Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday blues

Yesterday I asked a friend whom i've not seen for a year plus, whether i am still fat. And he just laughed. For a bit too long.

So i think I know the answer. T_____T


I went and returned my books yesterday. And the lady boss said am I sleeping or coping better because I looked less frazzled, less 'charn' than the last time i saw her.

I thought I looked great the last time i met her.T______T


After two weeks of not checking my weight and eating only 4 spoonful of rice each meal, I bravely stepped onto the weighing scale this morning, hoping to at least lose half a kilo since then. After a few minutes of re-checking the scale, hitting it a couple of times just to 'make sure' it's not faulty, i've finally accepted the result.

I had gained a kilo instead T______T

The other day, i went to my fridge, hoping to drink my never opened before soya bean milk, i realised that the box was empty. And the empty box was left inside the fridge.

I think that fler has been secretly stealing my food. T______T and ditto to my face moisturizer. and my milo bars *uhuk uhuk*


Ah, life's great isn't it? Happy Monday everybody!!


kiLikiNa said...

it takes a while to lose all the post natal weight but you'll get there. and you'll look much better when eva turns 1. at least, that was my experience.

Pei Chyi said...

defler been's stealing ur drink and face moisturiser???

Josie said...

He took ur soya bean and left the empty box, slap him. Buy another one and stick nasty messages on it!

Eva The Peanut said...

Christine: Wah, means I got 7 more months to go. Okay let's hope I can lose all the weight by then hehe

PC: The drink definitely,the moisturiser, well, it seems to finish so fast when I hardly used it. oh well..

Josie: It's that "fella" lor..i doubt she can read what I write hahaha . and yeah, the empty box was just left there

tAuRuS said...

Erm who is dfler leh?

And I haven't given birth also cannot lose weight one? kill me-lah. I'm going to stop eating in erm (procrastinating procrastinating) sept! like end of sept wtf

Eva The Peanut said...

taurus: ok ok i follow you hahah