Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For you

It's not Valentine's day, neither is it his birthday, but today, (self-declared) is Husband Appreciation Day!

To my husband, my best friend, my life partner, I might not tell you enough, but thank you for..

  • working hard for the family! Those late evenings are a killer but know that we appreciate it :D
  • always helping me with Peanut when I need some help, or am busy, or just wanna chill while I watch you change her haha
  • making me drinks before i go to bed. it's really a nice feeling. Feels like i'm home with my family. and i'm 10 years old again wtf
  • spending time with me in the kitchen while i wash the dishes everyday
  • forcing me to eat papayas cos you know I need it *embarassed*
  • bringing me out on a date night every Friday
  • going to my church even though you don't belong to the same church as I do :)
  • bringing me and Peanut out every weekend for family time cos you know how I hate staying at home with nothing to do
  • listening to me patiently when i bitch about the traffic. Which is almost daily
  • going out of the way to bring me to change my books every few weeks
  • emailing & smsing & bbm-ing me throughout the day everyday just to ask what I'm doing, what i'm eating for lunch, or just to tell me that you can't stand that auntie who can't stop talking about herself wtf
  • always being more than happy to bring my Parents around everytime they're here, with no complaints even though you need to spend hours at the shopping malls

There's plenty more for sure, but my memory has gone to the dumps; I can't even remember what i ate for lunch yesterday without pausing and thinking for a good 20 seconds. Gingko biloba anyone??


Pei Chyi said...

awww...! BigB must have been smiling cheek to cheek after readin' this!

BigB said...

Actually I was more like tearing when I read this.. @Peanutmomster this is the sweetest and most touching thing I've heard and I love you very very much :)