Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The belly

Belly shots taken while pregnant.

I only started to take some pics 17 weeks onwards, cos there wasn't much difference before that. Wah..looking at these pictures reminded me how it was during pregnancy...

  • How I worried when I couldn't feel Peanut moving inside sometimes (my paranoid & worrying trait at its full force) and kept asking Taurus & BigB "why can't i feel her moving wan!??" She moved definitely, it's just that I expected babies to move 24/7. They don't.
  • How it was so difficult to sleep in the final two months as I couldn't get into a comfortable position and I felt it was so difficult to breathe lor!
  • How BigB always cover my eyes or ask me to LOOK AWAY NOW!!! when something geli or not so good is in front of me. It can be something on tv, or something we see on the road etc...
  • The traumatic episode in January 2009 which I rather not remember! Nuh-Uhh!!
  • How BigB kept bringing me to Kayu Nasi Kandar to eat chicken briyani cos I was so craving for it! I ate so much yellow rice and curries during my pregnancy I was so afraid Peanut will get jaundice. But ta dah!!! Peanut never had jaundice, thank God.
  • How people are generally friendlier & kinder toward preggie women. They open the doors for you, strike up friendly conversations in the lifts though it's always "boy or girl?? or "when are you due", smile at you more, and don't allow you to do manual labor. Best nye!
  • You get to use the "pregnancy card" at all times! When BigB say the house is messy, I will say "I'm pregnant okie! Too tiring to tidy up!!" I also use it to order BigB to make drinks for me, get me snacks, bring me to my favorite shops, go eat my favorite food, watch my favorite shows on astro and not his Turbo channel (boring), get to lay in bed all day long without anyone saying anything and generally get out of mundane stuff and only do the things i like :)
  • Which means, I also use the "pregnancy card" to get out of stuff that I don't feel like doing outside! Like escaping offices-colleagues-lunch/dinner get-togethers/farewells hehe

It's all worth it!
and before I forget...

A very special shoutout to Taurus!!:


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A trial

Pondering on the way to Curve

Yesterday we went for a "trial outing" to Curve with Peanut, and by the end of the 1 hour plus we were there, I was all tired out and ready to go home aijor! I don't think we are taking Peanut out again anytime soon until she reached at least 6 months or so. Or when she stopped asking for milk every 3 hours.

Going out means I have to take out a huge bag. And when i say a huge bag, it looks like i'm going for a 2 nights stay in Penang kind. And it's dem heavy lor!! Heavier than Peanut definitely. Being a paranoid and worrying person that I am, unfortunately, I tend to bring more stuff that I need. I always have this "what if i need it" mentality.

How to reduce what I need ah, when i think everything is important? Below is a list of what i've packed for a few hours out. ANd how do you estimate how much to bring when you don't know how long you gonna be out btw?!?

  • 1 big milk bottle and 1 small milk bottle
  • 3 to 4 diapers
  • 2 small containers of milk powder
  • Thermos for hot water
  • 1 small bottle of mineral water to make milk
  • Handkerchief and bib
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue
  • Changing mat
  • Extra mittens & booties and clothes just in case
  • A toy
  • My wallet & mobile ( I can't be bringing a separate bag also right?)
Em..ok the above probably doesn't look like it's a lot but it's the thermos & the mineral water that's making my bag super heavy lor. And the thermos is a mini size some more.

So being the first time out with Peanut, me and BigB were quite nervous. We fumbled with the stroller, and have to juggle carrying a crying Peanut, the stupid heavy bag, and the stroller. And if you have shopping bags to carry too?

And oh..while we were there, Peanut had to be fed too, so when we went to look for a Baby room, it was packed man, and even though the room was clean, it doesn't smell so fresh lor and there were so many prams inside haiyoooo. We ended up feeding Peanut on one of the sofas outside the shops. And it was hot too. So yes, I felt very flustered and again I was paranoid with the germs in a public place and was trying to avoid walking near people just in case they cough or sneeze near Peanut.

We chose to bring Peanut to Curve on our first "trial outing" because we knew there won't be much crowd, the place is reasonably clean and there's a baby room. But yeah still I was so glad when we left Curve.

All maxed out on the way home, and after a change of clothes

So this is the first and last trial run at a shopping mall. Can you imagine if we're at MidValley or KLCC with the big big crowd?? *shivers in fear* We'll wait till you're older okie Peanut??! *mwuaccks*

Huh, what do you mean no more shopping??!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Saturday, i went out with BigB to do a bit of shopping. It's nice to be out and do normal stuff. Cos frankly being cooped up at home everyday is giving me the blues!! I wonder how those housewives do it everyday, really respect man!

In case you're wondering, i'm still up most nights, and getting my shut eye in the morning instead. I'm kinda used to it already so no problemo.

This is how she sleeps every night. It's disco night every nite "Put your hands up in the air!!"

Hi Mei Li Jie Jie!!!!! I miss you!!

Peanut going green. Save the earth peeps! and eat your vegies!

Anyway, I bought this the other day:

Smaller than my eclipse mints.

This tiny little thingy(Make Up Forever Eye Seal) cost me RM90 wtf. I bought this because i read an online review on it. Some gal blogged about it la. Seriously i dunno why i'm so easily persuaded. If someone say it's good on their blog, there's a 90% chance that i'll go out the next day and buy it. Provided i can afford it la.

Anyway, this Eye Seal is supposed to make your eye make up last and last and last..and the good thing is that now i can use a pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow as my eyeliner! previously, if i used any of the above without the eye seal, i'll be all panda eyed in the next 2 hours. Why my eyelids secretes so much oil man. For the pencil eyeliner, you just need to dab dab a bit on your eyes after you've drawn your eyes. As for the eyeshadows, you just need to mix it up with the liquid first and then draw as usual on your eyes.

Anyway, i tried it out today and it works! Rm90 or not, it's a good buy cos I hate getting my eye make up smudged . And at least all my eye shadows won't go to waste. Can turn all into eyeliners! *beams in happiness*.

And the Sales Assistants there are super nice and not pushy at all lor! I I ended up buying foundation from there as well even though I initially wanted to get it at Clinique. And they also trimmed my eyebrows for free. Gosh, this is turning into such a bimbo post isn't it?? Bye!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Since I deleted myself off facebook yesterday, BigB has gone into facebook to see whether i'm still there or not.

Well, he can't find my profile anymore. And my name has been removed in pictures that I was tagged on before.

So yes, it works people!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How to delete your facebook account

Since Taurus deleted her facebook about almost a year ago, I've always wanted to do the same, but my main concern at that time was hmm...let me see, I can't remember!! goodness. Perhaps Taurus can remind me.

BUt today, since i'm quite free, i've decided to find a way to permanently delete myself off facebook. Dunno it works or not la but it's worth a try.

Now why am i deleting myself off facebook?? Many reasons lor!:

a) because i think it's a serious waste of time. And it's not much use to me. I don't use it to organise parties, or to "network" and nor am i a member of any "ex-employee groups"
b) It's got to a point where I dunno how use facebook anymore since evertime i log on, it seems to look different, and I have no idea what some functions are, where the applications are and so on. For one thing, I'm not very tech savvy, and I can't be bothered to read up on each applications to see it means. I think I already have enough serious reading to do in the office lor!
c) I don't check my facebook everyday. I only log on when i have a message in my inbox or i'm asked to look at pictures. And the pictures always take time to load anyway. *yawn* And i find it a chore to reply to messages & comments or to "poke" you back.
d) i don't check out what other people are doing in their lives anyway. So who cares whether you're "deciding whether to go eat Yong Tau Foo tonight or not" or that "you're feeling moody". I mean, seriously, who cares???

Btw (must put disclaimer here), the above only refers to how I feel about facebook okay! So don't take it to heart if you're facebook's biggest fan on earth.

Anyway, if you go to the settings part in your facebook, you can deactivate your account. But deactivating your account doesn't mean you're off facebook permanetly. it means friends can still tag you in pictures, and sends you messages and stuff (please refer to (c)), and I dun want that lor! So ma fan! And i'll feel obliged to reply you. Also, you can easily reactivate it by logging in with your previous email and password. What's the point right?

So i did a bit of invesigating and came upon this link:

and ta dahhhhh.....bye bye facebook!

well, not yet for another 14 days. Facebook will first deactivate you for 14 days. If within the 14 days you did not reactivate your account, they will permanently delete you. So let's see whether this works or not!! keke

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cap Tangan Kacang Tanah

So, how's Peanut??

She's now 5 weeks old, and she weighs around 4.4kg. that's 1kg up from birth. I know a friend who gave birth to a baby weighing 4.2 kg. How did he fit in the tummy man??! Dem big lor!

And she still doesn't sleep much at night. For example, last night she only slept at 5am so guess who had to stay up with her? Luckily my MIL can take over in the morning so I can sleep until 12pm. Phewww!!!.......Actually I dun mind being awake so much at night cos we're bonding, right Peanut, right? just that i wonder how i'm gonna handle the sleepiness when I get back to work...which is like in 3 weeks time?? (omg!!) How do other people do it? Lots of coffee? Sleep much earlier?? Drugs??I kid, I kid hehe

I've tried all ways to keep her awake in the day time, so she'll be sleepy at night but it's not easy-peasy lor. She won't budge. Thank God I have a tv in the room to keep me awake at night while watching her, but watching E! channel in the dead of the night seems different than watching it in the day.

As per PC's request, here are more pictures:

*waves wildly* Hi Aunty PC!!!!! or er..PC jie jie!!

Can i have milk pleaseeee...

gembira-after-milk face

can you stop taking pictures already? Sien leh

yup, that's it. Byyeee!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

*sobs* part 2

I know taking care of babies at night is gonna be difficult but I didn't know it's gonna be that tough!! I'm now seeing mothers in a whole new light!

For the past few nights, i've been up all night taking care of Peanut, and I've slept very little. The first two nights were the worst. Peanut didn't sleep much, and was very bright-eyed and bushy tailed so I had to be up all night too. The worse thing is she refuses to sleep in her crib because everytime I put her down, she'll scream the house down. Stress i tell you. I don't know how Tilam does it man. No wonder she drinks at least 4-5 cups of coffee every day.

Now, Peanut needs to drink milk every 3 hours. And i need to change her diaper too every time she drinks milk cos she doesn't like it when her diaper is wet. So you can imagine la, she'll wake up at 12am, screaming to be fed. By the time she finished drinking her milk and me burping her, at least 40 minutes will have passed. And by the time I changed her diaper, wipe her clean, put back her pants, and her booties on, phew, it'll be close to 1 hour by the time i'm done with the whole diaper+milk operation.

Which leaves me with 2 hours of sleep, that is if I can fall asleep immediately, or if she doesn't wake up crying again halfway through. And this continues every 3 hours for the whole nite and the whole day. Wah, seriously exhausting man. Luckily i have my PIL to help me in the day time, if not, I won't be even typing this now lor!

I can do it!!
I can do it!!"
I can do it!!! *brave face*

I have also been singing her some songs la to rock her to sleep. Why didn't i learn more songs when i was in kindy har?? My song choices are seriously limited lor. I can only sing ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary had a little lamb & Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer by heart so poor Peanut has been hearing me singing these on repeat. Dunno she sien or not. Eh, did you know that ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has the same tune?? Same composer kah?? I only realised it after i've sang both for like the zillionth time.

Super dem sleepy now. and by the way, HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tilam is leaving tomorrow!!!!!!!

*runs around like a headless chicken*

I'm scared.

Tilam might not be a lot of things.

For example, her meals are okay only. Very mediocre. I don't look forward to each meal time because the chicken is always too tough, and it's always kailan, kailan, kailan, and the cooking style is the same.

She asked a lot of questions too....

She is always sasking me what's this, what's that.

And the other day i went up to my room after lunch. So she asked me you went up to the room for what? I say to go do something la. She asked me again, to do what? Aijor.

And she likes to ask me whether i have enough milk while i'm breastfeeding. Like how I know wor...not as if my boobs have a measuring cup.

She is also repetitive.

I think i have lost count on the number of times she repeated her stories to me. Always the same stories, different day nia.

But she sure knows how to take care of Peanut, and that's the most important!! I just hope I can do half as well starting tomorrow!!

"Watcha looking at?"
Peanut on Tilam. Her clothing mis-matched as usual.

Bye Tilam!!!!!!!!! We're gonna miss you!! *sniff*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Full Moon


Didn't know full moon is so much work!!!!!! Before Peanut, when people tell me about full moon, I will just assume it's a simple affair, just do a simple lunch or dinner, and that's it!! Bye bye go home!

Mana tau..

Okay the morning begins pretty routine enough, just that I have to wake up earlier on Tilam's order. As usual, I will need to have my usual cup of coffee, or else I won't be able to function. I suspect I will need a stronger brew in months to come. No more nescafe 3-in-1. BigB has it harder though, he had to deliver a couple of full moon gifts to a couple of friends. The edible full moon gifts are a must to whoever has given us a present to Peanut and us :) so thanks everyone who has given us a gift!! around 10am, Peanut had her usual bath. Except that...she needs to bathe with a round smooth stone and 13 coins. Ya, have to be 13, cannot be more or less. I also dunno why la. Seems like a recurring theme that I dunno a lot of things. Anyway, the stone and coins looks like this! And the coins cannot be Malaysian coins okie. Actually I dunno why also, I said this because I didn't see any Malaysian coins.

Basically Tilam put it into Peanut's bath tub, and Peanut will have her usual bath. Em..the stone is supposed to make Peanut feel "safe" all the time, and the coins means that when she travels to other countries in future (maybe that's why there's no Malaysian coins, only foreign coins), everyone will like her. Hm...okay.

After her bath, Tilam dressed her up in new clothes and this new clothes has to be either in pink or red color. And of course after that we took lots and lots of pics. Once we're done with the pics, time to do the next phase!


Ya man, what's with the eggs??!

*scared* I'll be scared too la if I see that many eggs

The eggs, ladies and gentlemen, is for good luck! Tilam sat with Peanut on the floor and then she slowly took each egg and rub it on Peanut's face, while she baca-baca some nice things for Peanut. That's a lot of eggs so this took quite a while.

what the....okay i'll bear with this

egg #19
*siens* Faster can or not

Once this is done, me, the Mummy, needs to take the leftover water in the big pot and go to a big drain and throw the water away. And while throwing the water, I need to say "siew nua!!!!". Em...that means, "keep your saliva" in hokkien. And don't ask me why cos I dunno the reason. The problem is Tilam always explain all this rituals in cantonese, and I need someone to translate for me. By this time, I'm too tired and lazy to ask anyone else to translate for me anymore. Oh, did I mention that each of us need to eat an egg each too?

After this, all the relatives started pouring in for a big lunch. I think i got relatives-overdose-syndrome today. I'm totally drained out with all the requisite smiling and niceties that you are obliged to do when relatives are around. By 3pm, i was having a major backache. So painful lor!!!!! Is this the akibat of my secret showers?? or the after effects of the epidural?? Or for carrying Peanut for 9 months? Whatever it is, its a pain I never felt before man!

And this is not the end yet.

At around 3 something, we need to bring Peanut out to a place where there's a huge crowd, so that she won't be afraid of people in future. So we went to the nearest place that we could think of. Tesco! Basically we (me, Big B, and Tilam carrying Peanut) just took a short walk in Tesco. I think we were in and out within 5 minutes.

Once that is done, me and BigB went out to deliver the last of the full moon packs to Pei Chyi & Christine and that's it!!!!!!!!! Such a long day man!! I'm all tired out!

The end!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

And you thought...

there's no more rules after confinement month??

No lor, there's plenty more!!! So have you heard before that:

a) You can't eat yam within 100 days after confinement? Cos your "down there" will be itchy. Unfortunately, i like yam. So yeah, have to tahan.
b) You can't eat pineapples either but I dunno for what reason cos I don't like pineapples so I didn't care to find out.
c) You can't drink cold drinks for at least another 10 days after confinement month? Bye bye icy cold coke light ( i miss you so much), and hate you, _________ <-- insert all the hot drinks that i've been consuming for the past one month.
d) No sex within 100 days after confinement.
e) Children can't kiss babies on the face, cos it'll delay their speech??
f) Babies can't wear shoes for the first year of their lives.

wat la, so many rules