Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peanut power

Oooooo Peanut has slept through the night again!!! For the past two weeks, she's been sleeping through the night on and off. Thank you God for letting me sleep more!! *chicken dance* I know I shouldn't be happy yet though cos there's a chance that she'll revert back to her old ways. But twice in a week is good enough for me! :) :)

Nowadays she's sleeping earlier, like around 9:30pm. But she'll usually get very cranky before she sleeps. Read: wailing her heart off. My heart really crumbles when i see her pitiful cry because sometimes I don't know what she wants. Is she hungry? Is she sleepy? She wanna poop? Her stomach has wind? She just wants me to carry her? She wants her pacifier? Sometimes I really don't know and all I can do is to carry her around and try to respond to each of the above to see what she really wants.

But she's quite a fast sleeper. I just need to lay her down in her crib, put her fave pillow between her face and arm, stick the pacifier in her mouth and she'll conked out.

Oh yea, did i mention that she no longer sleeps with us?? Another milestone. We've decided to put her in her crib on the day i found myself covering her fully with our comforter. phew, luckily I realised it immediately. And not to mention the day BigB scratched her lightly on her head while all of us were asleep. And she likes to move around too, like a snake. Sometimes she can do a 90 degree turn taking up 60% of the bed, leaving us at the edges of our bed. And we also want to put her back into the crib before she can start rolling over. So yeah, back to da crib!!!

I've also bought her some Dr Seuss & Winnie the Pooh books . Some nights I'll read to her before she sleeps. Don't think she understands but at least she tried to look interested when i read to her hehe She's now drinking 7oz of milk. We probably need to get bigger bottles soon. But her intervals between each feed time is no longer 3 hours. it's now 4 hours, sometimes 5, and longer at night. And she's smiling more often, babbling and gurgling and making little yelps when we're chatting with her. So cute I wanna hug her tight.

I love her soooooooo much!!

and........that's the updates for Too-dah!!


Pei Chyi said...

eh, Ah Pui big girl dy ah? sleep in crib liao worrrr...milestone milestone!!

tAuRuS said...

Go Peanut Go!!

Eh yalor put in crib better. later ur fren come and tell u the dangers of putting Peanut beside u

Josie said...

I HEART MY LITTLE DIVA! So excited to see her this weekend...