Monday, September 28, 2009

First this and that

still no hair

Eeek Peanut is almost 7 months old. And in about a month's time, I'm gonna balik kampung with BigB and lil' Peanut. I'm a bit scared as this is gonna be my first flight with Peanut; I just hope she's gonna be a good baby and won't scream or cry too much; cos pai seh right. You know how some passengers will roll their eyes and throws up their hands in the air when they see a baby sitting with them cos..

baby = crying = not gonna have a good flight.

*prays fervently*
God please let us have a good journey to and fro our Kampung and may all things run smoothly. Amen.

In other news, Peanut has now learned how to sit. She can sit for quite a bit before she falls to one side. And all of us will rush to her side. Quite like humpty dumpty except she's not sitting on a wall.

In her jammies on her new hello kitty playmat. The other option is spongebob so the choice is pretty clear.

She can sit like this for quite a bit.

The other day we brought her to BigB's relative's house, and each time she sees BigB's uncle, she will cry very loudly. Not sure whether she's tired or not or maybe because he looks fierce, but we were wondering if she's begining to recognise strangers, and might not be too comfy around them. And that night, she kept waking up and crying , and refused to stop even after i tried rocking her. order to familiarise herself with strangers, we've been bringing her out.. To not so crowded shopping malls i.e. Subang Parade and Bangsar Village. Don't want her to become suakoo right? hehe and so far it's been good. We're getting the hang of it too. :)

In her new car seat. Sleepy face cause she just woke up.

Our snacks at Dlish. Okie only la, the coffee is so-so. *gloom*

Bought this to add into Peanut's porridge.

Bought this purple cauliflower only to come home and discover online that cauliflower is best for babies 8 months up. Cos it will caused the babies to be gassy or something like that.

Peanut's very, very first meals. I wanted something organic and basic that she can digest properly as her very first meal.

Been giving her the rice cereal above as one of her first few meals, and she really likes it. I tasted it and it's pretty yummy and she always finishes it. I've now ventured into a more "complex" territory and has started making rice porridge with various vegies and purees each night. I feel like an auntie matured *ahem* each time i start chopping up the vegies and washing the rice. And i'm enjoying it! Serious. I'll leave this for another post though. But so far, her appettite has been very very good. I think she loves food, just like me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THe long raya weekend

Whoosh!!! The long weekend just went by just like that! How I wish it was longer. I really love the Raya hols. Gives me such a festive feeling. When i was younger, I used to like driving through the kampungs back in my hometown at night. Cos you get to see those festive lights hanging on the houses and those candles stuck to those long poles along the road. So peaceful you know? :)

Though I didn't do anything significant this year, at least I managed to spend it with Peanut all day long. Luckily, her cough has gone away; not so with mine. I'm still coughing intermittently, after a whole week wtf while BigB has also started coughing and he has the flu now. *oopss* Don't blame me, he still drinks from my cup sometimes despite knowing that i was sick...*cough cough* And I wore a mask to sleep okie! *am socially responsible*

Peanut is like a worm. She's always wriggling here and there, and she can't sit still. She likes to twist her body, making an "S" shape every time i feed her. How la like this. Every night is a battle with me geting her to sleep, cos she'll roll here and there, giggles at me, pulls my hair, and chuckles happily when i finally gives in and let her sit on my tummy. And she's no longer an Ah Pui. Though her cheeks are still chubby, she seems to be 'longer' rather than 'fatter'. I think she should be called Ah Long instead.

Below are some pictures taken when Posie and the Wangs and MrBrianP came over to my in-laws' house after a huge breakfast of bak kut teh together gether. Their aim, or rather, Posie's and Mrs Wang's, was to see Ah Long. Kesian Mr Wang and MrBrian cos forced to follow je.

Oh hi girls!!!

Peanut likes to bite her lower lips nowadays.

More here..

Peanut now spends most of her time in her walker, or what her gramps called it, the "pon-pon". Cos it has a honk you see. That goes *pon ponnnn!!*. I know there are tons of literature out there that doesn't condone the use of the walker, but i feel it has more pros and cons. She spends her days zooming around it from one end of the house to the other. And she's super entertained by it. And we can definitely see her skills improve in there...from the tentative crab-like walk, to full on 'walking'. And she even practised her standing in there.

Gembira sia...

And she bites her lower lips again..!

And it's back to work again tomorrow. Let's hope and pray that the jams that i had to endure after work since the Puasa starts has ceased! Bye y'all.

And before i forget, Happy Birthday to Mrs Wang!!!!! *huggssss*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peanut and me down

urgh...I've been feeling pretty sick since Sunday.
itchy and sore throat
ticklish nose


And my poor Peanut has been coughing since last Friday. Fortunately, she doesn't cough much when she sleeps. In fact, she's able to sleep through the night. She seems to cough only when she's awake and her coughs are on and off. Anyhow...we still brought her to the doctor and the doc said her lungs are fine and we just need to monitor her.

The doctor also told us not to give her any cough medicine unless her coughs are severe. I asked her what she meant by severe...she said it's non-stop coughing. And that medication can caused drowsiness.

Though i won't categorize her coughs as severe, we still decided to give her the cough medicine on the fourth day because the cough is still there. And it certainly didn't caused any sleepiness to her because she refuses to sleep after each dose.

Being a mother has lots of responsibilities and worries, yeah? Well, more for me, cos ya know, I'm a worrywart. So even though she's still her active self, still finishes all her milk, gobbling up her food and asking for more even before i can put the spoon back into the bowl, i can't help but feel a bit worried and hope she'll get better soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A doctor's visit

Last Sunday, we brought Peanut for her final jab for the year and thankfully there's no fever. Her next one will only be when she turns 1. At 6 months, she's now weighing 8.5kg and 70cm in length. Doc said she's at the top percentile for both, so i guess she's doing pretty alright. She's also drooling...a lot. She now needs to wear bibs almost all day long, but I haven't see any teeth sprouting out yet? And she loves to pull my hair. And grip me with her iron claws. It's super painful.

Anyways..Luckily the clinic was quite empty when we went there. I like this clinic. The pedaetrician seems knowledgeable, it's very clean cos no shoes are allowed, everywhere is spotless and there's an air purifier. Sangat bagus. Unfortunately i think Peanut finally recognised the doctor, cos she was smiling at the doc when she entered, however when we put her on the bed and the doc touched her legs, she started wailing. I guess she knows the doc is gonna inject her? I wonder why doctors inject at babies' thighs. Less painful issit? But as usual, she didn't cry much; i think she cried for about 20 secs. Phew. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Also asked the doc a couple of things since she's starting solids soon. Basically, doc says not to give those pureed baby food that you can find in the supermarkets cos there's too much preservatives; also no juices from there as well. Everything must be au nautrale. Guess it's time for me to whip out my apron and start making food. And no eggs, shellfish and seafood other than fish before 1 years old. And no honey too. And we need to give the same kind food to Peanut for at least 4 days in a stretch, so that if she develops an allergy, we know where the source is from. Hm...quite a number of things to remember.

I guess that's it for now. Time to trawl the internet for recipe ideas. Leaving you all off with her botak self doing her favorite activity.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peanut and Jam

Poor Peanut..always have to put up with the overzealous Mum who likes to dress her up in stuff and take tons of pictures.

Peanut wearing a cap given by my mum. Looking like a little boy going on a field trip.

But i think she has more girly features now? Or does she still look like a boy?

Wrapped in a free tigger towel given to us when we bought the car seat. Doesn't look so happy in it cos i think was pretty uncomfortable for her head to get into that small head opening.

Kesian BigB, cos I always buy stuff that says I love Mummy instead of I love Daddy lol

That's all the updates for now. How time flies, she's reaching 6 months soon, and my "jelly belly" is still around *uhuk uhuk*. It's not going to disappear, is it?

I've also been pretty busy with work lately with lots of deadlines. And the puasa month is not making my journey home a breeze either. I've been getting stuck in the jam for close to 2 to 3 hours each day. Hellish to the max yo! Can Raya come already?