Friday, December 23, 2011

Snake Grass

I have always been interested in natural healing, or rather I have this constant urge to eat healthily. It's quite a battle though, because if you know me, I love to eat and I love to eat fried stuff, junk food, nasi lemaks,mcreamy pastas, and I LOVE my coffee I think my "passion" started when I first saw Kris Carr on Oprah a few years ago. She was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in 2003, and managed to fight it since then with lots of healthy eating, and a lifestyle change. In my free time, I love to surf the net and read up on wellness methods and healthy recipes. And it is from there, that I started juicing and even bought a Breville juicer to fuel this "passion" of mine lol. I have also started on green smoothies to up my vege intake and replace certain things in my kitchen. For example, I buy sea salt instead of normal salt. Normal salt has been completely bleached and leached of all its minerals, so it's quite unhealthy. When i make salads or pastas, instead of using parmesan cheese, I use nutritional yeast instead. It has a cheesy taste and it's yellow in color, so it does look like cheese. And it's yummy!! I also drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily and make lemongrass drinks and I try not to eat stuff that has lots of preservatives in it. So I try to avoid canned food / biscuits at all that has lots of scientific names on their packaging as its source. it's hard sometimes because I love my baked beans! I'm not a total health nut though. I still indulge in unhealthy food, but I do try to limit it.  Basically, what I'm trying to achieve is to eat healthier; replace certain things in my kitchen for more healthier stuff, and be more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. After all, it doesn't cost a lot to make this little changes. And I feel good about it!

Which brings me to this.. Have you ever heard of snake grass? No? Neither have I until recently when i was in one of my "surfing for healthy stuff" mode... i believe its origins came from Sabah, hence lots of people call it Sabah Snake Grass. Basically, it's a type of plant that's supposedly has cancer healing properties. If you google this name, you will see lots of mentions on this type of plant with many people wanting to buy it..apparently you can't get it that easily. Well, in KL anyway.

Called my dad up a few weeks ago because my dad has vast knowledge in agriculture as it was his career before he retired, and what do you know..he plants this in his "mini farm" behind their house at home! Told him I would like to add these leaves in my daily green smoothies so today he arrived from Kuching bearing me lots of this plants goodies.

He has thoughtfully dried up the leaves at home and bagged it,  so I do not have to plant it. I just need to take the leaves from the bag and add it into my smoothies. Just like tea leaves but bigger hehe.

Looks like this up close.

 After I've blend it with an apple and some ice. Very refreshing!!

                                                    A live one to plant..Wish me luck!!!

My dad told me there are some people who are willing to buy it for a couple of hundred ringgit (not from him..this are strangers he has met) I was like "sure boh???" Because according to him, anybody can plant this at home. So to pay for a few hundred bucks for it is a bit too much?

Well i don't think i can plant it cos I dont have green fingers, hence I was grateful when he gave me dried ones. And I'm glad I can finally have a taste of it!

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