Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not to be left alone

I can't let BabyD out of my sight. He'll be up to some mischief if he's left alone for even a few minutes. He opens drawers and pulls out all my clothes, scavenges through the trash can wtf, climbs onto tables and chairs, laundry baskets, drawers, puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. Not easy i tell ya. I find myself watching him like a hawk but don't all parents? haha

Caught climbing in the drawer. Gave me muka kesian.
But can switch expression in a nano second.
And lesson learned, never leave an almost empty milo box or yakult in the trash can (clean one ok) .
So engrossed is he sucking and squeezing the life out of what's left over from the empty containers that he did not notice me clicking my camera in glee.  And probably never noticed the milo spraying all over him AND the floor. Peanut took one look at him, gave a shrieking laugh and called him an ah neh neh.

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