Saturday, March 14, 2009

The hospital stay

For a c-section, we needed to stay in the hospital a couple days more as compared to normal birth. So i stayed in the hospital from the 9th till the 11th. The hospital stay was pretty smooth. A few hours after the operation, the nurses wheeled Peanut into my room. We opted for a single bedroom because husbands are allowed to stay overnite with their wives, and their babies has the option of rooming-in (to stay with the new mummies for almost the whole day). What I liked about SDMC (Sime Darby Medical Centre), was that they are really pro-breastfeeding. They will not feed the babies formula milk unless the mothers personally request the nursery nurses to do so.

But then oh, I had such a hard time breastfeeding. This is really not an easy task. For the whole three days I was there, each morning, the nurses will bring Peanut into my room, where they will ask me to breastfeed. On the first day, this lactation consultant came to see me, and basically taught me how to breastfeed properly. In theory, it sounds easy la. And I always thought it was such an easy task when I see mothers breastfeeding their kiddos in the shopping malls washrooms. But you really need to persevere and try not be frustrated. Everytime Peanut cries because she can't latch on properly or I don't hold her the right way, I will press the bell for a nursery nurse to come and help me. Thankfully, they are very quick in responding, if not i'll feel so lost wey. However, at nite, I told them to bring Peanut back to the nursery and asked them to feed her formula milk as a supplement because i really think she doesn't have enough milk from me and I'm worried she might get dehydrated and hungry.

As for hospital meals...well that's a whole different story. They will give me porridge with either chicken or fish everyday, which the confinement lady has told me earlier on that I can't have it (the porridge) because it'll give me "wind". So i ate food my MIL cooked for me. I also had apples and drank boiled water, and had chicken essence which I only found out later is a big no-no as well in my CL's big book of rule

Oh oh, and the doc also told me "you better shower and wash your hair before you check out okie?"

ANd i went like " CL say cannot wor.."

He pula said.."Why cannot?? You give me one good reason why you cannot shower, and i give you a 100 reasons why you should. This is not China, where it might be freezing in winter, where people need to go chop wood to make fire to boil water for you to bathe. Aiya, all these pantangs, don't simply listen to all of them. Malaysia is so humid, you need to be clean for the baby."

Okay-la, we shut up after tat. Frankly, i agree with wot the doctor said, but you know...old people la..and their rules. Aiseh.

Oh...and thank you Pei Chyi, Mei Li, Josie, Peng Pheng and Christine for visiting me and for the gifts sniff sniff! I heart you all!

We received this as a souvenir from the hospital. Pretty neat stuff!

Her health record book. Haven't written down her name yet, cos..we haven't registered her, and we haven't thought of a chinese name yet..we have 14 days to do so (*guilty look*)


Stop taking my pics!


Pei Chyi said...

she so cute i wanna hold her again pls!!!!

tAuRuS said...

you're welcome!! She's sooooooo cute!!!!

kiLikiNa said...

Peanut is just so adorable! your doc is right that you should shower before you leave the hospital and that we're not living in winter China. i also showered without other ppl (besides my hubby) knowledge in the hospital. akekeke! hope you're nursing Peanut well.