Sunday, August 16, 2009

new best friend

oooo..look what came in the mail, my Zoobie Pet!!!! Say hello to Mr Tortoise!! Actually it has a name, and it's called Tama. Tama the Tortoise.

Bought Tama for Peanut actually. So that they can become friends wtf.

Almost the same size!

I had it customised with Peanut's name.

Forced to become friends

It comes with a super huge blanket too, which can be zipped up into the tortoise's tummy when not in use.

I really like it, cos it can be used as a pillow, a toy and a blanket! Worth the money or wot?? Good to use especially if we're travelling somewhere. Hopefully she'll like it and will remain as her buddy until she grows up *fingers crossed*.


Pei Chyi said...

Wei!! quite big leh! and can customise name summore? SO COOOOOOOL!

Cynthia said...

nice one lei... where you buy ah... and look at peanut, so cute with her head up!

tAuRuS said...

damn cute ok! i beh tahan had to keep the hippo one for myself. ehhehehe

Josie said...

I want one too....

Eva The Peanut said...

Cynthia: got it from tiny tapir hehe