Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Preloved Graco High Chair for sale

I'm slowly clearing off all the baby stuff in the house. Feels good to declutter, so that we can have more space at home :)

Much loved Graco High Chair for sale. Condition 8/10. Seat color is a bit faded. Cute print.Very comfortable. Reason for selling - BabyD no longer needs it.

Price: RM170

Features :-
- European Safety Standard EN Compliant
- Easy cleanable and washable padded seat
- Super light
- Ultra compact and easy folding system (only 10cm when folded)
- At the back rest, there are 2 slots to adjust the height of the harness
- 5 points security harness
- 3 positions removable and adjustable tray
- 2 positions adjustable footrest
- torage basket located underneath the seat

Suitable for use from 6 months up to 15kg.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Preloved Graco Pack 'n Play for sale

Preloved Playpen for Sale:  Graco Pack & Play with Bassinet  for sale 
Selling price:  RM190 (Bought at RM380)
Still in very good condition. Selling because BabyD is now able to climb out of the playpen. A very much loved product because it was very convenient and easy to use.



  • Durable frame makes this playard ideal for travel
  • Automatically folding feet and wheels allow for a more compact fold
  • Signature Graco® push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free
  • Handy wheels for added convenience
  • Airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • - See more at: http://www.gracobaby.com/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?ProductID=9G01SFR#sthash.kGBtKxmA.E86Ha3vV.dpuf
    • Ideal for traveling, comes with a convenient traveling bag 
    • Comes with a bassinet
    • The folding feet and wheels make this Pack n Play easy to carry as well as give it a more compact fold 
    Can view more from the link here:

    Weight: 22.9 lbs
    Height: 29"
    Width: 28.5"
    Length: 40" - See more at: http://www.gracobaby.com/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?ProductID=9G01SFR#sthash.kGBtKxmA.E86Ha3vV.dpuf

  • Durable frame makes this playard ideal for travel
  • Automatically folding feet and wheels allow for a more compact fold
  • Signature Graco® push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free
  • Handy wheels for added convenience
  • Airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • - See more at: http://www.gracobaby.com/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?ProductID=9G01SFR#sthash.kGBtKxmA.E86Ha3vV.dpuf

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    Be careful of what you put in the trash

    Uncle Peter* and his wife, Lily* have been married for 30 plus years. They were an odd pair; he's the typical chinaman, and she's the typical chinaman's wife. He works his arse off managing his hardware shop,  while she whiles her time away in hair and beauty salons. Though they do not see eye to eye on many things, they still remain married and have 3 kids along the way.

    On their 35th year wedding anniversary, they invited their friends and relatives for a sumptuous buffet dinner at their house. The evening of the buffet, Lily decided that it's best if she hid her gold jewelry just in case someone decides to venture into their bedroom and steal it. She looked high and low for a safe place  and finally decided that the trash can is the best place to keep it safe. After all, she reasoned, who will look through the trash for expensive items to steal?

     The buffet dinner was a resounding success. Everyone  partied and enjoyed themselves immensely till past midnight. Both Peter and Lily were very pleased with themselves. Days later, Lily were painting her toenails when her blood suddenly ran cold. She had forgotten to take her jewelry back from the trash can!! She quickly ran into her bedroom while praying fervently that her maid has not thrown the trash. Alas, luck was not on her side. the trash can was empty!  The maid had thrown the trash the day before, along with all her precious gold (Which was wrapped in a supermarket plastic bag) As she stared into the empty can, she realised she has thrown almost RM30k worth of jewelry away....

    (Somewhere in garbage land, there will be a very happy scavenger if he happened to chance upon the loot.)

    #True story.

    *Names have been changed to protect the silly.

    Glasses and cups in the hotel room

    Have you ever wonder what hotel guests do with the glasses in the hotel room? Obviously it's for drinking, or some might prop their toothbrushes and toothpaste in it as well (or even their false teeth )

    I have two friends who used to be stewardesses from two major airlines and they have flown to many countries and stayed in many hotels around the world. They always regaled me with stories  of their adventures abroad. One day C ask me.

    Friend C: "Eh, you know what people do with the glasses in the hotel room?" 

    Me: "Use it to drink lah, what else will you do with it??" 

    Friend C: "You want to know what my friend (another stewardess) use it for?"

    Me: "What what??"

    Friend C: "She washed and soaked her undies in the glasses..."

    Since then i have never looked at these glasses the same way again.

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013


    It's been more than 2 months since I last logged in, and gosh, so much has been happening. :)
    Gonna sell off my old car finally.

    Been reading lots.

    Spent lots of time with the kids.

    Started jogging on some mornings when I'm free (didn't think i will ever see this day)

    Cooking more.

     Went for a short holiday in Bangkok and Singapore.

    On an avocado juice craze. Am so addicted!!

    Planning more.

    A bit late but here's the second half of 2013!

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    Feeling so sick!!

    Oh gosh..I've been feeling so sick for the past 3 weeks with only a brief respite in the middle of it that I thought I will never ever get better.It started with a very severe sore throat which took two days to heal. Then it went on to a hacking cough with lots of green phlegm. Went to the doctor, he said my lungs are clear and that what i got was a throat infection. Took some meds, and felt better after. A week later, the cough came back, more severe this time, and this round it comes with a very runny nose. I can't remember the last time I had a runny nose, i think it was a few years ago.

    And over the past one week, I have been feeling quite terrible. I lost my mojo to do anything. I had no mood to cook, read, work, even shopping!!, basically anything that requires effort. I didn't even feel like talking to my mom over the phone (and I used to do this happily everyday!) My thoughts were all very hazy and  I didn't feel like talking to anybody and I lost my appetite to eat. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep the day away. I realised something was quite not right when I went to a seafood dinner with lots of crabs and I had not much appetite! How can! Crabs are my favorite.

    And I progressively got worse. Friday started off with a headache on one side. And I started feeling off, and had the chills and I felt  my feet were very cold. Checked my temperature and realised that I got the fever. Not that high..it always hovered around 38c. And over the next few days, my fever just went up and down. It came down when I took a panadol, and it went up again after the meds wear off. And my headache stayed for a few days and it hurts even more when I cough wth. My head throbbed painfully when I cough and how is that even related??  What worries me is this. I never ever had fever or headache that lasted for a few days! Being the hypochondriac that I am, I started to worry whether I am having pneumonia, or maybe some mutant bird flu!, or meningitis (cos got headache) or dengue, or maybe something even worse which I don't even wanna mention here. :X Scared the shit outtta me.

    Finally I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go see the doc again yesterday. Can't just rely on panadols anymore. Got some antibiotics cos whatever I'm having seems to be a viral infection and kena persuaded by DH to go for a half body massage at Thai Odyssey (think he also can't believe that my headache can stay for so long) The massage concentrated on my head, neck and shoulder and i was hoping they can massage my headache away. The massage was so good; I can feel them massaging the knotted nerves /  muscles on my neck. I still had the headache when I left the place..but by some miracle, 3 hours later, the headache was gone!!! After 4 freaking days, it finally went away!!!!! wah...so impressed. And I didn't even had to sleep it off. It just went off suddenly. Was the massage so keng kah, or was it that 1 pill of antibiotics  that I took after visting the doc that has proven to be so effective? Nevertheless, whatever it was,  I was so so happy that it was finally gone..

    Today I finally felt I'm at my 90%. I no longer have headaches and fever. I still have my coughs and a bit of runny nose, but I finally have my mojo back. I feel like doing everything again! My appetite is back, and my energy is up! And for that I'm thankful. And I have now resolved to take care of myself better. Cos when I was feeling so shitty, I realised health is really wealth. Appreciate it. 

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    Goldfish crackers: Local vs Imported

    One of BabyD and Peanut's favorite snacks are goldfish crackers. I bring these when we dine outside as they'll sit down quietly and munch them. 

    On the left is the imported version (around RM11) and on the right is the local version (RM3 / packet). Both are shaped like little fishes. The kids love both but I prefer the local version because it's more savory in taste while the left one taste like artificial cheese. And check out the difference in prices for around the same amount! haha I put them both in the fridge so they will stay fresher longer. 

    This is how it looks like. Cute eh?? You can get the local ones in those mom and pop kind of grocery shops (kedai runcit). I got mine from the chinese medicine shop, of all places haha, while I was buying milk powder. 

    Other kind of snacks that I will give the kids when we're out are raisins (another favorite!), koko crunch, and honey stars cereal. Hm..what else can I give them??