Friday, March 20, 2009

My first "official-it's-not-a-secret" shower

As you all know, today is the "all important 12th day", and today I can eat actually eat pork vinegar and ginger chicken. Hallejujah!!!! Though what i really want is coke light and McDs, this will do for now la.

Oh and about the shower part, showering is a production in itself. In the morning, Tilam boiled and boiled lots of water which she poured into pails, which she then have to slowly bring up to the bathroom. Then one special pail needs to contain this special herbs thingy. All in all, i think i have around 6 pails of boiled water around for me to shower. No wonder nobody showered in the olden days time la. Have to chop wood, boil water, then carry to God knows where. If me also I won't want to shower last time, especially if I have to do all these myself.

Anyway, after shower, as per Tilam's instruction, i have to quickly blow dry my hair, and the air-cond in the room has to be off. And i have to down a half glass of DOM, and i need to sleep. Okay, i just downed the DOM, and i can feel my heart beating more furiously. This is what happened when you don't have any alcohol in your system for the past 9 months. You get tipsy wih DOM. And bloody hell, i'm sweating so much now!!


Pei Chyi said...

omg i didn't shower for 24 hours also i felt so icky ok. as soon as i got into the hotel quickly took out my toiletries bag and mandi!!!
when my time comes i will *sekretly* shower also lorrrr

Leona Lim said...

my CL boiled water with herbs and carried it up for me to bathe everyday from day 1..I guess every CL have different rules...

Peanut said...

PC: ya i think most of us will la hahaha
Leona: hallo! wow you get to do it from day 1, lucky you!! I have to wait until day 12th, sniff