Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singapore 2011 part 1

In May 2011, both Peanut and me went to Singapore to join DH who was there for a week for work. The only -ve point was that I had to bring Peanut alone to Singapore.. I was a bit worried, as I don't know whether i could cope. Even though the flight is just around 1 hour, I was kinda stressed as I am pregnant, had to bring a toddler who can't sit still, and a stroller, plus a handbag on the plane. Boleh kah??

Okay lah, actually can. Thanks to Firefly. hahaha I'm glad we used Firefly, because checking in at Subang airport is such a breeze, there's no crowd to fight with, the airport is pretty much empty, and everything is so clean and orderly. I can't imagine the horror of the crowd if we were to take AirAsia. Actually I didn't really plan much for our Singapore trip this time round. Lately, i don't really like to plan for things. Planning is a bit difficult especially when you have kids. What if Peanut gets sick at the last minute *touch wood*?? So it's just "go to Singapore and we'll see what to do there lah!"

Eating raisins while waiting to board the plane. Plane is half hour late!! The last time we went to SG via Firefly it was half an hour late too! But it's okay lah..the waiting area was comfy.

Before the trip, we were flip flopping on whether we should bring a stroller. We have 2 strollers. One is a big Peg Perego can-load-tons-of-shopping-bag-with-Peanut-still-inside-and-it-won't-fall-apart, and another is a Mothercare, super-basic stroller. Peg Perego is a no no because it's actually quite heavy and I dun think i can handle Peanut and a heavy stroller and a handbag by myself to the plane. Granted we can leave the stroller at the stairs at the foot of the plane but since it's Firefly, we definitely need to do a bit of walking in the outdoors to the plane. And Peanut is unpredictable lately. She either will sit or refuse to get on imagine if she refuse to sit on hand need to push stroller, another need to hold Peanut's hands and she has the tendency to run here and there...brrr...scary thought..

So yeah, ended up we decided to just wing it and just bring the smaller stroller and hopefully i won't struggle when i push it to the plane. Good news is, some kind hearted Firefly dude saw me, and probably kesian me cos he promptly took the stroller away from me and helped me push it right to the door of the plane. Score! Plane ride was uneventful..Peanut was really excited that the stewardesses was giving out apple juices and scones. From the way she was would think she was deprived of apple juices..hahah ok ok seriously, actually she is deprived lah :P

We stayed at the Swissotel at Clark Quay. Great location..actually everything is so near in Singapore, so to me, nowhere's too far so long there's cabs and MRTs nearby. We arrived on a Friday lunchtime. DH met up with us at the hotel for lunch before he headed back to work. Peanut and me just spent the whole day in the hotel room just chillaxing..

As if. Chillaxing is difficult when your toddler loves to touch everything!! I ate quite a bit of crabs when i was carrying her..and old wives tales claims that if you eat crabs while you're pregnant, your kid will have busy hands i.e. wanna touch and hold everything. Don't know where there's any truth to it, but in my case, seems to be quite accurate lol.

One thing that she likes to do when we stay in hotels. Play with the phones. This drives me bonkers. I gotta unplug it each time we're in the room. And here she is, pretending to call everyone she knows in the world.

Like real

We scratched our heads on where to bring Peanut for "sight seeing". We've gotta do everything through our child's eyes lol. We didn't really wanna bring Peanut to shopping malls since we do that every weekend in KL, sp we decided to bring her to the zoo!! Now, if it weren't for Peanut, there's no way i will step into a zoo. That's the last place I wanna i'm not really an outdoorsy kind of person..and looking at animals is just not my thang. But yes, when you're a mum, you gotta sacrifice, and that's where we were headed the next day.

In my opinion, Singapore Zoo was really really nice. I love it. Everything is so clean and well maintained, everyone from the Zoo is so friendly and helpful, i can see why Singaporeans go there every weekend. Well DH told me his friends will go there every fortnight with their kids. Siao boh? I dun think I can do that every 2 weeks lor no matter how nice it is! haha

Can't really remember how much was the entrance fees but it wasn't that expensive. And one smart thing that we did, or ahem, DH did, was to also buy tram tickets. There's tram stops around the zoo, so if you're too lazy to walk, like us, you can just hop onto the trams and reach various stops.

Peanut on tram

Tram prices. You can buy it at the entrance or at the tram stops

Believe it or not..this is only one of the few pics i took at the zoo. A lion wtf. We were on the tram and we were whizzing past.

Honestly, i don't think i make a good blogger. I hardly whip out my camera when we're out and about, because there's too many things to look after. Hence, that's why there's very little pics.. Actually i did take a pic of this orang utan. But it was in a cage, and it looks so sad and forlorn, that i didn't have the heart to put it on my blog. And opposite the cage was this zoo lady displaying a few orang utan skulls wtf. Wonder how the live orang utan feel...seeing his friends' skull on display...eee...maybe that's why he looked so depressed :(

We had our lunch Ah Meng Restaurant. Food was yummy..or maybe i was starving. But i'll definitely eat there again if i have the chance.. haha

forced smile

We also caught a couple of shows. I think the above is the Seals show and there were sooo many people! and it was pretty hot as well. I can see Peanut wasn't that comfy in the we had to supply her with ice-cream to cool her down hehe. She didn't really pay much attention or wasn't too excited about the seals either..maybe she's still too young to appreciate those animals or the heat was really getting to her.

Just waiting for it to be over..

Overall, the Zoo visit was good, we spent half a day there and was really pooped by the time we were done. There was this part of the Zoo where there was a huge waterpark. We didn't know about it, but there were tons of kids just playing there with water slides, things that spout out water and stuff. Kids were in swim suits running around. Peanut was definitely fascinated as she was rooted at the spot watching all this going on..poor thing. She didn't get to enjoy it cos Mama didn't know this existed. We had to drag her away screaming lol.

Peanut konked out in her stroller on our way to the cab. Oh..rite, I forgot to mentioned that she puked on the way to the Zoo. We just had a heavy breakfast at the hotel, and she mostly had yoghurt. In the cab..she was pretty quiet, very unlike her and wasn't talking much. 10 minutes before reaching the zoo..out spewed her breakfast and got it all over the cab. Before she could puked a second time, our cab driver, an elderly uncle, quickly passed a plastic bag and we managed to contain most of it inside. But alas..the cab now smells of vomit. We were so paisehhhhh and kept apologizing. The cab driver kept saying never mind never mind, kids are like that, and passed us this wet cloth. And we quickly wiped the seats with it. When we reached the zoo, I offered to run to the toilet to rinse the towel before passing it back to him..but he said no need. Aiya..the uncle is really nice and he wasn't angry at all. We were probably his first fare of the day and this had to happened to him..he probably had to go do another round of wiping after dropping us off.

And that was that...our day at the Zoo!


Leona said...

wah you so brave to travel on your own. i never even bring my son out on my own before, scared to even think. and i just found out you're expecting! congrats!

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: hey thanks :)
Actually in KL i never brought her out alone before also hahah I dun dare lah. but to SG, that one i have no choice so gotta brave it!

Pei Chyi said...

firefly is oh-summm
i'm thinking of bringing zack to the zoo next weekend in SG. dunno i'll regret it anot.

BTW EVA so cute with her telephone face!!

The Peanut Momster said...

PC: erm..maybe you'll enjoy the zoo also heheh but bring lotsa water panas gila!!