Friday, August 28, 2009

Just wondering...

  • Why do people rather use cash to pay their tolls and suffer in the long, long line rather than use touch 'n' go or smart tag? Okay, some people might not be willing to pay for the smart tag cos they need to fork out RM50 ( I think) to pay for that device; that I understand. But I don't get the touch 'n' go. There's no additional charges for getting the touch 'n' go card so what's the deal? The only conclusions that i can come up with is that some people might need to get receipts to claim for their company expenses, they find it a hassle to reload the card, or they are afraid that they'll lose the card hence lose the amount loaded into it. But isn't the long waiting time just to get pass the tolls trumps all these reasons?
  • Why some people are unsure where Sabah or Sarawak is? I spoke to this person before, (a Malaysian, no less) and he asked me whether he can get to Sarawak from KL by train. T_T
  • Why is it when most people (strangers and friends alike) hear that I am carrying a girl (when I was pregnant at that time), their immediate reaction would be "It's okay, girl is also fine". Did I say I wasn't okay in the first place?? *&$#%$ I know I know sons carry family name, they will take care of you at your old age, they are the heirs and all that yadda yadda yadda but what century is this may I ask?? Jeez. Haven't they heard of this adage "A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life" ?
  • Why are restaurants or shops hiring foreign workers who can't speak English nor Malay as their front liners? Very hard to communicate leh, unfortunately, because usually they are very helpful and friendly. It's a problem when you are at Subway and you have a hard time telling them that you want regular wheat bread, and NOT honey oat glaze.
  • Why do I get nauseous when I drink coffee in the late afternoon?
Enough wondering, y'all. It's the weekend again! A long one this time, and though I don't feel so patriotic, Happy Merdeka Day!

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Jess said...

So many why
But don't know how to answer..

From Jess