Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Short updates

Most mornings I wake up to this, staring into my face if she's sleeping in the same bed as us. Plus I get some freebies too: drool dripping on my face, or arms. Whichever is nearest to her.


So I spent almost one hour on Saturday, looking through the "Parenting" section in MPH, picking out random books on parenting. Then i sat down in one corner flipping through each and every one of them; discarding those that relied too much on scientific theories & written by so-called Professors who never had a child on their own.

And i ended up with this: "Loving Without Spoiling by Nancy Salamin".

It's very easy to read, practical and lots of good advices on how to phrase your sentences (cos it's all about how you say it isn't it??) And best of all, it's useful on kids from aged one through the *horror* teenage years. Worth the RM60 when it's not even hardcover.

Reading a book is not a be it,be all strategy for parenting your kiddos, there's still a lot of other factors involved, but i feel it's at least pointing me into the right direction :) Sort of like an instruction manual for newbies like me.


Peanut hates the Bumbo chair. Period. I'm selling it, any takers????? Picture taken above before bursting into tears.

And yup, she's still quite bald. I'll be patient. After all, both me and BigB are quite hairless when we were babies too. We have no plans to shave whatever hair that's remaining on her to "encourage" growth cos I don't believe in it.

My parents never shaved my siblings' and mine and yet we still have super thick hair. It's all herediatry right?


Pei Chyi said...

we can soon sell the bumbo chair on our blogshop! what category should we put it under?

Eva The Peanut said...

U think it'll work? Later like the shop "no focus". Semua masuk.

Maybe i should sell it off at Mudah.com.my

Cynthia said...

hehe.. keep for a while first.. you never know baby's interest change very fast.. one day, you find her smiling sitting in that seat..

and also, no worry on the hair.. my lil princess also no hair de.. hehehe..

Eva The Peanut said...

Cynthia: haha maybe, maybe. BigB also told me to wait a bit. She might like it next time.