Monday, June 20, 2011

Pregnancy update: 26 weeks

Went to the Doctor's over the weekend. Smooth sailing even though we were there at 12pm. We no longer wake up early on Saturdays just to be the first in line to visit the Doctor. We have boycotted this kiasu-sm of ours and we've decided to take it easy and just stroll in when we want to lah! Woke up late, and reached the hospital just slightly before 12pm. Great timing. Short waiting time; no long queues at the counter, Doctor's, or when we submit our urine test for analysis.

Did the usual, pregnancy weigh in: 62kg. I managed to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight right before I got pregnant, so now it's slowly climbing back up. Doctor asked me whether I want any of the milk samples that he got cos nobody seems to want it as they all feared putting on weight. Actually I'm also afraid of putting on lots of weight. In fact, I vowed that I will not eat as much as my first pregnancy becos trying to lose the excess weight after that was hell! But when I got pregnant with number two, all my resolve went out the window. Don't care anymore lah, i'll just worry about it later. I mean, when again can you have the license to eat as much as you want without feeling guilty? There's no better time than now! hehe And if i feel even a tad guilty, i'll just tell myself "the baby needs to grow!!"

But truthfully, this time round, my appetite isn't as good, and I feel nauseous if i ate too much. So even now that i'm in my 2nd trimester and nearing the end of it, i still get bouts of nausea when i eat too much..and I hate it, cos it makes me really uncomfortable. And just to compare my weight, I asked the Doctor to do a comparison of my weight with my first and second pregnancy. Let me see, in my first pregnancy i was 68kg at 28 weeks, as compared to the current 62kg at 26 weeks. Oh and I also gained a total of 18kg in the first one. Crazy.. I remembered the Doctor telling me to eat less then haha. Baby currently is of average size, but DH reckoned I should eat more, and I seconded that. i guess I didn't put on weight as fast as the first time round because I have to run after Peanut. I tell you, being pregnant and having to run after the little one is super duper tiring.. but it's a blessing, but still, very tiring. Like for example, just when I've given a drink of water to Peanut, and just when I thought she can finally settle down and wouldn't ask me for anything anymore and I l FINALLY have the chance to lay my big butt down the chair, in comes a flurry of demands from the lil fella. It's either to help her find her bolster, or to change the dvd, or that she needs me by her side when she does her big business. I tell you, i need to be ON 24/7 all the time!

I now delegate most of the tasks to DH when it comes to layaning Peanut but there's still instances where she only wants ME to do it. arghhh..Daddy cannot, only MUMMY!! Tiring anot! And just yesterday, when I was cleaning up something off the floor, the effort for just getting up from the floor to a standing up position is damn difficult and I'm not even that big yet!

And have i mentioned my breathing is really shallow now? I find myself breathing so heavily nowadays i sound like a killer on the run from cops. Very very un-sexy. Feet and hands are still of normal size, no swelling and i hope it stays that way. Updates will be in the next 3 weeks when i see the Doctor again at 29 weeks. :)

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