Friday, August 21, 2009

Living at home

I have been living with my in-laws since Peanut was born, from my confinement up to now, and so far, so good. Not bad for someone who really likes a lot of privacy and "me" time, i think i'm due for a pat on the shoulder LOL.

Our house has been ready since the end of last year, but because of my pregnancy, and at that time we were still living in a rented condo, and because of the "dunno whether it will affect us or not recession" and also because baby's priority is number one, renovations was never started. Until now. I think i'm getting too comfortable staying with the in-laws. We really need to kick start the renovation and the plan is to start somewhere in September / October, and comfortable as i am now, I really miss having a home to call our own.

Right now, a lot of my stuff are everywhere. Our current room in the in-laws resembles a refugee halfway-house. Everything is stuffed to the max, and I have to really reorganise all our stuff to make everything fit. Thank God for Ikea containers. Most of my stuff are also kept in boxes in the new house, and if you ask me to find my beloved comfy sneakers now, I have no idea where it is *uhuk uhuk* Ditto to all my cute fridge magnets which we have collected on our holidays, our photo frames, or my notebook, or my coffee percolator or even my yoghurt maker. yeah, i was quite the model housewife when i was still living in the condo. Wanted to make my own organic, preservatives-free yoghurt konon.

ok ok let's get back on track, back to my in-laws. My in-laws are very easy going people, they are never interfering, takes really good care of Peanut, they give me lots of space, and never tells me what to do. My MIL especially is a very caring woman, and I'll always remember how she takes care of me when i had that operation in January. I had to lie in bed most of the time then, and she'll bring me hot milo and crackers to my room daily "just in case I'm hungry", brings warmed up chicken essence to me, and makes nutritious soups for me daily. To the point I felt very embarassed. Embarassed that my MIL had to serve me and I coudn't do anything to help. and I was also very, very touched. Touched to the point I cried one time during lunch when she put down a bowl of hot herbal soup with a huge drumstick in front of me. Cos that time I was an emo wreck la. I was worried bout the baby, worried about myself, basically, worried about everything la(I'm Worry Queen remember? lol) and when someone shows that they care when you're really down, you will cry rite?? haha And I also missed my parents greatly then, who lives in East Malaysia. *sob sob*.

So yeah. that i've lived with them for a few months, here are a few things which I *think* are key to a harmonious family life with the in-laws keke

a) Always greet your in-laws, when you see them for the first time in the day. and before the big meals of the day i.e. lunch / dinner
b) Be respectful at all times.. Always smile and say okay no matter how much you disagree. haha and get the husband to "correct" them later. Let him be the middleperson hehe. Actually, scratch that. let him be the spokesperson la whenever you need something done haha
c) if possible, have a helper / maid at home. So at least there's no conflict with regards to laundry, cleanliness and usage of stuff cos you don't have to do it
d) Get a tv in your room. Ah, super important for me. Cos you know how i like my privacy and stuff, and alone time, so you get to chill in your own space watching what you want without any interference.
e) Tell MIL about your day at work or whatever (not the gossip type), so at least she feels she is part of your life.
f) Sometimes there are things that are just not worth sweating over. Like sometimes my MIL has her own way of doing things. Things sometimes i find quite absurd or doesn't make sense. Like putting socks on Peanut at all time to make sure her feet will be in shape, and slim, and not flay out like a duck in future. I find the reasoning quite illogical, but what the heck, so long as she's happy doing it, why not. After all, she meant Peanut no harm and only wants the best for her.
g) And ooo lastly, it's very important to have an understanding hubby. BigB has always been supportive of my needs, no matter how crazy they are sometimes and he's always happy to be the middleperson and spokesperson haha (see point b) and he knows I need my "alone" time away from everything, so he'll bring me out for dinner or shopping alone just so I can have more normalcy in life.

Eh 7 points only but whatever la. I've been staying there for 5 months plus only LOL. But i think other factors also play a part lah. Like how easy going they are. I think if my PIL are the super naggy, super kaypoh type, or I have monsters SIL or BIL, i dun think i can take it either even if i have the patience of a Saint. And i think it works also because I'm working so I don't spend a lot of time at home. True, not?

oh geez.. The weeks are really zooming by. Is it because as you get older, time goes faster?? It sure feels that way. And don't you just love the weekends? Thank God it's Friday!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Pei Chyi said...

totally agree with the "spokesperson" method. at least u don't look like the evil one.