there's nothing much to see around there, we took a taxi to Ion Orchard. The thought did cross my mind on how I'm gonna cope with a stroller, a hyperactive toddler, and a big baby bag alone, but i told myself to just do it, and worry later! The lure of shopping is stronger haha

Luckily I met some really nice Singaporeans. They helped me carry the stroller up and down the stairs when there's no ramp, they help me open doors, and taxi drivers willingly come down and help me collapse the stroller and open it up again when we reach our destinations. I'm really grateful. It's not easy juggling a stroller through a massive crowd of people, and in a shopping mall that i'm not familiar with no less. I now have a new found respect for mums who go out with their babies alone using public transport! Salute!

DH's meeting ended at 5pm and so we spent the rest of the weekend just chilling...We took Peanut for a walk around Clark Quay at night, spent half a day at Orchard again on Sunday, and took Peanut for her first train ride lol before departing back to KL again in the late afternoon. Super short holiday, but it's able to rejuvenate me again :)

Peanut goes into a frenzy every time she sees a glass with a straw in it. I had to ask the waitress for a glass of water and to cut the straw shorter, so the little munchkin can have her own drink.

*taste taste*

* Love it mummy! *
iIn the cab on the way to airport
Always the same ribbon eh? hahaha these are one of the very few hair ribbons that she wanna use

New adventure

It's been around 2 weeks plus that we've been staying at our new home. To have your own home again, after 16 months, is quite liberating :) .I can finally take out all my stuff out from storage and put them on display, I can finally cook my own meals, and i can be a sloth! Not that I cannot be a sloth in at my in-laws but you know lah rite, not so nice kan :)

Our schedules have also changed. Before, when we were still staying with the in-laws, we will just hand over Peanut to my MIL before getting out of the house at 7am for work, but now, yours truly needs to wake up at 5:45am to get ready for work, just so that we can leave the house by 640am. We will then deposit Peanut at my in-laws' place before heading to work. Their house is ngam ngam 10 minutes away (i timed it every morning). After work, DH and me will return to the in-laws for dinner, and then we'll bring Peanut to our own place after that. And we will usually reach home around 9pm. Phew! It sounds tiring physically but surprisingly, we're adjusting pretty well. Before, I thought i wouldn't be able to get used to the new punishing schedule.

i have to drag a sleepy Peanut out of the bed early though, but so far she doesn't seems to mind, as there is no cranky episodes. Yet. She will usually go back to sleep again once she reaches her Toto's (that's how she calls her Popo) house.

So, life is so busy that we still haven't find the time to shop for our ground floor toilet door and replace the current bathroom doors. Yes, you can't pee in our toilet at the moment cos there's no door. We still need the painter to come and touch up the walls. We still need to fix timers for our porch lights. Minor stuff, but we still got to find time to to do it.

And that's life up to now :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recent happenings

Wow, so much has happened since I last updated. Okay, it's not a lot actually, but when you have a baby and you're working full time, you have very little time to do anything else.

So what has been happening?

We've finally moved into our new abode!!! Finally! We actually got the house keys two years ago, but Peanut "happened" not long after that, so we had to stop all planning and renovations while I was pregnant, and we moved into my in-laws' place from our rented condo the night before I gave birth. Talk about good timing eh. And I think we got a tad too comfortable at the in-laws because renovations at our new place only started when Peanut was around 8 months old. And we've been doing things at a leisurely place. As we are both working full time, we only have the weekends to go hunting for tiles, kitchen designers, bathroom accessories, wall paint colors, curtains and we need to go to each place a couple of times! Talk about time-consuming.

Thank God, everything went without a hitch. Our contractor is very reliable and fast and he didn't give us any problems. In fact we hardly have to monitor him. My FIL will go to to the site once in a while but that's it. The people who lay our tiles are very efficient too. They got everything done within two days, and no mistakes were made.

Things only went fast paced last week when my Mum decided to go and see this person ( I don't know what you call this people) to find the best date for us to move in. She reasoned that we're only moving house a few times in our lifetime so we might as well make the best out of it. So when she gave me the date last Wednesday and told me we have to move in the following Monday, everything really speed up. We cleaned up the place again (for like the 100th time), hang up all the curtains, make sure all the lights are working, move our stuff over from our in-laws place and we officially moved in on the 5th of July 2010. I guess it's good that we have a deadline if not we'll be dilly-dallying till the cows come home. And that's how we move in finally!

Phew. We still have minor stuff to do. Like, we still need to get Astro installed. Ok this Astro thing is causing us a problem. We got a new tv which offers free Astro Byond service for the first year. So the Astro Byond installer came to our place last week but he said he can't install Astro Byond for us because we do not have our old Astro dish at our new place. We do have the dish and our own account at our in-laws, which is separate from theirs. So this installers, want us to install our OLD Astro dish into our new house (and they can't do it for us some more as they're not supposed to, we need to get another Astro installer who's an expert in this WTF), make sure our account is active and everything's working, then only this Astro Byond installer will take it down and install the new Byond Dish for us. Where is the logic lor??! Essentially, they want us to get another person to install our old astro dish up, and in effect, pay around RM100 to RM150 for this to be done, only for these Byond installers to take it down after that. Huh? I was in disbelief when they told me this, so I called the Astro hotline up, only for them to confirm that this is the procedure. Wow, talk about bureaucracy eh? We managed to resolve it finally, but I just think this procedure is so strange and redundant.

Let's just hope when they come again this weekend, everything will be okie!