Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New name

I have decided to give BigB a new moniker on my blog. From now on, he's now known simply as DH for Darling Hubby :) BigB seems to conjure up a wrong image. It makes him sound like he's a big, gorilla sized man, which he is not haha

Thought of the name 'Free Willy' but I don't think he will like it lol. Free Willy is a actually a famous movie in the early 90s and it was quite a huge hit. Anyone watched it or were you all still too young??! Lol. I always thought Willy is a dolphin until I googled it. It's actually an orca (killer whale)?? oh-kay, whatever, a dolphin would have been cuter but it was a really, heartwarming, feel good movie.

So yes, BigB, you're now officially DH! :)


Pei Chyi said...

So that's what DH stands for!! i always see on those forums and get confused...

Who is tAuRus?? said...

Eh I watched the movie b4!! That was when I wanted to go to seaworld so badly wtf.