Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's coming to an end

My maternity leave, that is.

I have been on a 3 months maternity leave and I have a taste of how a SAHM's is like lol. At first I thought I'm gonna get cabin fever because I'm someone that doesn't like to be confined at home. I like to be out and about doing things but yes, I surprised myself. I actually enjoyed my 3 months stay at home. Maybe because i'm too busy at home to feel bored, as I have stuff to do everyday!

Not counting the month of confinement, this is what a typical day for me is like.

10am to 11am - Wake up with the two kids. Shiok, sometimes i feel like lepaking in bed further but Peanut gotta eat lunch and I have to cook!  have been waking at this time because I can only sleep at around 2am to 3am each night. If i'm lucky, 1am. So I don't know how i'm going to cope when I go back to work. Now the reason I've been sleeping late is because of Peanut. Peanut is STILL a night owl who hates to sleep. She doesn't nap in the day, and she fights sleep every night, and it's a struggle for us to put her to bed. And as for BabyD, well he's still a baby. I'll be lucky if I can catch some sleep when he sleeps.

11am to 1230pm - This is when i quickly do all my chores. My chores are bathing BabyD, cook lunch, wash all the bottles, and prepares stuff for dinner. And seriously i hate thinking of what to cook everyday!! I don't know how the other housewives do it, especially those who can cook lots of different, yummy dishes everyday. For me, sometimes  I have to go online and google what to cook  based on the ingredients i have on hand. My maid does all the cleaning and helps me look after Peanut on and off. I'm really thankful for all her help because without her, my house will always be in a constant, giant mess.

1230pm to 5pm -  Peanut takes her lunch, while i'll be feeding BabyD on and off throughout the day and making sure he naps. Sometimes I surf the net for a bit, do spring cleaning, read some books, watch tv, cook dinner etc. I'm now an avid fan of TVB and Astro on Demand. I'm hooked!! Before this (my maternity leave that is) I've never really watched any TVB dramas because it doesn't interest me and I don't understand cantonese.  But beggars can't be choosers and since the dramas look interesting and i've nothing better to watch,  I've been watching them everyday with the help of malay subtitles. Auntie or what??! hahah. Let's see whether I will still be into it once I go back to work.

6pm to 9pm - Peanut takes her dinner, and i bathe her after that. And i wait for DH to come back from work to have dinner together.

9pm to bedtime - Lepak with DH and the two kiddos and getting ready all the bottles and stuff for bedtime and sometimes DH catches up on the dramas on Astro on Demand lol. He's hooked just like me. Only difference is he doesn't need subtitles wtf.

So that's how my day goes by everyday with the exception of weekends and the 2 to 3 days where I managed to escape from the kids go out shopping by myself, and suffice to say, it's been a blast.

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