Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peanut's birth story

Well, it wasn't that dramatic for a start. On that day itself, ( I was in my 38th week) which was a Sunday, we had a pretty busy day. We spent most of our day packing our stuff from our apartment in PJ to BigBoss's family home as that's where I"ll be spending my confinement. We had everything settled by 10pm, and i was lying down comfortably in bed, watching my E channel, when I had to get up to get something. That's when i felt something trickling down. Now, my first thought when that happened was "is that pee??" I mean you never know right, pregnancy does weird things to your body, and incontinence might be one of them.

So I told BigBoss, who immediately jumped out of bed and shouted "hah??" and quickly put on his jeans. So to be doubly sure, i quickly went to the toilet, and took a quick pee, and the water continued flowing down. Frankly, i wasn't sure what it was. It's colorless, odorless and looks just like water. And i went back to the bedroom to sit down. BigBoss kept asking me whether i'm sure it's my water that broke. Like how would i know rite?? I've never been pregnant before, and it didn't seems like how it happened in the movies, where the water just gush down and splatter on the floor. Like someone pouring a glass of water on the floor hehe .Anyway i digress.

So I stood up again, and water just kept leaking, like a very bad leaky pipe. So I told BigBoss, "this is it man! You gotta get me to the hospital, like now!" So I quickly grabbed my emergency bag which thankfully i've packed already, put on a sanitary pad, threw in my phone charger, camera and video cam, a book, my purse and we zoomed out of the door and into the car. BigBoss's parents followed us as well, to provide moral support to BigBoss in case he faints halfway. You could hear a pin drop in the car. Everybody was so silent.

Anyway, we reached the hospital in record time. He dropped me at the emergency entrance, and screamed at the valet, "she's in labor!!! where can i park?" Actually he didn't scream la, i just made that up to sound more dramatic. And the valet did ask him to park at the entrance since i'm in labor hehe. Technically i'm in labor, but i wasn't in pain or anything like that. No contraction, no nothing. Nada. I tried my best to exit gracefully from the car, felt more water leaking down, and try to walk as fast as possible to the reception.

When i reached the reception, the bored looking nurse (it was 11:15pm by then), asked me "yes, can I help you?" So i said calmly, "my water just broke". She selamba only, led me to this room called Stage 1, Labor room. Actually i had this vision of a group of nurses rushing to me and bringing a wheelchair for me, but again, i'm not in the movies. She then asked me to change into their really tak glam hospital outfit in the bathroom, and while i was changing, the water just kept leaking and I leaked all the way back to my bed, leaving a watery trail. She then strapped this contraption thingy onto my belly, to monitor the baby's heartbeat and to time my contractions. She then put on some gloves and proceeded to throw my dignity out of the window. Yeap, she stuck her fingers inside and it was super painful lor!!!! Apparently she was checking to see how dilated I was. I wasn't. And the contraption they strapped on me earlier was indicating that i was having contractions but it was slowing down. By then i was leaking something pinkish. Blood. But still no pain. Oh did i mention she also gave me an enema?? Really fun times.

Anyway, my doc came in at 1:15am, told me that it might take around 24 hours for Peanut to come out. And there's a danger that she might be in distress because of the lack of fluids in the belly. I took the easy way out and opt for ceaseran. C-section has always been on my mind, especially when I remembered the traumatising episode that i had back in January which involves a small operation, the difficulty in sitting down and going to toilet after that and so on. Nope, I wouldn't want to go through that again.

I was wheeled into the operating theatre at around 2am. Thank God for the really nice, fun bunch of Operating team i had that night. The nurses were kind and gentle, and the anaesthologist who gave me the epidural was a funny dude. They were very reassuring which made the whole episode extremely comfortable. For my epidural, i had two injections into my backbone. That was scary. But it wasn't as bad as I expected. To cut the long story short, when they took Peanut out, I felt this huge pressure on my belly and that's when i heard her crying. to my ears!! I was so relieved! They took a couple of minutes to clean Peanut up, and they showed her to me after that. I gave her a quick kiss before they whisk her off to BigBoss for his turn. I was kept near the operating theatre for another half hour for observation. They also put this fan to blow hot air into my blanket because one of the after effects of epidural is feelings of coldness, and nausea. By 3:40am, I was back in my room where I puked my dinner out, and went to sleep after.

My tag. Peanut and I had the same number for identification purposes.

The report generated from the contraption they strapped onto my belly.

A closer look. I have no idea how to read it either but the bottom graph was supposed to depict my contractions. I think.

And that's that everybody! :)

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