Monday, September 3, 2012

Enfagrow or Anmum

Have you ever smell your baby's bottle after they are done with their milk?? I  always sniff BabyD's bottle after he's done.  Perhaps  out of habit haha

Anyway, i noticed that there's a vast difference of smell with Enfagrow's range of milk and Anmum's. I recently switched milk for BabyD. He's been drinking Enfalac, then to Enfapro all this while but because of Anmum's claims of lesser sugar in their milk, I then decided to switch it to Anmum for him as well. Peanut has long ago switched to Anmum.

Frankly..Enfagrow's milk smells really doesn't smell "milky" at all. I don't know how to describe the smell but it just smells funky. To the point i feel nauseous. And it's worse if you leave the bottle out for at least an hour after they're done with it. Anmum, on the other hand,  smells like milk. Like how they're supposed to smell like. And even after one hour, it still smells okay. Why is it like that huh?

I'm not advertising for Anmum hoh, and neither am I saying Enfagrow's milk is not good. Both Peanut and BabyD drank Enfalace and Enfapro in their first years and it served them well. :) I just find the  difference in smell strange.

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