Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BabyD update: The birth's been 2 months since I last came here.. To be honest, I'm just too lazy to keep up with this blog, and there's too much stuff for me to do than sit down in front of the laptop to jot down anything.

BabyD is now 2 months plus and how time flies. It seems like a long time though because i've been home almost everyday taking care of him and Peanut. I guess i need to start from the very beginning..the day he was born.

As it's an elective c-sect, we've picked a date a while ago. We didn't go to any sifu to choose the dates though, rather we picked a date that was most convenient for us. Our Doc gave us a few dates to choose in my 38 weeks, so we picked a date that fell on a Saturday. Saturday is good, cos DH can be with me, and he didn't need to take any leave. And as he's given 3 days paternity leave, he could accompany us the following Mon-Wed.

The days leading up to the operation was very nerve wrecking for me. I was extremely nervous, worried, basically i had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Things that can go wrong etc etc. You would think i'll be more seasoned and relaxed seeing that this is my second c-sect, but nah, it's the total opposite. I guess knowing what's going to happen at each stage culminating with the operation had me very nervous. I know the pain that i had to go through (multiple injections, drips), the embarrassment that I'm going to feel when the nurses give me the enema, the fear i will have when they wheeled me into the operation room. I also had fears that baby will not be okay (will he have jaundice, problems etc).. I'm a worrier, so yeah, i didn't have it easy the months leading up to it haha.

The night before the operation, I had a big dinner at Carl's Junior with DH. That was probably gonna be my last, fatty meal before confinement begins and dieting starts. I had eaten whatever i want during my pregnancy, not caring how i'm gonna lose weight after, because..obviously i never learn my lesson. Now two months post pregnancy, i'm now trying to lose weight again fml.

The morning of the operation, DH and me trooped to SDMC with all the essentials. We were finger-crossing that we'll be able to get a single room, but NO, according to the nurse, there were 11 patients ahead of us waiting for a single room. 11!!! Oh man...they put us in a double room while waiting for the operation and this was where it all began. One nurse came one after another; to sign forms, to give me the hospital outfit, to ask me which PD i prefer for our baby, to shave my *ahem* down there, to give me the enema wtf wtf and lastly the Anesthetist came as well to tell me the risks and for me to sign more forms. So many procedures! I don't remember going through that many procedures during my first c-sect, maybe because that time it was 2am in the morning..

When they wheeled me into the operating room, my heart was going beep bop beep bop loudly. Damn scared!! They wheeled me into open area to wait for my turn. There were a few other patients with all waiting for their operations. It was a common waiting area for operations, so there were patients with other ailments there as well, including a child who had appendicitis. So poor thing. All of us were lying on our respective beds that can be wheeled into individual operation theaters. It was here while i was waiting for my turn that I decided not to have a third kid ever. hahaha

I waited for about half hour before I was wheeled inside the theatre. I wanted to run away at this point but the baby gotta come out no matter what. i was asked to lean forward while sitting down, so they can administer the jabs on my spine. THey gave me 3 jabs all in all, and slowly i can feel the numbness going down my legs. Not long later my Dr came in his scrubs and he started...

I couldn't see a thing of course, as there was a huge cloth screen covering my tummy. The Dr was pretty vigorous during the operation, i can feel him struggling, and pulling baby out. I didn't know it was that tough to get a baby out of your tummy but apparently it's pretty tough, and he needed to use forceps! Whatever it is, it took a while, and i kept asking the Anesthetist who was with me the whole time whether the baby is out cos I can't wait to see him! Finally i could hear the baby cry, and i was pretty relieved. But actually, i only felt truly relieved when they brought BabyD to see me, and the nurse told me he's OK. he's Fine. Then only i breathed a sigh of relief. Phews!!

In the meantime, DH managed to get us a single room, which is really great because this means that he could spend the nights with us. BabyD was only wheeled back to us after a few hours so that they can monitor him. I started breastfeeding once they wheeled him in. A bit different this time round..I remember with Peanut i was really struggling with her latching on, but it was much easier with BabyD. The rest of the hospital stay was smooth and i checked out on Monday itself. I stayed for a total of 2 nights.

The pretty nurse getting BabyD ready so that we can leave the hospital

All bundled up like a worm

Ready to go! Sekian.


Pei Chyi said...

He is too precious. I really really wanna squeeze him and hug him tight :)

Leona said...

Phew reading your post also make me quite nervous.

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: yaloh...dun think i wanna have third kid de! haha