Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet peeve: Public Toilets

Know what I hate the most now that Peanut no longer needs the diaper during the day?? Bringing her to public toilets!!!!

Most of the public toilets in KL (i said most cos there's still some clean ones) are always wet and dirty! If i'm alone, I will probably grit my teeth while using the toilets but when you are bringing a toddler whose hands are everywhere, touching everything, it's really really gross.

I always make it a point to ensure Peanut empties her bladder when we stepped out of the house, or if we happened to be in a place where I know the toilets are super clean, i will make sure she pees it all out before we move on to the next destination.

Yesterday, we were at the mall and she went to the toilet 3 freaking times in a span of 2 hours (she loves to drink water, and i can't stop her from drinking..) and each time is a horrible experience. It's a very new mall but the soap dispeners are mostly not working, there are PUDDLES of water on the floor and the worst: toilet seats are wet. Wet toilet seats are the worst thing ever because I always lay tissue paper on the seats before Peanut sits on it, so if it's wet, there's no freaking way I'm gonna wipe the toilet seats dry first. I will just give up and look for alternative toilets but it's hard because almost all of it are always wet. yucks!

If I'm the architect of shopping malls, I will build toilets where there are are some toilets with bidets, and some without!! A girl can dream right? haha


Cynful Pleasure said...

I can't agree more on the wet toilets!! I wonder sometimes how do people use the toilets actually!! and on top, I carry both wet and dry tissue just in case..

The Peanut Momster said...

cyn: yalor, now have to carry liquid soap also!! haha