Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worrying myself silly

As Peanut is reaching the 6 months mark, it seems that there a lot of things that i need to learn to start nurturing and developing her into a well-balanced, sociable, happy child. But where and how do I start? *scratches head*

I've done the simple basics: Talking to her like an adult all the time; without resorting to baby talk. I do not like to use "baby talk" on her for example "oh oh" for sleeping, "nen nen" for milk, and "kai kai" for a walk but sometimes I do find myself saying it. I can't help it cos her grandparents uses it sometimes on her. I've also started reading to her, and showing her flash cards and letting her watch Disney Clubhouse which i find quite educational. I hug her, I kiss her, and tell her that I love her all the time. So I doing enough? *scratches head some more*

I've been reading this mom's blog, and she's really doing a lot for her 2 year old son: bringing him on play dates, signing him up for baby classes, educating him at home etc etc, so now her son is really well adjusted, speaks well get my drift. And to tell you the truth, i felt really quite I'm not doing enough. *eek* and being a working mum, I do not really have time to interact with Peanut. I'm usually quite tired when i reach home after work, and can only do whatever i can during the weekends.

When she reaches 6 months...i'll need to start feeding her solids (what kind of food? pureed, organic stuff, or chinese style porridge, or cereal, or baby biscuits or all? you see where this is leading to? Too many choices, too many experts' opinions out there, too confusing hehe). I'll need to start looking for activities for her to get involved in. I'll need to do...more. And oo...sensitive topic: but how do i discipline her properly without using the cane and still get her to listen to me?? (when she's older-la of course) . and in future, what pre-schools to send her, english or chinese medium and the list goes on and on....Wow, stressful or wot?

Ok ok *calm down*

I have a few more weeks to go before she turns 6 months. I'll need to start looking for a good book to sort of give me a 'guide'. In the meantime, I'll enjoy her baby-ness for now.


Pei Chyi said...

make ur own baby food? and like freeze em! i think Leona's doing dat.... at least u know what you're feeding her mah

So fast 6 months oredy hoh? eeek!

Cynthia said...

slow down mummy... you are doing well already... all this will be fix when times come... :)

tAuRuS said...

Just go with the flow? heeheh but ya I can imagine escaping the baby talk. It's like something I do with all babies. haih.