Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight as we were signing up for a medical insurance & education plan for Peanut (yup we're kiasu liddat), the insurance lady asked me for my weight cos she needs to put it down on the insurance form (why have to put one ah?! i'm not the one who's insured also). I was quite mortified lor and had to pause quite a while and had to look at BigBoss for emotional support before i managed to squeak out "64kg". Dunno why but i felt quite embarassed and I dunno why i'm telling everyone now. Anyway, conclusion is i'm still fat lah . 10 more kgs to go! I'm still constantly hungry and it takes superhuman effort not to eat too much.


I was around 8 months preggers when i bought this!

Does it work? I don't know yet because I haven't worn it. I think I'll only wear it when Peanut is in her 4th week, just to ensure I'm completely healed on the inside, since this thingy looks pretty tight. Like cannot-breathe-type tight.

Anyway, since the ladyboy selling this was super persuasive, and it's only RM40, and it's ideal for me to wear after pregnancy to help me get back into shape and hopefully burn the fats around my waist,I decided to buy it. One can hope rite?

We'll see how it goes. She/he (the ladyboy) said i'm supposed to wear one size up than my normal size pre-preggers. I was M then, but I decided to buy XL because L looks super small lor!!!! And i doubt i can be an M anymore.

See how small it is! I put a paperbook novel on it for size comparison. Small hor.

Actually XL also looks super small and tight la but I was in self-denial mode at that time. I just hope i can get this thing pass my thighs.


tAuRuS said...

i think just wear only lah k. dun care cannot breathe at least if u suffocate also u suffocated in a nice shape hhaahahhaha

Leona Lim said...

Let me know if it works. I used the bengkung for a while, but it's too much work and now no time to do it liaw.

Pei Chyi said...

peanut's mom!! don't fret...
if a lady boy says u can lose them u can! always trust lady boys

Peanut said...

meiliL: hahaha if i can really bring it pass my legs. but it seriously looks super tight man
Leona: ok ok will tell ya!
PC: i guess i should, since he himself was wearing it hahahahah and he showed it to me.

Tinkerbell® said...

if it works, let me know too ok lolx