Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot Springs..

A few weeks ago, we went to Sungai Klah hot spring. It's DH's office trip, so we tagged along with his office mates since it'll be Peanut's first "picnic" trip ever. I thought it's high time we join in the fray and start going to parks, zoos , beaches or whatnots since it's time to broaden Peanut's horizon.

We woke up bright and early for this trip. It was very difficult for me to wake up at such an unearthly hour and moreover, it was a Saturday. But someone else is all bright and perky.

The journey took around one hour. And since it was cloudy that morning, it was quite cooling.

Grumpy old woman.

I imagine this will be my face if I were to talk to Ms Turtle on the phone.


Testing the water.The water in this section (there's a couple of sections) is quite warm. The temperature is somewhat like the water that you will bathe your baby in. Not too cold, not too hot. :) There were quite a few people soaking themselves when we were there. Apparently soaking in the water can cure you off some ailments? There were 3 old aunties who were just sitting in the pool, water up to their shoulders, and gossiping about someone's friend's auntie's son's daughter. A good place to gossip eh?

No idea what she's trying to say here.

This is a path where you can walk bare foot and massage your feet on the pebbles. I tried it and I can only manage a couple of steps. It was super painful lor! They cordoned off that pool because the water is extremely hot and just in case you fall in because you were clutching your feet in agony.

They even have a small pool where you can boil some eggs. There's a lady that sells eggs at the corner, but you can bring your own eggs too. And if you're more adventurous, you can bring your own soy sauce. We saw quite a few people doing that. Heck, i think if it's allowed, there will be a whole buffet feast going on there.

A sign to tell you how long to boil your eggs depending on how you want it done.

The water is really hot just in case you're dumb enough to soak your feet in it.

By 12pm, it was really, really hot. We had a small lunch at one of the cafes beside this huge fish pond. We sat at this table next to the pond, and bough some fish food from one of the stalls to feed the fish. it's all about experience okie? I won't have feed the fish if it's not for Peanut. Love to see her face when all the fishes started fighting for their food. :)

We left after less than 3 hours in there. It was an experience definitely, and if you have muscles aching, or your backache is bothering you, you can definitely try and soak in there. But it's best that you go early, because by the time we were leaving, there were so many people who were just arriving.

Peanut's Baptism

It has always been my wish that Peanut be baptised when we first had her. I'm a Catholic but DH is not but he's also a Christian. I broached the subject of baptising Peanut in the Catholic church last month to DH, and thankfully, DH readily agreed. I called up the church and asked for the baptism ceremony date and i what I would need to prepare. The baptism date also happened to fall on my birthday. What a coincidence eh? I would like to think this as God's birthday gift to me. To have her blessed and baptised in church on my birthday. Double joy! :)

The registration is pretty simple. All i had to do was to fill in the registration form, and attend a one hour talk on Baptism which in hindsight is a good thing. It prepares you for the real day itself, and it reminds us on why Baptism is very important and its key purpose. And oh, we also need to appoint a Godmum for Peanut.

And guess who we got??

It's Josie!! She's the perfect candidate, really. She's Catholic, she love Peanut and have seen her when she's just a little baby, AND she's a Sunday School teacher. 'Nuff said. I don't think I can get anyone better than this; someone who can also teach Peanut the Bible and about the Church and she'll probably do a much better job than me.

To prepare myself and as a gift for Peanut, I got her the Bible above :) . I LOVE this Bible. It's like a story book. it's colorful, the words are big, there's lots of pictures, and it makes Bible reading so much more easier and I had a great time reading it. Really good buy i must say.

On Baptism day itself, we dressed her in white and we were in the church by 9am as the ceremony starts at 9:45am. There were around 20 babies / toddlers there as well, waiting to be baptised. It took around one hour for everything to be done.

Father Paulino was the Priest that did the Baptism. I got him to bless me when i was pregnant for a safe delivery; and I also got him to bless Peanut when she was a few months old so I was very happy when i knew he was baptising her.

I really like to attend his Mass. I credit him for bringing me back to church more regularly. He's very passionate and inspiring; for example, when we say "Peace be with you" during Mass, and his response will be "and also with you", he will also extend his arms really wide and you can tell he really means it. I don't know how to verbalise it, but he does make me feel closer to God. And when i receive the communion from him, I'll usually bring Peanut along with me because he'll bless Peanut first, before giving me the communion. Such a great feeling when he does that. :)

Each of the baptised child received a cross.

We also got a small card from the Sunday School kids. Each child has a card drawn from scratch from the kids. Cute.

And Peanut's Godma gave her this cross. Thanks so much Josie. We love it!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Short updates

There are lots of things for babies / toddlers in the market and I'm always tempted to buy them. Some are quite unnecessary but if it makes my life a bit more convenient and colorful, i'll say, just buy it!

Peanut needs to take more porridge nowadays so my measly small thermos that i used to use is now redundant. We take her porridge out when she needs to eat her lunch or dinner outside. So we bought the above which comes in set. A thermos food flask, a pair of chopsticks, and three small containers to store more food. I think the Japanese probably uses this kind of bento set for their lunch everyday at the office, hence the dark, gloomy thermos bag.

I don't really like that color so I bought a thermos bag to carry all the food stuff above. I love it so much because it's a bright, cheerful pink with a happy looking bear in front lol. it looks like a takeaway bag and it's insulated so all your food will be kept cool inside.

Bought this baby toothbrush. Peanut now has lots of growing teeth, so it's time to keep her teeth hygiene in check.

A wrist toy my mum bought for her.

I'm using this lotion for her skin now. Some parts of her skin is quite dry, and this seems to work really well as it's really moisturizing. Cheap and good. I can feel her skin is so much better and smoother even after putting it on for one day only.

Bought this because the illustrations are really pretty and because I need to brush up on my nursery rhymes.
Random stuff i bought from Daiso. This container is to put your packet drinks inside, so your kid can't squeeze the box and spill the drink.

Best purchase of the month, also bought from Daiso (dolpin not included). This is an anti-static rod and I really need this! I got this because i keep getting static shocks from pushing the stroller wtf. It got to a point where I'm afraid to touch Peanut because i can literally see a bright spark from my finger on contact with her skin and it's darn painful. I'm not sure whether it's hurting her or not because I don't see any reaction from her. I just need to touch the rod on the stroller before touching her, and all's good after that!

Got a bracelet with her name for myself at those beads shop. It makes me feel closer to her during work :)

Got one for her too to remind her of me during the day wtf. It's supposed to be a bracelet but unfortunately it's a bit too big so she's using it as an anklet. It has a bell too.

Most pictures taken now are of her in the car seat.. That's the only place that will keep her still, and where she'll willingly sit and where I'm sane enough to take some pictures!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Progress Update: 14 months

My love has turned 14 months on Mother's Day. Mother's Day was great. Lots of freebies when you're a mother eh? I got a free flower from the lady who sells Enfagrow milk powder, I got a candle that smells of apples from Sunday morning mass and lots of Happy Mother's Day greetings from children wtf (feel so old) and free cupcakes from Cupcake Chic at Sunway Pyramid, plus a Happy Mother's Day dinner from DH the night before; just the three of us. We also celebrated Mother's day with his mum and the rest of the family at Zen on the day itself. And since Peanut's monthniversary falls on Mother's Day itself, we let her blow the candle on the cake my BIL bought, and we even sang her a birthday song. Muahaaaha saja only lah. It made Peanut very happy though :)

No pictures though. Recently, it's been quite tough snapping pictures of Peanut. Cos she.just.can't. freaking.sit.still. And it's driving me insane. Put her on the stroller, she'll try to stand up. Strap her in, she'll scream as if we're torturing her. Let her sit in the high chair, she'll grab at everything in sight, and she'll attempt to stand up. Let her loose in the room, she'll open up all my drawers and take everything out. And dinners are getting stressful. I've reached that stage where either me or DH need to eat first, while the other person takes care of Peanut. Though there are times we just ignore her and continue eating lol. Cannot always give in okay? If not, she'll think she has us eating out of her hands.

She does have her endearing moments though. When she sees an old lady on tv, she'll say auntie though it sounds more like ann teh. She sees a big poster of a face in the shopping mall, she'll point to the eyes on the poster and say "eyes". She will stand up on her own and then start clapping immediately with a huge grin on her face cos it's such a feat for her that I can't help it but clap along as well.

She's still cruising, can't walk yet; When we ask her to smack daddy, she'll scream "smeggg!!!!!" and gives him a tiny slap on the hand. Lol, so funny and yet so wrong. Or when she's doing something naughty and I'll tell her "mummy's gonna count 1 to 10 and you better stop doing it before i reach 10!!" , and when I do start counting 1, she'll continue on with 'two...three...four...ten!!!" skipping five to nine effectively.

I really wish i can spend more time with her each day. As she grows older and time seems to fly by so fast, I really do wish I can spend the whole day with her, nurturing her, teaching her on the wonders of the world, making lots of different types of food for her and just watch her grow. Working full time just can't let you do that. Sometimes when I reached home after work, I'll be so tired I'll just watch her play while I catch up on finishing some mundane tasks that needs to be done. My MIL is doing a very fine job taking care of her, but I just wish sometimes that I can play a bigger role in her life.

We're gonna move to our own place pretty soon. Paint job is done; light fittings, air-conds, fans; all are fixed up. We still need to install an alarm system, a water purifier, get more furniture, get the painter to do final touch ups, and i think we should be done. :) And oh, lots of moving and unpacking. Perhaps, once we have a place to finally call our own, I can think of how I would like to take things forward.