Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday after a full day of outing..we arrived home, and as we were about to park the car, we saw that our front door was slightly ajar! SHITS!!!!! and the lights were on!! DOUBLE SHIT!! Who the hell is in our home?? Okay, our iron grill  door is still locked, but the wooden door is open..

Immediately, DH went on alert mode, and asked me to stay in the car. My heart was thumping wildly and i asked him to be careful. Images of robbers with parangs came into my mind. I couln't think straight some more, cos BabyD was screaming so loud in his car seat.  Saw DH stepping gingerly into the house, carrying a shoe horn  in case he needs it to smash ppl's heads. hahah..and I also press the doorbell just to scare whoever is inside to leave so we won't encounter them.

DH took a while to check the whole house. Seems like..everything is still intact.
So does this mean that I did not close the front door properly before we left the house? *SLAPS FOREHEAD* BLUR SOTONG OR WHAT. We always leave some lights on before we leave the house, and this time i must have forgotten to lock the wooden door in my haste to leave..alamak..

Sometimes i scare the shit outta myself.

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