Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Helicopter mum

The other day, we brought Peanut & BabyD to Kizsports as Peanut has been begging for me to bring her. After days and days of relentless nagging from her, we raised the white flag and brought her.

You know what, i realised i'm a helicopter parent. Yes, there's a term for this kind of parent. Parents who are always hovering above the kids watching their every move!! As she went through the tunnels, and slides, and into the ball pits, i had a hard time catching up with her. When she disappeared into the tunnels (which are not see through in most parts), my heart always stopped for a few seconds as I tried to locate her. Scared she disappear mah wtf. She's always chasing me away, telling me that she'll always find a way out of there. Yalar i know, i know, but still!!!  Other parents are relaxing elsewhere, chatting and looking at their ipads etc while i'm the crazy mom following her child's every move, not letting her out of my sight just in case.

She made a few girl friends who are around 5 to 6 years there, which is pretty funny to see. Funny because while these girls kept talking to her,  she never spoke any words at all and instead use hand gestures and head nodding to get her messages across. What lah. So bising at home, but quiet like a rabbit when out in public. The girls  kept bringing her around, asknig her to go here and there, and Peanut obligingly scampers after them.

She also met a boy around her age, who kept following her around. When we said it's time to go home, the boy kept persuading her to stay "don't go lah, stay here. please, don't go home first, play here please please", while Peanut kept smiling shyly and looking at us to see what she should do. Walao..flirting and kena kao by a boy at such a young age. Donno what's gonna happened in a 12 years time. Or earlier wtf. I dread to imagine. When i told the boy we are going and we should say bye bye, he gave me a pissed off look and ran to his parents. HMPF!!

Told Peanut we'll bring her there once a month only. Need to set limits, it's stressful bringing her there!

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