Sunday, September 26, 2010

18 months

18 months, how time flies.

Parenting is not easy. At times, I'm left exhausted, and just need a time out. But it's so rewarding to see her grow and bloom.

Sometimes she'll drag me and ask me to push her on her tricycle.
Or ask me to open the book and "mummy see book".
Or she'll asked to sit on me when I'm in the midst of doing something.

Many a times, I wanted to tell her "Eva...wait!!!! mummy's busy /tired ". But i managed to catch myself in time, and tell myself i cannot miss this opportunity.


Her favorite pose nowadays when a camera is aimed at her.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My little helper

It's getting more fun as Peanut as gets older. She more or less understands us now so telling her to do stuff, is quite a breeze. Most days.

She's getting cheekier by the day too. Last night I reprimanded her for opening the drawers, so i gave her the "angry mom" stare. Where i tried to make my eyes as big as possible and stared at her. She looked at me and said "eyes big bigggggggg oh". Haha any anger that i have in me dissolved instantly. I'm surprised she could tell the difference though because frankly, my eyes are quite small -_-

Yesterday, she squeezed the empty milo box which was in the trash can. And as expected, there were little drops of milo all over the floor...which exasperated me to no end. So the lil one quickly took a piece of wet wipe and start wiping the floor. to be angry at her wey..

While she was wiping the floor, i quickly took the camera to take her pics...

Wonder whether she'll be still smiling so happily when i ask her to sweep the floor in 10 years time. Heh.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Self feed

Peanut has recently started to want to feed herself. One day, she just took the spoon from us, and started shoving food into her mouth. She makes a lot of mess and most of the time the food ends up everywhere but in her mouth, but we're cool with that. After all, it's a stage that they need to go through. And it gives me a breather, asI have more time to shove food into my own mouth instead lol, though the cleaning up after that is a killer.

Totally unglam shots of her eating her spaghetti:

Yellow lights

Long long before when we move into our new place, i told DH that there's one thing that I won't compromise on when we did the renovations. And that is all the rooms in the house need to have yellow / warm lights. No white lights for me! It's a no no ehehe. I cannot live with fluorescent lights because it makes a place seems so sterile, or hospital like. So yes, all our rooms now, including the bathrooms have yellow lights. it just makes the home seems warmer, and everything looks nicer. Even myself, when i look into the mirror lol

Even when we go to mamaks / cafes, i tend to be drawn to those that have warm lighting so yes, to me lighting is very important!