Friday, April 9, 2010

Progress update: 13 months

My eyes are really tired nowadays. I can feel it watering by afternoon. I think I still don't get enough sleep, 13 months after Peanut is out. But it's okay, anything for my baby! Even if i need to go through the day half alseep with loads of coffee. Perhaps this is causing my absent mindedness, you think?

The reason I don't get enough sleep? Most nights she doesn't sleep till 11pm no matter how much I make her, and she wakes up at least once during the night. Not for milk, but just for the sake of waking me up? it's usually around 4 to 5am in the morning and sometimes I'm so awake cos i'll be looking for her bottle or pillow or whatever and afterwards I'll have a hard time falling asleep. *yawn* This little jellybean seems to have boundless energy. She can never stay long in my arms and she always wanna get down and crawl on the floor. She still can't walk yet, she can only stand up with aid. Though she understands when I tell her to "stand up", or "sit down".

Other phrases that she understands: Lift up your legs (very useful when i'm changing her diaper haha), where's the fan or the tv (she'll point it to me), put down your legs (this one is for when she put one of her legs up over the high chair table like a samseng during dinner), finish up your milk (cos sometimes she'll drink halfway and go off to play and i have to tell her to finish her milk. She'll then go and find her bottle and finish it up). She understands "legs first!" everytime i see her nearing the edge of the bed. she'll then turn around and put her legs down on the floor first. Phew.

She knows how to point to her ears and stomach when we asked her to point it out. There was one time i told her to stop drinking so much water (she loves plain water) cos her stomach is so big and I tapped her tummy. Immediately she cried. Vain or what. And she knows how to put our mobile phones to her ears and says "owo". Pretty cute, she does new things everyday I'm so fascinated. I do wish i can spend more time with her, but being a working mum, there are things that you just have to let go.

She knows how to call me "ah ma" or "mama" and i know she meant me cos she'll point to me haha. And yes my heart melts each time she says it cos it just sounded so.....sweet. And after she says it each time I'll give her a big hug cos so terharu mah.

She also knows how to call Dada for DH, and Goo Goo for her Gong Gong. Can't say Popo yet, probably because it's harder to say it.

And everytime I say "give mummy a kiss!!!" she'll obligingly bow down her head slightly so her forehead is tilted forward and I will then kiss it. But she hasn't master kissing me yet though *still training haha* oh and she does it to her Minnie Mouse too. She'll bend down her head and let her forehead touches Minnie Mouse's nose.

Food wise, she eats everything we offer her so far. Bananas, papayas, rice, bread etc. But we still do not give her anything overly sweet and we still don't use salt in her porridge.

So yes, that's about it. it's getting more and more exciting each day!

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