Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peanut's new stunts

Peanut has been coming out with a few nifty tricks lately..

So I took out my new panasonic lumix lx3 to do a few test shots! It was time to get a new camera cos my Sony couldn't do a good enough job. My photos are always blur, and i have missed quite a lot of photo opportunities because of these. So..anyways, it's been a month since i last bought this gadget, and I've yet to explore it fully. The manual is quite thick, and if you know me well enough, you will know i hate going through manuals, especially techie ones. I rather take the short cut way, that is to have someone explain to me all the dials & functions face to face, but one can do it for me yet. I guess i'll plough through the manual when i have the time..

Right now, i'm using the "intelligent auto i(ia)" mode. A mode made for newbies, specially for noobs like me who have no idea how to work through the functions yet. But I like the camera already, cos i can take clear shots when taking pics indoors & and also of the highly energetic Peanut. Cos you know it's hard to take pics of babies kan, since they move a lot...anyway, enough of the talking!

Say hi to Peanut already!!

*ooo, I'm a bird! See me flap my wings!!*

I think she's not really used to the new camera. cos it really takes me a while to coax her to smile. For the shot above, BigB has to stand at the side to make her laugh.

Zoning out. Miss Tortoise can now stay in that position for quite a while.

*Proud* cos just turned successfully.

"OMG" expressions throughout.. LOL

Likes to put fingers in her mouth now

So yeah, that's all the tricks she can do now. Not much, but who's counting right? And she reminds me of an eagle which spots its prey when she screams. She goes *aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrkkkk* pause *aaeeeeeeerrkkkkkk*. I might go deaf in one ear soon.

Here's a final photo from my not-so-trusty Canon camera below. Very grainy right?



Cynthia said...

more to come mummy... standby your camera now! and look at her.. so cute!

Pei Chyi said...

she's so full of mischief! i wanna hug herrrrr

Leona Lim said...

Is she wearing new minky diapers?

Eva The Peanut said...

Cynthia: yeah, need to standby de heheh if i'm hardworking enough though.

PC: heheh you can hug her anytime :)

Leona: No she's wearing Freshbots Snazzy diaper. The outer layer is made of cotton.