Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas tree...(and a free tree)

Wah am I on a roll or what? suddenly got so many posts haha. Found my mojo back for now.

Advice: You don't have to read the below if you are not a Christmas tree enthusiast.

I've been setting up Christmas trees almost my whole life when i was still living with my parents cos nobody else bothered to do it at home wtf and now I'm still doing it. I love this whole Christmas feeling..makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love Christmas songs too :)

Anyway..I've been searching high and low for a perfect fake Christmas tree. I have a 5ft tree at home, but I'm not so satisfied with it because it's quite bare and not bushy enough. And I want its fir to be a certain way (yes i'm very particular with how my Christmas tree looks) And I need a bigger tree too. So i've been searching high and low for the perfect Christmas tree in major shopping malls and I finally found it at Living Quarters. YES!! It's 6ft and has the type of fir that I want.

 This is what I meant on the type of fir that I like. It's fat and "bushy". Actually are you supposed to call it fir or leaves?? *shrugs* It's actually mixed with the fir you normally find on most fake Christmas trees. The skinny version. At first I don't know why they mix it, but after i fixed my tree up..then i realised..i can't hang anything on the fat fir cos it's too slippery. Hence i can only hang stuff on the thin fir.

Anybody wants a 5ft Christmas tree??? (without the decor hor) If you're not particular with how bushy your tree is, you can have it for free, but deal is you gotta pick it up yourself.  Drop a comment if you want! First come first serve.

The 5ft tree looks like this..the only picture i can find (last year's pic). Sorry got a Peanut blocking it. Thank you.


Cynthia said...

very nice tree!! I would love to have a tree in my house too but not for now since I don't know where to put. Now is only think of moving to my own place, and I can start to deco all I want..

The Peanut Momster said...

Cyn: Thanks :) I hope one day you'll find your dream home and you can decor all you want!!