Monday, April 12, 2010


Bedtime is always a crazy affair for us. She'll go through my bag, she play with her toys, tears my books and the magazines, throws her flash cards around the bed, climbs up and down AND if I just take my eyes off her even for one minute, I can guarantee she'll be up to some mischief. She'll either be standing precariously on some magazines trying to grab something off the bedside table, or she'll be attempting to go near the tv which is a NO-GO zone. I can easily get a heart attack with all her antics.

AND if i ever take her away from all these fun, she'll scream so loudly the neighbor might think i'm abusing her lol. And the only way to pacify her is to give her a bottle of water. My gosh, she just loves water i swear! It's like my bribe to her. Offer her water and you'll definitely have peace.

She and her water. If I don't stop her, she'll finish the whole thing in one sitting. And her tummy will be so full of water you can hear the water swishing around in her tummy when i carry her *_* Her left cheek is a bit pink cos she fell on her cheek that day itself.While crawling wtf.

Getting sleepy. Always a good sign :)

Fast alseep. This is her utmost favorite position.

Oh and if you ever ask her how does her daddy sleep, she'll "snore" for you cos DH snores when he sleeps haha. Moral of the story is, don't do it if you don't want your kids to follow you wtf.

Byeeee!!!! *abrupt goodbye cos need to change Peanut into her pyjamas*

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