Thursday, March 19, 2009

So what do I do everyday ah?

Every morning i wake up at around 8:30am to 9am, but still so tired lor because I can't seems to fall asleep easily at night. I usually sleep at around 12am to 1am.

So...after i wake up, I will quickly wash up, have a quick breakfast before the CL brings Peanut into my room. Then at this stage, i'll breastfeed her and watch tv. The CL takes care of her during the night as she wants me to have a good rest. And i dun think I'll have the energy also.

Lunch will usually be at 1pm, which usually consists of brocolli or kai lan, and pork cooked with ginger. It's only Day 11, but I am already sien with the menu. But she promised me things will be different after Day 12. Hopefully lor! Cos i see my meals nowadays also no appetite. I have to ask BigBoss to sneak in a bottle of Pringles at night for me. Dunno can eat or not, but I eat also lah.

Anyway, after lunch, Peanut will again be in my room with me until around 7pm, which is dinner time. So the whole afternoon, I'll either look at Peanut, breastfeed, watch tv, read some mags, and generally just try to stay awake. I'm usually very sleepy at this point, and there are times when i do fall asleep, but I always wake up to see what Peanut is doing. I'm scared of crushing her while sleeping hehe Sometimes i wish i can bubble wrap her up because she's so fragile and I'm afraid I'll hurt her accidentally. And i have yet to master the art of carrying her in my arms without her bursting into tears.

Honestly, at this stage, I can't live without the CL! She takes care of Peanut really well and it's such a relief sometimes when Peanut cries and cries and I know CL is not far away to come and help me soothe her. Haihhh how ah? I'll be so lost when confinement is up!


kiLikiNa said...

you can always extend your CL's stay :)

Peanut said...

Christine: Haha i wish I can but it cost $$$$