Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since Monday, both BigB and me has been commuting to work together. This week is a trial run to determine whether we should do this long term, or until....*ahem* So far so good, though i need to wake up earlier, just so that we can leave the house by 7am. Well, the only 'setback' is that I need to stay back in the office to wait for BigB to finish up work. He works in a bank, and the hours are pretty unpredictable so I can't leave at 5:30pm on the dot anymore *sniffles*. It gets pretty lonely in the office though. 99% of my colleagues also leave at 530pm sharp except for this one guy, so the office is kinda quiet...

Well, on the plus side, the journey to work and home isn't that boring anymore. And we get to spend more time together. And the jam isn't that bad by the time I leave office at 7pm. :)

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