Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sticky rice cake anyone?

Recently, for the past three weeks or so, we noticed that Peanut has become very sticky. UHU glue, glutinous rice, post-its kind of sticky. Where she only wants me, me, me!!! Not that I'm complaining, I'm kind of secretly enjoying the attention from her. Who knows how long this stage will last though. She might not want me anymore when she turns 3 or something *brushes away scary thought*

Everytime i come home from work, she'll struggle to be free from whomever is carrying her and insists that I hold her. And if I ignore her outstretched arms and puss-in-boots-from-shrek face, she'll come crawling looking for me while crying in this very ke lian way. You tell me how to resist her la, a heart of stone also can turn into tofu lor.

Am i spoiling her though by coming to her everytime she cries? I want to ignore her but she sounds so heartbroken each time that I I feel compelled to pick her up and assure her everything is alright. And i read somewhere that "babies cannot meet their own needs, and those who have their needs met at an early age will grow into secure, independent children. And just as fruit that is left on the counter too long will spoil, babies "spoil" when parents don't give them all the love and comfort they need."

I'm now looking at some playgroups that I can bring her to; to play and familiarise with other kids her own age, so she won't have a problem socialising when she goes to Kindy in future :)


Over the weekend, we paid a visit to Pei Chyi and David for their baby's fullmoon.

Say hello to Baby Zach aka Muffin everyone. Congratulations to you both on this beautiful bundle of joy.


Lex Mum said...

Alex has been in this "sticky" phase since he was about 11 months old.. or is it because i am expecting?
haha, yes i've been enjoying the "i want mummy" phase, but whenever it gets down to where i have to cook, clean etc...he just follows me around, wailing to be picked up.
Sometimes i get tired of it though..i mean physically, cause its not easy juggling a 12kg boy, a growing tummy and cooking at the same time. but then again, when i think of him growing into a teen..he might not wanna hug and kiss me anymore.. so i suppose we better enjoy this moment ya :)

The Peanut Momster said...

Hi Lex Mum, wow he's 12kg?? must be really heavy for you to carry, and some more you're pregnant as well.

you're right, we better enjoy this moment. Cos by the time she reaches her teens, i doubt she even want to be seen together with me anymore lol.