Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Instant roti canai

On days when I feel like eating roti canai, and damn lazy to go to the nearest mamak because it's inconvenient when you gotta bring a baby and a toddler to the mamak where the tables are all so sticky...

I take this instant roti canai out of my freezer out to satisfy my cravings i.e. Kart's Roti Paratha!!

And it's so easy to reheat! Just put a bit of oil on your frying pan and take out a piece of the frozen roti and pan fry both sides for a few minutes. It'll then puff up slowly, taking on a color that you'll see at the mamak's. It's very soft and crispy too. And if you want it to be really authentic, you can "clap" the roti together so that it's even flakier. I usually "cook" this when I make chicken curry so can eat it together hehe. It's really tasty as it has a buttery taste. Better than some of the roti that I ate at the mamak's.

Selling for RM4.50 to RM4.80 (I think) at the local supermarket. There are 6 pieces inside, that makes it only roughly only RM0.80 per piece. Ooo hua!!! (Got value!!)

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