Wednesday, November 17, 2010

20 months

Lost bunny. Age: 20 months.

Omg...4 more months before she turns 2.

At 20 months, she has lots of teeth. And it's mighty sharp. So beware, don't put your fingers in her mouth because you're gonna scream bloody murder. I'm not kidding.I'm not sure how many teeth she has. I stopped counting after I saw she has at least 8.

She can sing a couple of songs, with jumbled lyrics. One minute she can sing BINGO, and the next line will be London bridge is falling down. I think she is konfiused.

Forced smile

She likes to eat on her own, and she loves to drink soups, true chinese baby or what hehe but with disastrous results. Just imagine oily soups dripping down her chin. Ack. But sometimes you gotta let go, you know? She needs to learn. So i'll just her drink and eat..and i'll try to close one eye and clean up the mess later. At least it's just confined to her high chair.

I gotta watch what i say nowadays. The other day i overheard her say "So many flowers, man!!" Yikes, when did the 'man' pop out?? And she uses a lot of "nehhhh" when i ask her where's this and that. And i had to correct her and tell her that she has to say "over there", not neh. Yes, she has picked up some distinctive malaysian english. and she uses a lot of "mahs" at the end of her sentences..oops..... Must make a concerted effort to speak proper english.

Ok gotta admit. I've not been diligent enough in potty training. I keep delaying it. She does use the potty sometimes, when she sees it in front of her. If it's not there, then it's out of sight, out of mind. So since she's already 20 months old...i think it's time for me to get serious on this. Starting this month.

Told her i'm taking her pics and she quickly screamed "where's miao miao???" Miao miao is her bolster's name (that has a face of a cat at the end and a tail), which we christened for her. And that's why me and DH can never be in PR or Advertising. Lack of imagination.

Anyway, she AND miao miao must take the picture together. These two are inseparable. Well, i'm glad she has a best friend and not some "imaginary friend". That'll freak me out.

The love of my life :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Solution for messy drinkers

Cleaning up after Peanut after each of her meals is no fun. She insists on eating her own food now, from her porridge to her biscuits...leaving a trail of crumbs, wet smudges and unidentified lumps in her wake. And i have to run after her with a wet hankie to wipe before everything hardens, or worse, i forgot about it.

To help me minimise the mess, I bought this packet drink cover in Daiso a few months ago. It fits small packets of drinks meant for toddlers i.e. Like the mini packs of milo. I usually give her one of these when I'm having the same thing, but regular size, of course hehe. This is also, by the way, one of my favorite drinks :) Love it when it's super cold.

Just pop it into the plastic container, and snap it close.

And she won't be able to accidentally ter-squeeze it when she gets too over excited with her drink. No spills. :)

Well, the downside is that it only fits those mini pack drinks. I probably need to find those regular sized ones soon..

New diaper bag

Found this diaper bag and a matching bottle bag in an obscure baby shop in Sg Wang. All for RM40.