Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A day in the life of me

Every morning (weekdays), I will wake up using the alarm on my mobile phone. It's set at 6am, a seriously inhuman hour to wake up. And i will usually snooze for another 15 mins.

*sigh* time to wake up to work..

Then I'll turn to check Peanut to see wot is she doing..Most of the time she's still sleeping.

still in dreamland

Then it'll be time to take my "healthy stuff". Chlorella pills and Wheatgrass juice. Taste alright...not that icky, and neither is it yummy. Oh wait, how can healthy stuff be yummy.


At this point, I'll be rushing off to shower, brush my teeth and quickly change into my clothes. All hopefully before Peanut wakes up. At this point of time, BigB is usually still sleeping. *humph* Sometimes he'll give me a grin or a peace sign. Wat la. I'm rushing and he's still enjoying his time in bed.

Then i'll quickly put on some make up.

Muh war paint
Moving on!

I'll then bring Peanut down, grab my work bag, make myself a cup of coffee to go so can stay awake while driving and zoom out of the house!

Work bag and my coffee in a tumbler

The jam. I hate,hate,hate this part of my day. Sometimes I wish I'm King Kong so I can stomp and kick all these cars away and take 3 more steps and i'll be at my office.



I'll usually reach my office around 8am. Siens. So early. So go toilet first.

Our newly renovated "hotel standard" toilet. Makes going toilet a MUCH better experience.

Then make myself a second cup of coffee and go online.

My cubicle-less office space

Taurus not in yet :(

Then i'll *ahem* work till 1pm then lunch time. Woooohoooooo!! Means, "Boys over flowers" or Lost or Gossip Girl!

Today's choice is Boys Over Flowers


Made myself feel better by starting on a new diet regime. Cutting down on my calories!

Then work work work some more.. & occassionally talk 'about work stuff' with Taurus till bout 5:30pm...and what time is it???Time to go home!!!!! Yipeeeeeeee!!!! Same pictures as on the way to work. Jam Jam Jam. Still wanna be King Kong.

Reach home and da first person i'll see is Peanut. *smooch smooch* and give her a rub down while changing her into her pyjamas.

A bored looking Peanut

Then I'll wait for BigB to come home which is usually around 9pm so we can have dinner together. How to lose weight when i have dinner so late??!! *double haihhh*

Once dinner is over, I'll play with Peanut for a bit, give her her last feed at 11pm and tuck her into bed.

Is it time for sleep already??


And that's it!! Boring or not?? Now how's YOUR day??


tAuRuS said...

I hate the traffic ok!! I leave earlier also reach same time!!

Yeah, I have dinner that late or even later than you sometimes 'cos Keattie always working now I know-lah why my weight stagnant like fark!!! FARK!!! 4 KGS OK!!! HOWWWWW

Eva The Peanut said...

Sigh i leave at 7am now. How sad is tat?? I think we just forgo dinner forever lah!!

Josie said...

Peanut sleeps more regular hour now? She looks so big already! I want to play with her...

Eva The Peanut said...

Josie: yeah she does. and she's overweight, just like me!!

Josie said...

Nonsense, you are not overweight...and how can baby ever be overweight - it's prosperity

Pei Chyi said...

gracie can u bring peanut over to josie's house so we can play with her?

Leona Lim said...

such nice pinkie cheeks..!